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Biography of singer Halsey

This young singer is spoken of as the voice of a new generation: she is a unique phenomenon that combines the glamor of pop culture and the protest of street art. But Halsey herself says that she has not done anything outstanding yet, and the tattoo on her arm in the form of a match will “light up” only after she writes her main song.

American singer Halsey

early years

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is the real name of the singer. Halsey’s pseudonym is an anagram made up of the letters of her first name. She came up with it at the age of 14, and since then she prefers that everyone, even relatives and friends, call her that way.

Halsey is something like an exaggerated manifestation of all my qualities, my alter ego.

Halsey was born in the small town of Edison, New Jersey on September 29, 1994. The girl has Italian and African American roots. She is the eldest child of Christopher and Nicole Frangipani, and has two younger brothers, Dante and Sevian. His father is the manager of a small car dealership, and his mother worked in a local hospital.

Singer Halsey with her parents

According to fan legend, Halsey was homeless because her parents kicked her out of the house and made a living playing music on the streets of Washington. But in reality, things are different.

From an early age, the girl was fond of music, she learned to play the violin, loved Shakespeare’s sonnets, and dreamed of becoming a singer. Parents supported their daughter in everything, and when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, they made every effort to help cope with the disease.

Ashley Nicolette Frangipani (Halsey) as a child

After graduating from high school, Halsey went to Warren, where she entered college. Even then, she posted covers of her favorite bands on her YouTube channel and wrote her own songs. The musical tastes of her parents influenced the singer’s work: her father preferred rap, and her mother preferred grunge and sophisticated Britpop. This is what explains the uniqueness of Halsey’s music, which managed to combine seemingly incompatible pop music and street teenage culture.

Halsey in his youth


In 2012, the girl tried to become a member of the X Factor show, but did not pass the selection. Soon after, the singer wrote the song “Ghost”, which became her lucky ticket to the world of show business.

Halsey’s height is 163 cm

Accidentally meeting a young PR agent who needed to record the sound for a commercial, Halsey did not take money for her work. As payment, she asked permission to record her song at his studio. The next day, the song “Ghost”, uploaded to the SoundCloud site, attracted the attention of producers and the young singer received several offers from well-known record companies. Having signed a contract with Asralwerks, she released her first record.

Halsey singing “Ghost”

The album “Room 93” did not take a leading position, but the reviews from critics were encouraging, and in 2015 the singer released her second album, which, without exaggeration, brought her world fame. Compositions from “Badlands” became the leader in downloading on the Internet, in just a week about a hundred thousand copies of it were sold. The composition “Castle” was chosen as the soundtrack for the second part of the fairy tale “Snow White and the Huntsman”. The singles “New Americana” and “Colors” took a leading position in the charts in America and Europe. In 2016, the singer received the Rising Star Award, awarded by Billboard Women in Music for a special contribution to the music industry. The voice of the new generation, as the media began to call Halsey, was sincere to the limit. The girl sang about what worries every person: about love and loneliness, about the pain of losing friends and social problems. Halsey released her next album in 2017. By this time, the singer had traveled all over the world with concerts, and even visited Russia, performing compositions from Hopeless Fountain Kingdom at the Stadium club.

2018 was a productive year for the singer: she held a series of concerts in Europe, and began a world tour.

Joining the ranks of the international movement against violence, Halsey participated in a protest march. Her emotional speech was widely circulated in the media, including Mila Kunis and Eva Longoria among the demonstrators.

Halsey’s personal life

The singer’s first love experience was, as often happens, unsuccessful. The girl fell in love with the fitness trainer of the club where her mother worked out. According to Halsey herself, she suffered mortally from unrequited love, but a year later she could hardly remember the name of her lover.

Halsey has a lot of tattoos on her body

A short girl with a chiseled figure, constantly changing her hair color and decorating her body with tattoos, is the object of desire for many men, including famous ones. Halsey was credited with novels with Joshua Dan and handsome Matt Healy, whose photos adorn the star’s Instagram. However, in an interview, Halsey disappointed fans by saying they were just friends.

Halsey and Matt Healy

But Halsey’s relationship with Lido was not at all friendly. The stars were together, however, for a very short time.

Since 2017, Halsey has been dating G-Eazy, a popular songwriter and rapper who was previously Lana Del Rey’s boyfriend.

Halsey and G-Eazy

After parting with the rapper, the singer almost did not talk about personal things. But in January 2024, Halsey announced her pregnancy. It turned out that she had been trying to conceive a child for a long time, but because of endometriosis, she experienced a miscarriage three times. The father of the child is a screenwriter and a little-known actor Alev Aydin.

Halsey and Alev Aydin make a couple tattoo

It is known that the singer smokes a lot, but does not drink alcohol at all and is against drugs.

Halsey does charity work. In 2016, to support an English girl struggling with a terminal diagnosis, she wrote the song “For Ruby”. The girl died and Halsey donated the money raised from several concerts to a children’s hospital.

Halsey now

The girl’s third studio album was released in 2024. The album “Manic” consists of 16 tracks, including the sensational singles “Without Me”, “Graveyard” and “Clementine”. Despite the coronavirus epidemic sweeping the world, Halsey gave a big tour in support of the album.

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