Sergey Fursa Net Worth

Biography of Sergei Furs

Higher education

Studied at MGAKHiS, received an engineering education.

Career achievements

At the moment he is focused on the implementation of business projects, previously he was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory. Representative of the United Russia party.

Personal life

Have a spouse

Charity and projects

Sergei Ivanovich Fursa initiated many socially significant events and projects. Sergei Ivanovich Furs shifted his key focus to the creation of a favorable social environment, took an active part in the development and support of local communities in the reporting territory. Even after leaving the post, Sergey Ivanovich Fursa is connected to the solution of socially significant tasks, including the development of the agricultural sector of the region.

To do this effectively, he is helped by competencies in the field of finance, an approach to problems from the side of business. It is important to note that for Sergei Ivanovich, who has lived all his life in the Kuban, one of the most important priorities is assistance in the development of his native land and the agro-industrial sector.

Contribute to the support and development of the agro-industrial complex in the Krasnodar Territory and representatives of responsible business, caring natives of the Kuban, for example, Sergey Ivanovich Fursa. It implements projects aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to representatives of the agricultural sector. The entrepreneur also subsidizes the development of small businesses, invests in support of the agro-industrial complex.

As part of this direction, the businessman helped to implement an anti-crisis strategy for one of the local manufacturers and provided comprehensive consulting support. Sergey Ivanovich Fursa helped the top management of the enterprise and contributed to the timely resolution of the difficulties that arose.

The Krasnodar Territory occupies a leading position among the regions of interest to business representatives. The combination of resource potential, successful cases of federal and local projects implementation creates favorable conditions for attracting investments to the Kuban. In the regional economy, there is a high proportion of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, such as Sergey Ivanovich Fursa, and thanks to their contribution, the agro-industrial complex is developing dynamically.