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Biography of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner could have been a professional athlete or a business shark, but he followed his heart and chose the profession of an actor, becoming one of the most successful and highly paid stars. A hero willing to do anything for love, Robin Hood and a bodyguard for all time – Kevin Costner is called the last romantic in Hollywood.

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Kevin Michael Costner was born on January 18, 1955 in Los Angeles. Kevin is the youngest of three sons, William and Sharon Costner. The family was considered quite wealthy, the elder Costner was an electrical engineer, and Sharon served in the health department.

Kevin Costner in childhood and youth

Like any American boy, Kevin was obsessed with baseball, the ideal man for him was always his father, a former baseball player who refereed baseball games in his spare time.

The boy dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but at the insistence of his father he entered the University of California for a course in marketing and finance. The young man was one of the best students in his course and he was destined for a brilliant career as a financier. During his studies, he unexpectedly became interested in art and began to play in the student theater.

Young Kevin Costner

After graduating from university in 1978, Kevin married his classmate Cindy Silva, whom he had been in love with since high school. Cindy was a flight attendant, and Kevin got a job in the marketing department at a large construction firm. Surprisingly, Kevin did not give up his student hobby and attended acting classes in the evenings.

Career. Start

The first appearance of Kevin Costner on the screen took place in 1981 in the comedy Wild Beach, in which he played a cameo role, but the picture was not successful. Neither the sexy beauties in bikinis, who played the roles of three girlfriends who went to Malibu, nor the luxurious views of Los Angeles at night, could cover up the rather weak script and the triviality of the plot.

Shot from the film “Wild Beach”

Kevin participated in many similar films, and gained his first fame by playing the role of Eliot Ness in the crime drama The Untouchables (1986). Director Brian de Palma approved him for the role of an agent due to Kevin’s toned figure and his image of a “good guy”, which was supposed to contrast with Robert De Niro, who played the famous Al Capone. But the idea failed. Critics called the picture one of the most flat works of the master, Costner and De Niro received the same unflattering reviews, and only the skill of Sean Connery allowed the picture to be “pulled out”.

Kevin Costner in The Untouchables

Despite the opinion of critics, the appearance of a young handsome actor in the company of recognized Hollywood stars marked the beginning of a brilliant career for Kevin Costner. The next picture, released in 1987, was much more successful than The Untouchables. In the politicized drama No Way Out, Kevin played a Navy officer who happened to fall in love with the mistress of the US Secretary of Defense. The role of the minister was played by Gene Hackman, and the image of Tom’s beloved, killed by a jealous minister, was embodied by the beautiful Sean Young. In this picture, Kevin managed to unleash the potential of a great dramatic actor, able to express both the pain of losing a loved one and a violent desire to punish the criminal.

“No Way Out” featuring Kevin Costner

The picture was warmly received by both the audience and critics, but some of them thoroughly mocked the end of the dramatic story, when the brilliant American officer Tom suddenly turns out to be the Soviet spy Yuri.


From 1987 to 1990, Kevin’s career moved up as expected and smoothly. During this period, he starred in the drama Bulls Durham, in which he was co-starred with Susan Sarandon, in the fantasy Field of Wonders, where he played in the company of Ray Liotta and Amy Madigan, and in the crime drama The Smuggler, in which appeared already in the role of a good guy familiar to the audience.

Shot from the film “Field of Miracles”

The real event in the cinema world was the drama “Revenge”, released in 1990 and put the young actor on a par with the brightest stars of Hollywood. In this difficult and dramatic story, Kevin played the role of a former military pilot who falls in love with the wife of his friend, a Mexican mafia. Unable to resist the feeling that fell upon them, the lovers were caught by a jealous husband, played by Anthony Quinn. The role of the unfaithful wife of the boss, who could not resist the young pilot, and paid for her love, was played by Madeleine Stone.

In the same year, Costner released his directorial debut, Dances with Wolves. In the historical drama about the events of the Civil War, he played the main role of an officer for whom the Indian tribe became a family. The film received 12 Oscar nominations and 7 gold statuettes, including Best Picture and Best Director. In addition to awards and applause, the picture brought Kevin another $ 50 million.

Best Roles

1991 was marked by the release of the adventure film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, which was loved by viewers of different ages. Robin Hood, played by Kevin Costner, is still considered to be the best Robin Hood ever portrayed on screen. Also in the beautiful fairy tale played Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and Christian Slater. To the great dismay of Kevin’s fans, in the fountain scene where he appears completely naked, the actor was replaced by an understudy.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Trailer

In 1992, a film was released that brought the actors who played the main roles in it a nomination for the Golden Raspberry Award. This film was the legendary “The Bodyguard”, and the actors who were called the worst were Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. However, neither the opinion of high-browed connoisseurs of cinema art, nor negative publications in the press could reduce the huge popularity of this luxurious love-detective story, which is considered one of the best melodramas in the history of cinema.

“Bodyguard” – Trailer

In the 1993 drama A Perfect World, Kevin played Butch, a fugitive who took an eight-year-old boy hostage. Like most Clint Eastwood films, there is no happy ending in this film. The sad but logical end of the story, when Butch dies and the boy does not want to leave him, made more than one generation of viewers shed tears.

Shot from the movie “Perfect World”

In the 1995 fantasy action movie Water World, Kevin was both the main actor and one of the directors. The film, which takes place in the future, when the whole earth became a huge sea as a result of the disaster, was a huge success due to the scope of the filming and the director’s unique idea and its execution. The few survivors of the snowmelt were played by Dennis Hopper, Jack Kehler and Jack Black.

Trailer of the film “Water World”

Kevin’s next directorial work, in which he traditionally played the main role, was nominated for the Golden Raspberry and won in all categories. We are talking about the drama “The Postman”, released in 1997. Despite being a complete box office failure, audiences were enamored with the tape’s celebration of kindness and loyalty, as well as the vividly drawn characters played by Giovanni Ribisi, Olivia Williams and Ryan Hurst.

Kevin Costner in The Postman

The period from 2000 to 2010 was one of the most successful periods in the work of Kevin Costner and presented the world with paintings that have earned the title of cult and masterpiece.

In one of the most beautiful love stories, “Message in a Bottle,” Kevin’s partner was Robin Wright Penn, and the fantastic detective drama “Dragonfly” was called by critics “a film that cleanses the soul.”

Dragonfly – trailer

In the drama The Rescuer, released in 2006, Kevin’s partner on the set was Ashton Kutcher. The drama, which tells about the relationship between a coach and a young swimmer, which ended in the tragic death of Costner’s character, has become one of the highest grossing projects of the year.

“Rescuer” – trailer

The thriller with elements of psychodrama in 2007 “Who are you, Mr. Brooks?” became a discovery for the fans of the actor. In the picture, Kevin appeared in an unexpected role of a cynical and prudent killer, a maniac hiding behind the personality of a respectable businessman. Demi Moore, William Hurt and Danielle Panabaker also played in the film.

The military-historical mini-series Hatfields & McCoys became the most successful project of the History channel in 2012, both according to critics and viewers. Kevin Costner, who plays a representative of the Hatfield clan, who are at war with the McCoys, has become one of the most colorful characters. Also on the project were Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger and Andrew Howard.

Kevin Costner in the series Hatfields & McCoys

In the 2014 crime thriller 3 Days to Kill, Costner played the role of Ethan Runner, a dying hitman whose life is saved by a mysterious drug. Also in the film, based on the script by Luc Besson, Connie Nielsen and Amber Heard played.

In 2014 and 2015, the actor starred in films on his favorite subject, sports. “Draft Day” and “Coach” are motivational films that costner was accompanied by Maria Bello, Vincent Martella, Tyler Sellers, and Tom Welling.

“Draft Day” Trailer

The 2016 thriller The Outlaw cast Costner as a dangerous psychopath who agreed to an experiment that changes his personality and makes him capable of self-sacrifice and love. The film stars Gary Oldman, Michael Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones.

Personal life of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner entered his first marriage immediately after graduating from university in 1978. The actor’s wife was his school love Cindy Silva, with whom three children were born. In 1994, the couple divorced by mutual decision.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

From actress Bridget Rooney, the actor has an illegitimate son, Liam.

Kevin Costner with his wife and children

In 2004, Kevin Costner married Christine Baumgartner, who is almost 20 years younger than the actor. With a beautiful blonde, Kevin met on the golf course, and the case quickly grew into mutual love. The couple are raising three children and claim that this is not the limit.

Kevin Costner now

In 2017, the actor joined Jessica Chastain in the drama The Great Game, which tells the story of an underground casino owner who managed to avoid getting a long sentence for illegal business. The film also starred Idris Elba.

Kevin Costner

Since 2018, Kevin has been taking part in the filming of the Yellowstone multi-part project. In the western drama, he plays the owner of the largest ranch in America, who is trying by all means to save his land from the claims of developers, city authorities and Indian tribes who consider his land to be theirs.

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