Summer Reading Recommendations Part 3: Easy Chapter Books and Novels

Easy Chapter Books and Novels Welcome to part three of the Summer Reading Recommendations post. In this post I will recommend easy to read chapter books and novels. These are books that harder than you … Read more

Book Review| Autumn Street

Autumn Street Feature Image

“It was a long time ago.“Though it seems, sometimes, that most things that matter happened a long time ago, that is not really true. What is true is this: bu the time you realize how … Read more

Book Review | Elijah of Buxton

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Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis “Sometimes if you want something bad enough, your dreams get answered. Sometimes if you’re scared enough, you get so strong you can do near anything…” ~ Christopher Paul … Read more

Kids Book Box Sets Worth Adding to Your Collection

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Last time I wrote about great gift ideas for bookworms that aren’t books. This time I am going to write about great gift ideas that are books.

Book Boxed Sets are always a great gift idea. At this time of year lots of them go on sale for really great prices.

Here is a list of some of the greatest deals you’ll find on boxed sets out there.

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