Maxim Mernes


Name: Maxim Mernes (Maxim Mernes)

Surname: Sergeyevich

Birthday: July 1, 1995 (aged 26)

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Place of Birth:

178 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Zodiac sign: Crayfish (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Boar

blogger, crypto investor

Family status:

not married

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Biography of Maxim Mernes

Maxim Mernes is a well-known investor and entrepreneur, a dollar millionaire. Maxim Mernes earned his fortune thanks to investments in cryptocurrency. He is the owner of several properties on the island of Phuket (Thailand), where he was attacked by the Russian mafia. This incident was widely publicized in the media.

Report about the robbery of Maxim Mernes on NTV

The criminals held Maxim and his girlfriend hostage until they sent them $100,000 in bitcoin, and also took their passports, documents, and equipment. The event was covered by the NTV channel, Russia Today, as well as by a number of well-known bloggers, including Alexander Kondrashev.

Kondrashov’s video

Maxim is the author of the bestselling book My Way to a Million Dollars, based on real events, namely the world-famous crypto heist in Thailand in 2017.

Maxim Mernes is the creator of the CryptoBoss brand and YouTube movement, which promotes new technologies and economic innovations in the world, thanks to which he is a special guest at many cryptocurrency conferences: Blockchain Life (Moscow, St. Petersburg), BlockShow (Singapore).

In the photo: Maxim Mernes

The creator of his own cryptocurrency CBcoin (CryptoBossCoin), which has a daily trading volume according to the coinmarketcap rating of about $50,000 per day and a capitalization of more than $6,000,000.

Childhood and family

The future cryptocurrency investor was born on June 1, 1995 in Tomsk. His father died when Maxim was 5 years old, he considers this period the most difficult in his life. The mother had to raise her son alone until the boy was 13 years old.

Maxim’s father – Sergei Mavrodi – was killed in Moscow. Whether he was a relative or just a namesake of a well-known financial fraudster is not known for certain. Maxim Mernes’ mother works as an English teacher at the university.

Hometown of Maxim Mernes – Tomsk

Maxim’s favorite pastime in childhood was drawing, but over time this interest faded. Maxim received his first computer as a gift from his stepfather at the age of 14, and from that moment everything started to spin. Max’s favorite hobby was programming. Studying at school was given to him effortlessly, so he devoted all his free time at home to studying programming, economics and history according to the university program. Unlike other young cryptocurrency geniuses, Maxim went in for sports at school and was an authority in the class.

Way to success

At the age of 14, Maxim got his first business – an Internet provider, with the help of which Max sold Internet access to the residents of his settlement. At the age of 18 he entered Tomsk State University. As a student, he participated in a large number of competitions in programming and computer science, where he won first place. Together with his classmate, he launched the official radio of Tomsk State University, and also organized a team to help students write graduation and term papers. Later, the term paper writing business turned into a large branch network.

Around the same time, Maxim learned about the existence of Bitcoin and Etherium cryptocurrencies, bought some coins and studied Blockchain technology. In turn, the crisis of 2014 came, and the coursework business began to bring more problems than money, and, accordingly, closed.

The study also did not please – the level of teaching in the field of electronic technologies and business, according to Max, was outdated. In 2014, he expelled, and this faculty soon completely ceased to exist.

After that, Max became more and more interested in Blockchain technology. After first traveling to Thailand on a package tour in 2014, fascinated by the country, he set a goal to move to Asia, and in 2015 he succeeded.

In 2015 Maxim Mernes moved to Thailand

At this time, a YouTube party began to actively develop in Russia, and Max began to maintain his blog about cryptocurrencies, which was included in the 9 best thematic blogs according to the ForkLog resource. At the same time, Maxim Mernes began his studies at the University of Bangkok, where he studied English and international relations. But not everything was so smooth: on January 15, 2018, a well-known robbery took place, as a result of which the attackers broke into an apartment in Phuket and forced them to transfer bitcoins to their electronic account in the amount equivalent to 100,000 US dollars, stole passports, documents, cards and laptops. This brought the victims not only losses, but also good PR.

Maxim Mernes – speaker at cryptocurrency conferences

In the meantime, life went on. Maxim actively began to take part as a speaker at many conferences: at the Blockchain Life 2018 exhibition, held on November 7 and 8, 2018 in St. Petersburg; performed at Cryptoevent in Moscow and Blockshow in Singapore. At the end of 2018, he launched his CryptoBossCoin (CBC) cryptocurrency. In 2019, he spoke at Blockchain Life 2019 and wrote an autobiographical book, My Road to a Million Dollars.

Conflict with Dmitry Portnyagin

In 2019, Maxim Mernes had a conflict with a well-known businessman Dmitry Portyangin (Transformer channel). Subsequently, Maxim Mernes personally flew to Moscow to the base of the “transformer” – as a result, the conflict was resolved.


The coin, created by Maxim Mernes, has POS mining technology, that is, you get a bonus for holding coins in your wallet. The coin itself is in the CoinMarketCap (CBC) rating. The trading volume is about $30,000 daily, and the capitalization is more than $6,000,000

Personal life of Maxim Mernes

Maxim Mernes is married. Wife – Juliana Mernes, an expert in online business.

Maxim Mernes with his wife

Political activity

Maxim Mernes actively criticizes the current government in his videos and books. One of the statements about Power in the book “CryptoPolitics of Maxim Mernes and Viktor Aristov: Power for such people becomes a drug, to see how the majority fall to their knees, fawn and obey is always intoxicating, such a person becomes a hostage to a sense of superiority and is ready for any abomination, just to prolong his stay in power.


  • “My Million Dollar Road” (2018)
  • “Cryptoeconomics” (2019)
  • “CryptoPolitics” (Co-authored with Viktor Aristov, 2019)
  • “CryptoBoss” (Co-authored with Viktor Aristov, 2019)

Maxim Mernes now

In early 2024, Maxim was stuck in Thailand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dissatisfied with the economic situation in the world and in Russia, he decided to develop his own political and economic blog, where he tells his vision of the situation.