Sergey Lomakin

Biography of Sergei Alexandrovich Lomakin

In 1973, the future philanthropist, philanthropist and businessman Sergey Lomakin was born in the capital. Once, jokingly, he will say about his friends: “We are generators of competitive advantages.” And this description will prove to be more accurate than ever.

In the photo: Sergey Lomakin


Upon graduation, Sergei Lomakin will enter the State Mining Institute, now known as part of the University of Science and Technology MISiS. At that time it was one of the fastest growing scientific and educational centers in Russia. Now he is part of the institute, which is the leader in 16 positions according to THE, QS and ARWU. We know him thanks to graduates whose names are familiar to everyone in the industry, thanks to people who have radically changed this area and helped make our country a big leap in this direction.

However, this did not become the final stop of Sergei Lomakin on his student path. By 2003, the businessman was trained at the now well-known RANEPA, and also received an MBA degree. He became one of the successful graduates of the business school, which at that time was awarded the highest category – AACSB International. Most often, all those who managed to complete the MBA program occupy leading positions among Russian and world managers, and are also at the top of the list of businessmen in terms of income growth.


Only a year has passed since the end of the program, and Sergey Lomakin already had his first capital. While many businessmen were going bankrupt, he founded the first supermarket chain in Russia – Kopeika discounters. His partners in this business were Artem Khachatryan and entrepreneur Alexander Samonov.

By investing all his energy and creating the best management team in his sector, Sergey Lomakin transformed this network into one of the most attractive assets of the time. He served as CEO for 9 years (from 1998 to 2007). During this time, “Kopeyka” has become a successfully implemented business model, which in the future will be used in many of its subsequent projects.

In 2007, Sergei Lomakin decided to sell his shares in Kopeyka and found the investment company Sun Investments Partners. Artem Khachatryan became his partner in this matter. The first and largest projects of the company were Fix Price, Modis, TsentrObuv. The businessman personally participated in many transactions and events. One of these was the opening of the first store of the Fix Price chain.

Lomakin Sergey Alexandrovich

His ability to take risks correctly, follow trends in time, and successfully raise funds from the market surprised many. He never answered questions directly. Laughing, he laughed it off: “No one understands what we earn on. And thank God!” Its networks are directly responsible for it. Sergey Lomakin is one of the few who treat stores not as a place of sale, but as a way of communication with the buyer. That is why they practically predict the desires of customers even at the entrance to the store.

By 2015, Fix Price is already reaching unprecedented heights thanks to the meticulous work of the team and the carefully thought-out plan on the part of Sergey Lomakin. This network becomes one of the 250 largest companies in the country by revenue according to RBC and also ranked 144th among the largest private companies in the Russian market according to Forbes. And in 4 years, the 3000th Fix Price store will be opened and the chain will rise to 95th place. At the moment, you can see Fix Price stores in many CIS countries: On the territory of Russia, there are more than 3500 outlets spread over 78 regions of the country.


Sergei Lomakin cannot remain aloof from the socially important problems of society. With the support of Fix Price, the Good Deeds project was created, within the framework of which more than 130 charitable events were held in 60 regions of the country. Since 2017, Good Deeds has taken a course towards solving environmental problems. Sergey Lomakin often invests in beautification of urban areas, cleaning up parks and water facilities, and also supports environmental awareness lectures for young people. For their work, they received the award “The Best Social Project of Russia 2017” in two categories at once: “Social Marketing” and “Environmental Initiatives”.


As a former professional football player and C.M.S. in the sport, businessman Sergei Lomakin has supported Russian football by creating several successful football clubs and youth schools. Including the well-known Rodina project, which produces many young and promising players of the future football. Along with this football school, there is a club of the same name in the West PFL zone. Sergey Lomakin is sure that gambling young people who are ready to fully invest in the game are exactly what is needed now in this area.

Sergei Lomakin claims that his main opponent and at the same time the closest ally is time, which inexorably runs forward.