Viktor Drobysh Net Worth

Biography of Viktor Drobysh

Usually, not so much is known about the songwriter as about the person who performs it while on stage. However, Viktor Drobysh is an exception to this rule. The life of a famous producer is always in sight. Magazines discuss the ups and downs of his personal life, and fans all over Russia are looking forward to his new hits. His life and work is an excellent example of selfless service to art. That is why it is so interesting to talk about it.

Childhood and adolescence of Viktor Drobysh

Viktor Drobysh was born into an ordinary Leningrad family. His mother was a doctor, and his father worked as a turner. They were not poor, but they also did not have large finances. Therefore, when little Vitya first confessed to his parents that he wanted to make music, his father had to give up his cherished dream of buying a car in order to buy the boy his first piano with the money saved. The instrument was good enough, and therefore the future musician spent his days with pleasure, sorting through white and black keys.

Victor Drobysh in childhood

At the age of eleven, Victor entered a music school and began to study with experienced teachers. Unlike other children, he chose a similar path for himself, and therefore music lessons were always a joy for him. After graduating from a music school, Viktor Drobysh enters the Leningrad Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov. It was during this period that his career as a professional musician began.

The first steps of Viktor Drobysh on stage

Having heard the music of a young musician, the famous guitarist Igor Romanov invited Drobysh to perform with the Zemlyane group. Without thinking twice, Victor accepted this offer and began touring with the famous Soviet band. However, during this period, the famous rock band was already on the verge of collapse, and the musician’s cooperation with the “earthlings” turned out to be short-lived.

After the official decision to break up the team, Victor, together with his friend Igor Romanov, moved to the Soyuz group, with which he performed for four years, playing keyboards. The next joint project of the two musicians was the St. Petersburg group, in which Drobysh participated as a songwriter.

Moving to Europe and first popularity

Despite a long-standing friendship, soon the paths of Igor Romanov and Viktor Drobysh diverged. Realizing that he was already “cramped” on the Russian stage, the composer moved to Germany, where he successfully worked for several years. During this period, Victor, as a producer, works with such bands as “No Angels”, “Culture Beat”. Popularity is also brought to him by the German-language project “BG The Prince Of Rap”, which for a long time occupies a leading position in all European charts.

Dog and V Drobysh

In the late nineties, after several years of work in Germany, Drobysh moved to Finland, where he began to collaborate with the local Pets band, whose composition DaDiDam became one of the main hits of that time and brought the composer several significant awards. Looking ahead a little, we note that this song is well known to Russian-speaking listeners (some time later it will replenish Christina Orbakaite’s repertoire, being called “The Light of Your Love”).

In parallel with his musical career, at the beginning of the 2000s, Drobysh worked at the Finnish-Russian radio station Sputnik, coordinating the activities of various departments. It is worth noting that today Victor is also its vice president.

The return of Viktor Drobysh to Russia

In 2002, Drobysh returned to Russia, where he began working with several well-known musicians. His songs are very popular, and such compositions as “Watch” (Valeria), “Love that no longer exists”, “Just to love you” (both – Kristina Orbakaite and Avraam Russo) become real hits. Thanks to these compositions, Viktor Drobysh receives several Russian music awards and becomes the laureate of the programs “Song of the Year” and “Golden Gramophone”.

Viktor Drobysh. My hero

In 2004, Viktor Yakovlevich became co-producer of the fourth season of the Star Factory project. The result of this is a long-term collaboration between the composer and singer Stas Piekha. In August of the same year, the “Producer Center of Viktor Drobysh” begins to promote other “manufacturers”. In the next few years, the composer has been successfully collaborating with many young performers. The result of this is the state order “For the Revival of Russia in the XXI century.”

In 2005, Viktor Drobysh recorded the song Nobody Hurt No One together with the Belarusian singer Natalya Podolskaya. Subsequently, this song will win the Russian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and represent the Russian Federation at this music competition.

Seven years later, Viktor Yakovlevich will again become the author of a song representing Russia at Eurovision. With the Buranovskiye Babushki team, Drobysh will take second place in the competition.

Currently, Drobysh is successfully collaborating with many Russian and Belarusian performers. Widely known are his compositions written for Valeria, Stas Piekha, Dmitry Koldun, Natalia Podolskaya, the Chelsea group and many other performers.

In 2010, Viktor Drobysh received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Personal life of Viktor Drobysh

During his life, Viktor Drobysh was married twice. His first wife was the poetess Elena Styuf, who collaborated with him for a long time as a lyricist for new compositions. From his first marriage, Viktor Drobysh has two sons – Valery (now a successful composer) and Ivan.

Viktor Drobysh with his wife

Despite the external idyll, this marriage did not last too long and soon broke up. In the summer of 2008, Viktor Drobysh married for the second time. His new wife was the former model Tatyana Nusinova. Soon two children were born – daughter Lydia (born in 2010) and son Daniel (born in 2011). In addition to two kids, the couple also brings up the son of Tatyana Nusinova from her first marriage.

Currently, Viktor Drobysh is a happy father and a happy husband. A married couple appears everywhere and everywhere together. In 2013, the composer admitted that he was dreaming of another child.