Igor Khavronov Net Worth

Biography of Igor Khavronov

Igor Viktorovich Khavronov is a well-known functionary of the railway industry, who has climbed the career ladder from an ordinary production employee to the head of a factory enterprise.

Igor Viktorovich Khavronov

Childhood and family of Igor Khavronov. Education

The entrepreneur’s father, Viktor Valerievich Khavronov, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, worked as a machinist and was one of the most famous professionals in the city. Mother – Elena Mikhailovna Khavronova – worked as a seamstress.

The post-war period was not easy for the whole country. The family of Igor Viktorovich, in which children from an early age worked for the benefit of their family, was no exception. The Khavronovs’ family had enough of sorrowful events – the younger brother Alexei died shortly after birth, unable to overcome a terrible disease.

However, neither the loss of relatives, nor the catastrophically difficult economic situation of the country and its inhabitants could break the Khavronov family; on the contrary, difficulties hardened the spirit of all its members – parents, Igor, his three brothers and two sisters. Parents who raised their children in the spirit of Soviet ideology instilled in them a love for the world around them, for honest and conscientious work. All the younger Khavronovs dreamed of staying in their native Voronezh in order to work at local enterprises and benefit their fellow countrymen.

Labor activity of Igor Khavronov

After school, Igor Khavronov entered the Technical School of Railway Transport in the city of Voronezh, and after graduation, working days began for the young man. For him, an ardent adherent of Soviet ideology, working in production was only a joy, because he brought benefit to society. High initiative, dedication and absolute dedication to production – this is what allowed Igor to quickly become one of the key workers in the then flourishing plant.

Khavronov’s colleagues noted that he always put the goals of the team above his own interests. All these factors, together with the high level of self-organization and responsibility inherited from his father, allowed Khavronov to quickly gain respect and authority among his workmates.

Igor’s efforts did not go unnoticed, and the management of the plant deservedly promoted him up the career ladder, and the surname “Khavronov” was on the honor board of the enterprise almost all the time.

Significant for Igor Viktorovich was the visit to the enterprise of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. While inspecting the enterprise, the secretary general did not leave unnoticed the high successes of Khavronov: in front of all his colleagues, he shook hands with Igor and expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire party. This incident gave Igor’s career a new, even more powerful impetus, after which the man began to work even more diligently and diligently. The result of this work was a well-deserved promotion – soon Igor Khavronov was appointed head of the plant enterprise.

Even holding a leading position, Igor did not forget about work in the shop, inspiring new generations of plant workers by personal example. Paying much attention to training new personnel and their motivation, Khavronov tried to convey the love of work to the entire plant. Under the leadership of our hero, the enterprise reached a new level, becoming one of the largest productions not only in the region, but throughout the country.

Khavronov’s work achievements were marked with an award – the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, presented to Igor Viktorovich for his high labor heroism and contribution to office work.

Personal life of Igor Khavronov

Igor Khavronov met his first and only love in childhood. His heart was captivated by the young pioneer Olga; which many years later became his wife.

The couple raised four children – three sons and a daughter. Igor raised his children the same way they raised him: in an atmosphere of love for family, work and society.