The Friendzone Group


Foundation date: 2018

The country: Russia

Town: N


Video: Friendzone

Biography of the group “Friendzone”

These five initially mysterious guys from the equally mysterious city of N broke into the Internet as the group “Friendzone” in the spring of 2018. R&B, school-pop-punk, emo and trap-beat – what traits are not attributed to the unique style in which they perform songs filled with numerous references to modern popular culture from Ivan Dorn to the animated series “Rick and Morty” and so loved by hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren across the country.

Group “Friendzone”

History of creation

April. 2018 year. The track “Boychik” appears on the social network “VKontakte”, telling the story of a modest guy who is offered to meet a girl: “I don’t bite, baby, let’s get out of the friend zone.” And soon the song settled in the playlists of thousands of teenagers.

Friendzone – Boychik

The listeners wanted to know who is behind such a song close to them in spirit. But all that was known about the group at the beginning was the name “Friendzone” and the fictitious names of the five members who hide their faces. On Instagram, instead of photos, drawings depicting members of the team were posted. The leader and producer of the “Friendzone” was designated by someone under the pseudonym Kisesh Pisesh, exploiting the image of a cat. “The voice of your pain” was the lyrical outsider Make Love in a black and white suit. DJ, record loader – Valera DJEYKIN. A hooligan rapper and drug dealer in a crocodile costume – Crokey Boy. The only representative of the girlish half of the “class”, the spoiled beauty with blue hair Malvina, was the soloist Mayby Baby.

The popularity of the Friendzone has grown so much today that some of its characters have not been able to maintain their incognito. Entire investigations are being carried out on the Internet to find out the real names of the group members. So, a video appeared on YouTube stating that St. Petersburg rappers Vladimir Galat and Trippi became the true voices of the group, Maybe Baby is the rapper Emelevskaya, and the producer of the “Friendzone” is called Mikhail Panshin, who has a popular public “Rhymes and Punches”. It is in this public that the premiere screenings of the “Friendzone” clips take place.

The main stages of creativity

Immediately after the sensational track “Boychik”, the members of the Friendzone presented such songs as “Emo Rock Star”, “New Girl”, “Milk Teeth”, “Psychologist” and others, which were later included in the album “Flirt at the Entry”.

Album cover “Flirt at the Party”

In the summer of 2018, a video for the song “Boychik” was created, and in the fall, the team planned the tour “The main entry of your life.” The word “fit” was later recognized by law enforcement agencies as almost profanity along with some other words from youth slang, which subsequently caused problems for the group with concerts in the cities where they were supposed to perform.

Friendzone – Virgin

However, the popularity of the Friendzone on the Internet grew. In the fall, a video for the scandalous “Bottle” hit the Web, and the song “In High School” was released. When the team showed a video for the song “Virgin” to a wide audience, in just a day the “Trendy” tab on YouTube became hot from millions of views, and the video took first place in this rating.


Friendzone’s performances were banned in the fall of 2018 in Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo and other cities where the tour of the musical group was planned. The initiators of the cancellation of the concerts were the officials of the city administrations, who turned to the prosecutor’s office with a request to check the lyrics before the performances. All this happened in the wake of the cancellations of the concerts of many other youth performers – rapper Husky, LJ and IC3PEAK.

Ban on the Friendzone group in Krasnoyarsk

Law enforcement officers found profanity in the group’s work, calls for the attributes of “adult life” – sex, alcohol, drugs. The ban on concerts was motivated by the harm that can be done to the fragile psyche of teenagers by the themes of the songs.

As the team manager explained, in Krasnoyarsk, for example, claims were made against them right on the day of the performance. The age limit of the concert did not suit the fighters for morality – +12. The popularization of same-sex love, which law enforcement agencies saw in the song “The Bottle”, was also called the reason for the cancellation.

Maby Baby – Bottle


  • “Flirting at the Party” (2018)
  • “Only if it’s on the cheek” (2018, Maeby Baby’s solo album)

Group “Friendzone” now

The team has planned a spring tour-2019 in the cities of Russia. In particular, the guys said that the performances will be held in those cities where the concerts were canceled in the fall of 2018, and the tickets purchased in the autumn will be valid for the spring performances. The group began active work on preparing the necessary documentation so that even the most violent opponents of the “Friendzone” would not find any reason to cancel the concerts.

Friendzone – listen online