Monarca Season 2 – Possible Release Date & Latest Updates!

This article offers some insights into the possible release date and latest updates about Monarca season 2.

Monarca is a popular Mexican Netflix series that was originally released in 2019 and surprised everyone in terms of storyline, performances, and beautiful depiction of Mexican elite families. The series is produced by the Hollywood celebrity Salma Hayek and created by Diego Gutierrez. The show became a hit after its release and was one of the highly watched Netflix series of 2019.

It also earned praise from critics and audiences and became a worldwide success in no time. The surge in its popularity led to the announcement of the upcoming season 2 for the series. This article offers some insights into the possible release date and latest updates about Monarca season 2. So, keep reading till the end for some interesting information.

Monarca Season 2: Possible Release Date & Latest Updates!

Monarca; All About It


Monarca is a popular Mexican Netflix series that was released on the platform in September 2019. The series received high ratings from the audience and was also well-received by critics. The plot revolves around the life of an elite Mexican family that runs an illegal drug and beverage business. The lead protagonist leaves her family, cutting all ties with them, and starts a secluded life abroad.

However, some twists and turns in the story force her to return and overtake the family business. Thus, putting her in the world of dirty business where illegal trading is a regular task. The movie was highly appreciated for its unique depiction of the Mexican elite family, intriguing storyline, and stellar performances from the celebrities.

Will There be Monarca Season 2?


After the success of Monarca, makers decided to proceed with the sequel of the series which was officially announced in October 2019, before the first season aired its finale. This left viewers extremely happy and further increased the overall viewership and ratings of the television series. Although the pandemic halted the shooting for some time in 2020, Netflix later announced that the series will be released in 2024.

The episodes of season 2 are already available on Netflix and can be watched if you have a membership of the platform. So, by the time we are releasing this news, it has been almost a year since the Monarca 2 has been released. Season one of the series wrapped up in January 2024 and left a cliffhanger for the audience. Therefore, they have been speculating for a long time about the story that will be followed in season 2.

Monarca Season 2 Plotline


The plot of season one focused on the twisted life of an elite Mexican family that is into the dirty business of selling illegal drugs and beverages. The main protagonist of the story decides to leave the family for good. However, she has to return to the family after some twists and turns and is forced to inherit the family business. This pushes her into the world of illegal business.

The story ended with the return of the leading character and therefore, season 2 will focus on her journey of managing the family business and interacting with other people involved in this business and the secret dealings that are carried out behind the curtains. Have not watched season 2 of the series yet but I am highly excited to watch it considering all the hardships that the leading character will face in order to achieve her goals.

Monarca Season 2 Cast


The cast of season one included some seasoned actors including some old actors that have been acting for decades. Some big names involved in the project include Irene Azula, Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal, Jr. Gonzaleb, and Joseph Manuel played the roles of Ana Maria Cartnazza Davila, Andres Caranja, Joba Carnuza, Pablo Caranja, and Zonal Mantle Gonza respectively. So, we are expecting to see a similar cast in season 2 as well if everything goes as planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Monarca Season 2?

Monarca is Netflix’s original series, this means that both seasons of the series are available for watching on Netflix with high resolution. Therefore, you do not need to worry about interruption while watching the movie. However, you must have a membership of the platform before accessing all episodes. The membership can be attained by paying the Netflix subscription fee which varies from region to region.

How many episodes are in season 2 of Monarca?

Season 2 of the popular Mexican series has been renewed for 14 episodes, all of which are available on Netflix in HD quality, The previous season one was based on 18 episodes which were four episodes more than the latest season. However, season 2 was also highly appreciated for its well-knitted plot and negligible dragging of unwanted plot fillers.

Is there a trailer available for Monarca 2?

Let alone a trailer you can watch all the 14 episodes of Monarca season 2 on Netflix. Season 2 of the series was released in 2024 and you can watch its official trailer on various platforms including Netflix and YouTube. However, the complete episodes of the season can only be watched on Netflix if you possess a Netflix membership. If not, you might have to watch it on various unofficial websites with poor video resolution.

Wrapping Up

Monarca is one of the most-watched and highly popular series of 2019. The series was produced by Netflix and generated buzz around the globe with its outstanding performance in all aspects from direction to storyline, and action scenes. This led to high ratings of the series on various platforms including IMDB and rotten tomatoes.

The remarkable success of season one led to the development of season 2 of the movie which was released a few months after the first one. Both the seasons collectively feature 32 episodes all of which can be watched on Netflix with HD resolution. Apart from this, the trailers can also be watched on YouTube and other streaming platforms aside from Netflix.