Natalia Morozova Net Worth

Biography of Natalia Morozova

Natalya Aleksandrovna Morozova is a serial entrepreneur, author of integrated development methods, an expert in corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Childhood and adolescence

She was born into a traditional Soviet family. Mom was an accountant and worked in life and income insurance. Dad is an engineer and a candidate of technical sciences. He was engaged in thermal structures and mechanical engineering, worked at the metallurgical plant PJSC “Zaporizhstal”.

Natalia grew up as an active child: she participated in amateur performances and was an avid athlete. She was fond of volleyball, handball, basketball, athletics. When in the senior grades of the school the question “Study or sport?” However, sports, like art and music school, and amateur performances, have borne fruit in adulthood.

A sporting focus on results helped Natalya achieve success in business, drawing came in handy when creating a women’s club, and playing in a children’s theater and writing scripts – in organizing events and forums on sustainable business development and the development of emotional intelligence.

Natalia chose a master’s degree in International Economic Relations at the Zaporozhye State Technical University because of its novelty. Marketing, advertising and jurisprudence seemed boring and boring. In addition, the 17-year-old girl did not want to leave her native Zaporozhye for Kiev or Donetsk – there was complete mutual understanding with her parents.

After graduating from the magistracy of the Zaporozhye State Technical University, Natalya Morozova entered the St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Ontopsychology, and then moved from Ukraine to Russia. The second higher education gave Natalia much more: an understanding of what leadership is, a methodology for achieving goals, an idea of ​​art therapy and coaching, the ability to disassemble patterns and behavior patterns, and find out the reasons for actions.

Emotional Intelligence Development Expert

She became interested in psychology, namely the development of emotional intelligence, at the age of 30. In 2011, she withdrew from the second decree and wanted to engage in a new, interesting area that has not yet found its consumer in Russia. In 2013, Natalya Morozova became the development director of the Creative Consulting Technologies training center. The organization was engaged in the training of HRs and the development of a professional community of psychologists and coaches.

Morozova had an important task – to convince clients – representatives of large business that emotional intelligence is a science. The CPCs did scientific research, explained what Daniel Goleman and David Caruso did, negotiated corporate contracts and trained opinion leaders like Radislav Gandapas.

Three years of work at CPC helped Morozova understand the prospects for the development of a professional expert community. This is how the idea of ​​creating an association of professionals in the field of emotional intelligence development APREI arose, to standardize the activities of training centers and certify experts in this field, as well as to form a new pool of products and programs.

Expert in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development

Organizer of the Social Leadership Development Fund

In parallel with the creation of an association of professionals in the development of emotional intelligence, Morozova saw that large companies do not know how to build project work with non-profit organizations, and those, in turn, do not understand how to interact with business. The Social Leadership Development Fund has just become a platform for communication and integration of business and social projects. Companies and NGOs receive advice on how to present their projects to big business based on the available indicators and possible results.

With the help of the Morozov Foundation, she organizes forums, accelerators and events on sustainable business development practices and the formation of an appropriate socially responsible environment in the business community. The fund’s portfolio includes three large targeted programs and the organization of more than 20 major partnership events.

Founder of the Management Company “Integrated Management System”

Natalia Morozova organized the management company “Integrated Management System”, with the help of which she trains and provides methodological support for leaders of large business and non-profit organizations, forms a pool of necessary experts and conducts moderation sessions and thematic events for the tasks of the companies.

Personal life

Natalia Morozova is married to Alexander Morozov. Officially married on September 5, 2008. Natalia and Alexander have two children: son Maxim (born January 29, 2005) and daughter Maria (born March 13, 2009). In her free time, Natalya is fond of horse riding, shooting, she loves to go to nature and travel around Russia and the world.