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The nomadic childhood of Christopher Lambert

Christophe Guy Denis Lambert (this name was given to Christopher Lambert at baptism) was born in Long Island, New York, USA, on March 29, 1957. The boy’s family was far from poor and well-known in political circles. Father, a major French diplomat, for many years headed the UN office and led various peacekeeping missions. Mother is a highly qualified psychoanalyst with a very solid permanent clientele.

Due to his father’s work, which required a constant change of duty station, the Lambert family moved to Brussels when Christopher was only two years old, where he spent his childhood, from there he moved to Paris only at the age of 16.

Christopher Lambert in the movie Highlander

Successful parents knew almost from the birth of their son what they wanted for him. His father in every possible way set up Christopher to choose the profession of an economist or a broker, but the boy was disheartened by boring and monotonous columns of numbers. He grew up as a sickly, physically weak child, and poor eyesight made him withdrawn. At school, he was very modest, which even worried the staff psychologist, who called the parents along with Christopher for an interview, as a result of which he concluded that the boy was so quiet because of the strong pressure on him from his father.

The modesty of the future star did not interfere with pranks during the school time, Christopher was even expelled from the Swiss boarding house, despite the connections of his father, a diplomat. The boy often teased teachers, made classmates laugh and disrupted lessons. In one of the schools where he studied, Christopher tried himself as a member of the local theater troupe. Reincarnating in fairy-tale characters, he realized that acting was his vocation. The father, when he found out about his son’s plans, was furious and sent him to the army, after which he arranged for a financial institution. But his efforts were not crowned with success, as soon he received a call and was told that Christopher was not suitable for this job.

Christopher Lambert Beowulf (1999) Christopher Lambert

The dismissal played into the hands of the aspiring actor, who was soon enrolled in the Paris Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. But the restless boy quickly lost interest in studies and a year later was expelled for poor attendance, which did not prevent him from acting in French cinema.

Actor career

Christopher Lambert played his first roles at the age of 22. They did not bring him much fame. But that all changed when he was offered the lead role in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. The popularity of the actor increased after participating in Luc Besson’s “Underground”, which took third place in terms of box office in 1986 and earned the “Cesar” award in three categories, one of which – “Best Actor”. Thus Lambert became the youngest nominee for “Cesar”.

The next role brought the actor worldwide fame. In the film “Highlander” he played the immortal warrior Duncan Macleod, whose entire family was destroyed in the Middle Ages, he also remains alive thanks to his belonging to an ancient family of immortals. Lambert’s brilliant acting paired with Sean Connery, stunning natural landscapes and breathtaking soundtracks performed by the Queen group, became the key to the film’s popularity. Based on his motives, four sequels, an animated series, a television series, as well as many comics were filmed. In 1991, the sequel to “Highlander-2” was released, which could not stand any comparison with the first part, but, nevertheless, collected a good profit on the sale of video cassettes.

In 1994, Lambert played in the film Mortal Kombat, based on the famous computer game Mortal Kombat. The film was recognized as very successful and enjoyed great popularity among the audience.

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After that, the acting career of Christopher Lambert gradually went downhill. Realizing this, he did not refuse any of the roles offered to him, not particularly understanding their essence. The actor gave preference to action films, but he also tried himself in comedies. Films with his participation include “Why Me?”, “Arlette”, “The Sicilian”, “Kill the Priest”.

Christopher Lambert today

Realizing that fewer roles are being offered, Christopher Lambert founded his own film production company, which brings him a good income. In 2011, he tried himself as a writer, publishing the book “Amulet Girl”, the plan of which has been brewing in his head for twenty years. The actor is also invited to participate as a jury member at various film festivals. In December 2013, he was awarded the right to present the European Oscar Film Award for Best Actress.

Personal life of Christopher Lambert

As for the personal relationship of the actor, no intrigues and shocking scandals with his participation are known.

Actor Christopher Lambert and Sophie Marceau

He first married actress Diane Lane in 1988 and lived with her for six years, in this marriage a daughter, Eleanor Jasmine Lambert, appeared. After that, Christopher Lambert briefly met with the Monegasque princess Stephanie, and also did not hide a stormy romance with Italian TV presenter Alba Paretti. The second time he married Jaimes Haft in 1999, and a year later he divorced. Lambert did not tie the knot anymore.

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