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Biography of Joseph Gilgun

Joseph William Gilgun is a British actor who made his television debut on Coronation Street at the age of 10. Since then, many interesting projects have appeared in his filmography, among which the most memorable were the roles of Woody in the drama This England and Rudy in the black television comedy Misfits.

British TV star Joseph Gilgun

Childhood of Joseph Gilgun. First role

Joseph is the firstborn of the classic English family of Judith and Andrew Gilgun. Later, he had two sisters, Jenny and Rose Gilgun. At the age of seven, doctors diagnosed the boy with dyslexia, in addition, psychologists diagnosed him with hyperactivity syndrome.

Joseph Gilgun as a child

As a result of a congenital illness, studying at Revington Primary School was not easy for the future actor: writing, reading, mathematics … In addition, Joseph was an overly active and impulsive child, which also had a negative effect on the learning process.

At the age of 8, the boy was sent as therapy to the Oldham theater group, where teachers quickly noted his talent for impersonation. In 1994, he made his debut in the soap opera Coronation Street, where he played for the next three years, but after, as is often the case with teenagers, he lost interest in the filming process and left the project.

Young Joseph Gilgun

After graduating from high school in Southlands, Joseph Gilgun entered Ranshaw College as a fashion designer, but did not study there for long – excessive passion for the opposite sex interfered, and, despite his creative specialty, he had to read and write a lot there. Although he certainly had talent in the fashion industry, for example, Joseph once predicted that a year later, outfits a la “gypsy boho” would come into fashion, and so it happened!

The beginning of the acting career of Joseph Gilgun

Due to the unsuccessful pursuit of academic performance, the design business also ceased to interest the young man. For a while he worked as a plasterer at a construction site, then he decided to return to acting – he always did it perfectly! For a while, he starred in the soap opera Emmerdale Farm, snatched a couple of episodic roles in little-known TV shows, but in 2006 he got one of the main roles in the drama This Is England, which introduces viewers to the subculture of British skinheads. Joseph Gilgun played Woody, the leader of a gang of young hoodlums. The role brought the actor the British Independent Film Awards in the Best Supporting Actor nomination.

“This is England”: Joseph Gilgun as Skinhead Woody

Joseph Gilgun and “Misfits”: a new round of popularity

In 2011, Joseph Gilgun successfully auditioned for the popular comedy-fiction series Misfits. He had to go through two qualifying rounds, and the second time he was almost turned around with the words “We need someone younger!”, And Joseph came back dressed as a car thief: sneakers with massive soles, a hat on one side, which made the producer of the show laugh a lot.

In Misfits, Joseph Gilgun plays a very interesting and controversial role.

Joseph Gilgun’s character in Misfits was named Rudy Wade, a young man, a vandal and a car thief with a very marginal character, endowed with a “superpower” of material personality splitting. The hero of Gilgun is a very controversial, complex personality, like the actor himself.

“Rudy from” Misfits “” – the most famous role of Joseph Gilgun

This project lasted until December 2013, and in 2012 Joseph Gilgun was awarded the Best Newcomer (SFX Awards) and Sudden Star (Virgin Media TV Awards).

joseph gilgun with beard

In addition, during the filming, the actor became friends with other young celebrities involved in the project, in particular, the future star of the Game of Thrones, Ivan Rheon and Antonia Thomas.

Personal life of Joseph Gilgun

The personal life of Joseph Gilgun is quiet and calm, although this cannot be said from the nature of his favorite characters. The actor is very hard to get close to people. The reason for this unsociableness is his childhood complexes associated with dyslexia. But, like any creative person, the actor dreams of an ideal faithful woman, girlfriend and lover.

In life, Joseph Gilgun is not like his characters

Fans of the actor rarely saw him with women, but still they are present in his life. From 2006 to 2008, Joseph Gilgun’s girlfriend was his girlfriend named Jade. For some time, the actor met with Vicki Lee McClure, who played the role of Lol, an active member of the skinhead gang, in the movie This Is England. Not so long ago, there were rumors that Joseph Gilgun married a certain Inna Kuhay, but the actor himself did not comment on this information.

Joseph Gilgun and Vicki McClure (frame from This Is England)

Joseph transfers his dreams to his body in the form of tattoos. Each tattoo is not just a drawing, it is sad or joyful events experienced by the actor.

All Joseph Gilgun’s tattoos are dedicated to people or events that are important to him.

Joseph Gilgun today

In 2016, Joseph Gilgun was busy filming the TV series Preacher, an adaptation of the Vertigo comic book of the same name. It makes you think about the topic of good and evil, the search for one’s self. The action of “Preacher” extends far beyond the earthly world, the appearance of “hell” and “heaven”, god and angels, as well as a fair amount of action stirred up the blood of fans of fantasy themes.

“Preacher”: Joseph Gilgun as the vampire Cassidy

For Joseph Gilgun, “Preacher” became a serious, diverse work. His hero is an extraordinary, controversial personality, like Joseph himself. The actor got the role of a half-mad Irish vampire, alcoholic and drug addict Cassidy. His character was so bright and characteristic that sometimes overshadowed the leading actors – Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga.

Joseph Gilgun interview about Cassidy

In parallel with Preacher, the restless Joseph Gilgun starred in the intriguing film Undercover Scam, starring Bryan Cranston. The film was released in August 2016.

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