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Biography of Danny DeVito


Celebrity dad was a simple man. He first traveled almost all of America, then got married and opened his own confectionery shop, then a laundry, a billiard room and a hairdresser.

The father was worried about the growth of his son, or rather his absence. He even showed Danny to the doctors, but they did not find any abnormalities in the boy. Therefore, it was decided to send DeVito to a private Catholic school for boys. Dad thought, since the baby did not come out tall, let him have a mind.

School time Danny DeVito passed without any special events. The only thing the actor remembers is that it was always a shame to be the last one in the gym class. “And what is it like to run cross-country, first sweating, and then dragging in the very tail. And this is only because short legs cannot cover such distances, ”says Danny. However, despite the fact that the young man did not succeed in his studies, he gained some authority among his classmates. In particular, in the drawings of the future, the actor was not inferior to anyone. Friends adored his horror stories. He told them so naturally that no one could move for fear.

First steps to glory

After school, Danny began to work in his father’s hairdresser. By the way, DeVito Nicholson’s acquaintances also owned it. One day, old Aunt Nicholson started talking about her nephew Jack Nicholson, who became a Hollywood actor. As a result, the young man went to the cinema to look at Jack. The picture was called “Shop of Horrors”, and the future actor really liked it.

At this time, Danny decided to change the scissors for brushes. He went to make-up courses at the New York Academy of Dramatic Art. There, the young man was supposed to attend acting classes.

As a result, before the undersized Italian got on the set, he had to change many professions. DeVito lived in Hollywood for two years and did not get a single role. He constantly went to auditions, but worked as a watchman.

Comedian with a big heart

In 1966, Danny graduated from the academy and went to work at the Eugene O’Neill Summer Center in Connecticut. And there he met Michael Douglas, whose friendship turned out to be very fruitful.

Actor career

The first picture in which Danny DeVito got a cameo role was called “Bananas” by Woody Allen. She appeared in 1971, and entered the history of cinema as a tape in which Stallone played the first role (however, like DeVito, only a small one).

Further, the restless actor flickered in the frame of the paintings “Hot Dogs for Gauguin”, “The Loafer”, “Lady Liberty”. Unexpectedly, such small roles were remembered by the audience.

Well, world fame began with the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in 1975 by the Czech emigrant Milos Forman. Starred here not only DeVito, but also Michael Douglas with Jack Nicholson. Danny got a ticket to a big movie. After the release of the picture, critics began to write about a small but “characteristic” actor.

With wife

Immediately, Danny DeVito began to appear on television. Well, after the picture “Ruthless People” it became clear that a new star of comedy was in the frame. Films featuring Danny began to come out every year. Such tapes as “Deadly Hero”, “Money”, “Sale of Vince D’Angelo”, “The Greatest Lover in the World”, “Van”, “Taxi”, “South!”, “Valentine”, “Exchange of meetings” followed. “.

In the 80s, Danny DeVito acted a lot and fruitfully. Then the audience remembered the melodrama with his participation “Tenderness”. It appeared in 1983 and starred Aurora Greenway, Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson and Debra Winger. Well, the next year was very busy. The actor took part in the films “Mongol”, “All the kids do it”, “Johnny Dangerous”, “Romancing the Stone”. In the wake of the success of the last film, Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas decided to make a sequel, so a year later the film “The Pearl of the Nile” appeared.

That resilient Danny DeVito

Well, then, after a series of pictures, the actor appeared in an amazing role in the comedy “Gemini”. This is a picture of how, after a genetic experiment, completely dissimilar twins were born.

Already in the early 90s, Danny pleased the audience with the novelty of his character. For example, in the film “Someone else’s money” he appeared in the form of a funny and savvy, unprincipled and disgusting businessman who takes over bankrupt firms. In parallel with this, films appeared where the comedian appeared in episodic roles, for example, the films “Jack the Bear”, “The Last Action Hero”, “Who Would Talk 3”, as well as “Junior”, “Renaissance Man” . Danny also appeared as a stripper in the comedy Friends.

Well, in 1995, Danny became the producer of the film “Get Shorty” and played a major role in the film. Another success is the parody comedy “Mars Attacks!” with Jack Nicholson and Natalie Portman.

The new century made Danny DeVito look back. Behind him was almost 30 paintings in 9 years, including “Ed”, “Drown Mona”, “Bette”, “The Story of a Kidnapping”. Well, in the new century there were already “Robbery”, “What could be worse”, “America: Tribute to Heroes”. And everywhere the actor presented his phenomenal acting skills.

In 2003, after a short lull, Danny appeared in the films “Renault 911!”, “Karen Sisko”, “Something Else …”, “Big Fish”, “Christmas Love”. Two years later, a number of quite successful films appeared, for example, School of Dance and Good Manners, the sequel to Get Shorty, and Ever Sunny Philadelphia. The actor constantly changed film sets, appeared in the frames of different films.

star voice acting

After the release of the Big Bet tape, his career soared to unprecedented heights. The role of a former magician who lived on petty scams and lost all his money was received with a bang.

Pictures with Danny DeVito of recent years have revealed the gift of a talented actor in a different way. He proved that he can freely play both comic and lyrical images, and he can also show himself in grotesque buffoonery. The actor constantly experimented, tried himself in different variations: “Son of a Nobel Laureate”, “Good Night”, “Once Upon a Time in Rome”, “Just Add Water”. However, not all works were stunning, many of the plots of the paintings left much to be desired.

Personal life of Danny DeVito

The future wife of Danny Ria Perlman lived in Brooklyn, and after 2 weeks after they met, she moved to the actor. In 1982, the couple got married. When the first-born daughter Lucy Chet appeared in the family, Danny left his job for a year and gave up cigarettes forever. Two years later, Danny had a second daughter, Grace Feng. Well, in 1987, the son Jack Daniel was born.

The couple still lives happily, although they have already celebrated their silver wedding. The key to a good relationship, says Danny DeVito, is “good sleep and wild sex.”

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