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Biography of Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Lily-Rose Melody Depp is the daughter of one of the once most famous Hollywood couples: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. With such heredity, it is surprising that only in 2014 the girl declared herself as an actress, making her debut in Kevin Smith’s film “Tusk”. And in 2016, she became the face of the famous fragrance Chanel No. 5.

Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Childhood and family of Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Melody was born in Paris, in a star family of actors Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Lily-Rose Depp’s parents gave their daughter their amazing genes

She spent the first years of her life in Saint-Tropez, on the estate of Plan de la Tour. The girl also has a younger brother – John Christopher Depp III.

Lily-Rose Depp with her mother, Vanessa Paradis

Parents were incredibly happy with the birth of Lily. Johnny Depp even tattooed his daughter’s name on his chest. Together with his wife, he composed the lullaby “La Balladede Lily Rose”: Johnny wrote the music, and Vanessa wrote the words.

Johnny Depp’s daughter’s name tattoo

In 2012, Johnny Depp left Vanessa for young actress Amber Heard. Since both Vanessa and Johnny retained parental rights, the girl began to live in two houses, alternately spending time with her mother in Paris, then with her father in Los Angeles.

Johnny Depp’s children for a walk; Lily-Rose – 8 years old

Paradoxically, little Lily-Rose developed a very friendly relationship with her stepmother. They were seen together more than once: the girls chatted nicely during joint shopping or gatherings in a cafe.

Lily-Rose Depp and Amber Heard go shopping together

Lily-Rose, along with her brother, studied at the Hollywood private school Oakwood, where educational goals and artistic ideals are embodied with extreme respect for the child. Lily has always been a great student, actively participated in school life. She graduated from high school in 2016. The graduation photo of Lily-Rose shocked the public – the fragile girl looked like a reed against the background of the rest of the students.

Graduation photo of Lily-Rose Depp

The beginning of the career of Lily-Rose Melody Depp

From the first days of the girl’s life, her photographs appeared in a variety of tabloids. Every stage of Lily’s life was covered in detail: her birthdays, attendance at any events, and even clothes. She was accustomed to the world of art from childhood, she was surrounded by stars, cameras and journalists. But there was also the other side of the coin. The girl always adored her father and loved everything he did, but she dreamed of getting rid of the label “Johnny Depp’s daughter”, which invisibly influenced all her creative initiatives.

Lily-Rose Melody doesn’t want to be known only as “Johnny Depp’s daughter”

In 2013, the 14-year-old baby made her debut in the Kevin Smith film “Tusk”, where her father also starred. “It’s very exciting to post my small contribution to the film “Tusk”, which starred my father. Hope you enjoy it!” Lily-Rose Depp wrote on Instagram. The film turned out … strange. Many fans have described him as “Misery and Human Centipede”. But this is exactly what was expected from the daughter of Johnny Depp – folly, phantasmagoria and absolute madness!

Trailer for “Tusk” with Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith

The role was small – a charming blonde saleswoman at a gas station who can not tear herself away from the phone to serve customers. Subsequently, it turned out that “Tusk” was a reference to the next film with the participation of Lily-Rose Depp – “Yoga Lovers”. The two films, along with the forthcoming 2017 release Moose Jaws, form the Canadian Trilogy. The trilogy was directed by Kevin Smith, and Lily-Rose’s partner was his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, Lily’s age.

“Tusk” – the first role of Lily-Rose Melody

In 2015, she starred in the movie Planetarium alongside Natalie Portman. The actresses played two sisters, endowed with the ability to communicate with spirits. At the same time, Portman herself chose Lily, sending her photographs to director Rebecca Zlotowski. The film was supposed to be released on wide screens in November 2016.

“Planetarium”: Lily-Rose Depp and Natalie Portman played two sisters

Modeling career of Lily-Rose Depp

The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis is actively moving forward in the modeling business. And no wonder – Lily-Rose Melody Depp weighs only 40 kilograms with a height of 160 centimeters. And the features of her face, lovingly carved by nature, would make Elizabeth Taylor herself envy.

Lily-Rose Depp weighs only 40 kilograms!

On April 1, 2015, outrageous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld organized a demonstration of the Chanel Paris-Salzburg collection in New York. No one suspected that the fashion show would become a kind of debutante ball. The focus of this event was on Lily-Rose Melody. Then there were rumors that the girl could become a new symbol of the famous French House.

Lily Rose Depp is not only a talented actress, but also a promising model

In May 2016, it became known that Lily-Rose Depp was chosen as the face of the new exquisite fragrance Chanel No. 5 L’Eau. As a variation of the legendary Chanel No. 5, the perfume promised to become the main hit of the fall of 2016 of the same year. Thus, Lily took a place on a par with Audrey Tautou, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Deneuve, who previously advertised this wonderful fragrance from Chanel.

Since 2016, Lily-Rose Depp has been the advertising face of the legendary Chanel No. 5

Personal life of Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Lily-Rose is a beautiful and charming girl who attracts more and more attention every year. In August 2015, Lily participated in the Self Evident Truths project, which defended the rights of the LGBT community. As the media noted, by this the girl wanted to show that she was not completely heterosexual. But this wave was attributed to her romantic relationship with Stella Maxwell. The reason for this was their joint photo shoot for Love magazine.

Photoshoot of Lily-Rose Depp and Stella Maxwell for Love Magazine

In addition, the press periodically reports that the girl was seen with fashion model Ash Stymest, who is known in the modeling business and even music. The guy opened the Balenciaga show, was noted in the Dr. Martens and often appears on the pages of Vogue magazine

Pictured: Lily-Rose Melody and Ash Stymest

Lily-Rose actively communicates with her peers, in her Instagram account you can find photos with friends and pets (two dogs). She is also friends with some celebrity children, not only with the already mentioned Harley Quinn Smith, but also with Willow Smith, the daughter of actor Will Smith.

Lily-Rose Depp in a swimsuit

As Johnny Depp stated, Lily has a complex character, but at the same time she is a very smart child and can be the cutest on earth. In 2016, Lily vividly demonstrated her love for her father. When Amber Heard filed for divorce and demanded financial support from Johnny Depp, who refused to pay material assistance, she accused him of physical abuse. In response to this rebuke, Lily-Rose posted a tender photo with her father on Instagram and wrote: “My father is the sweetest and most loving person in the world. He always treated me and my brother with great love and care. And everyone who knows him will say the same.”

Lily-Rose Depp with dad

Lily-Rose Melody Depp today

Lily-Rose’s career is rapidly going up, and the girl, according to many critics, shows even greater promise than her parents at one time. Lily-Rose has very big career plans. The young actress said that she dreams of starring with director Quentin Tarantino.

Lily-Rose Depp without makeup

At the Cannes Film Festival, which was held in May 2016, Lily-Rose presented another of her works – the film “Dancer”, revealing the life story of Isadora Duncan.

And in July 2016, the film “Yoga Lovers” (in the Russian box office – “Yoga Hooks”) was released, where, together with Austin Butler, Tyler Posey, Adam Brody and other young actors, the girl fought against “universal evil”.

Trailer of the film “Yoga Houts” with Lily-Rose Melody Depp

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