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Biography of the group “Time and Glass”

Vremya i Steklo is a super-successful project of the MOZGI Entertainment production center, which from the first moment has taken a leading position in Ukrainian and Russian show business and remains one of the most sought-after musical duets in the post-Soviet space.

Time and Glass: Nadia Dorofeeva (Dodo) and Alexei Zavgorodniy (Positive)

History of creation

In 2010, the famous Ukrainian musician and producer Oleksiy Potapenko (better known as Potap) decided to create a new musical group. Aleksey Zavgorodniy (“Pozitiv”) from the age of eleven performed as a backing vocalist for Potap and Nastya Kamensky, participated in the recording of songs and clips of the group, wrote music and lyrics. Seeing the undoubted talent of a guy who quickly grew into a full-fledged creative unit, the producer decided to send Positive on an independent voyage.

The group “Time and Glass” was invented by Potap

At first, Potap decided to create a trio in which Zavgorodny would be accompanied by two charming girls. An Internet casting was announced, then an in-person audition was held, in which a young Crimean Nadezhda Dorofeeva took part.

Alexey Zavgorodniy

The girl, in addition to excellent external data, turned out to be an impressive list of creative achievements. She participated in music competitions many times, was the winner of the Black Sea Games and a finalist of the TV project Chance. In addition, Nadia was engaged in ballroom dancing as a child and also achieved serious success in this area. The most interesting thing is that Dorofeeva was already familiar with Positive (together they performed at Artek) and with Nastya Kamensky (participated in the Black Sea Games).

Nadya Dorofeeva

Seeing Lesha and Nadya together on stage, Potap realized that they would make a wonderful duet and stopped looking for a third performer. The producer named his new project “Time and Glass”. When asked by journalists, he said that he dreamed of the name of the group on the plane, which is not surprising, knowing Potap’s love for ambiguous linguistic constructions.

The main stages of creativity

The guys started rehearsing and recording in the studio, and very soon the first joint video for the song “So the card fell out” appeared on the Web, which immediately gained a huge number of views on YouTube.

Time and Glass – So the card fell out (the first clip of the group)

Over the next year, three new video works by Nadia and Lesha were released at once: “Love. net”, “Silver Sea” and “Tile”, which delighted the youth audience. Potap realized that the group was ready for touring, and introduced them to his program. In the same year, “Vremya i Steklo” became the owners of the “Golden Gramophone” and deservedly took its rightful place among the most sought-after representatives of show business.

For 2 years, the guys pretended to be a couple, although they didn’t actually meet

Soon the whole country was singing their songs, but the artists were not going to stop, and again and again delighted the fans with a quality musical product. Potap did not spare money for their clips, which amazed the imagination with their creativity and novelty. For the sake of a spectacular video for the song “Take”, he even sent the guys to shoot in Mexico.

Potap did not spare money for the development of the project

In 2013-14, the Vremya i Steklo duet firmly established itself on the top lines of the music charts, clearly not intending to slow down. Video clips for the songs “Accordion”, “Tear”, “Karoche”, “Dance with me” and “Take it” have been released, which have already habitually collected a record number of views on YouTube. The guys became frequent guests of television studios, journalists lined up for interviews, and fashion glossy editors dreamed of seeing their photos on the pages of their publications.

Group evolution (2010 vs 2017)

2015 was marked by the release of another hit, Name 505, which gained about fifty thousand views in the first three weeks, but became the most successful video in Ukraine at the end of the year. He was also awarded first place in the charts of one of the leading Russian music sites as “a composition that can get stuck in your head for a long time.”

Time and Glass – Name 505

Even the difficult political situation in Ukraine could not affect the popularity of the Vremya i Steklo group. Despite the informal ban for Ukrainian artists to tour on the territory of the Russian Federation, their work is well known and loved in Russia.

Time and Glass – Probably because

No less hit was the song “Probably because” with a video released in July 2016 from the collection “Countdown (The Best)”, which included the best tracks of the group and two more, in addition to this, new songs: “On Style” (the video was released in February 2017) and “Back2leto”.

In October 2017, the musicians presented another video – for the song “Troll”, and then starred in an advertisement for the mobile operator MegFon. The soundtrack for the commercial was their song “Swift”, recorded specifically for this occasion.

Time and Glass – Troll

At the beginning of 2018, the talented group had about twenty clips, a full album and 17 singles. In early spring, the guys pleased the fans with a video for the new song “TOP”, which was watched by more than twenty million people in three weeks. Also, the beginning of 2018 was remembered by the group as a victory at the YUNA music award of Ukraine in the nomination “Best Pop Group of the Year”.

Collaborations with other artists

  • “Don’t take me away from the party” – Nadya Dorofeeva ft. Scriptonite
  • “Tear” – “Time and Glass” ft. Potap


In April 2016, musician Yuri Loza demanded that Alexei Zavgorodny be expelled from Russia and called the singer his personal enemy. The reason was the Positive page on Facebook, on which the performer often posted videos that offended the feelings of conservative Russians.

The group has critics both in Russia and Ukraine

But Vremya i Steklo managed to arouse discontent among the Ukrainians as well. At the performance of the group in the children’s camp of Anapa (Krasnodar Territory), they turned to young listeners with the phrase “you are the future of our country.” And another time, Nadia’s subscribers were outraged by her manicure with the colors of the Russian tricolor.


  • Time and Glass (2014)
  • VISLOVO (2019)

Group “Time and Glass” now

On March 11, 2024, Nadya Dorofeeva and Positive announced the breakup of the Time and Glass group after ten years of creative activity. They believe that at this point of development they have reached their maximum. But, Nadia reassured her subscribers, there is a new stage ahead and, apparently, new creativity.

Time is up

As a parting gift, the duo prepared a nostalgic video in which Nadia and Alexei recall all the bright moments of the Time and Glass group.

Vremya i Steklo – listen online