Bogolyubov Gennady Net Worth

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute.

Career. After graduation, he got a job in the Dneprovskpromstroy trust as a civil engineer.

In 1990, he went into business – together with his friend Igor Kolomoisky, the accumulation of private capital began with the trade in computer equipment.

In 1992, Bogolyubov became one of the founders of PrivatBank. Over time, with several partners, he created a large business group, which received the unofficial name Privat (from the name of the bank).

Assets. Privat Group controls a large share of the oil refining and retail market of oil products in Ukraine, almost the entire ferroalloy market of the country. According to media reports, Bogolyubov’s Palmary Enterprises Ltd bought Consolidated Minerals, Australia’s largest manganese ore mining company, and now it controls about 30% of the global ferroalloy market.

PrivatBank is one of the largest domestic banks according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainian Banks. The bank was nationalized in December 2016.

In 2013, Boris Lozhkin bought out the share of Gennady Bogolyubov as part of the preparation for the sale of the UMH group to the VETEK group of companies. “I considered this investment solely as a business project,” Bogolyubov told Forbes magazine. “They offered me a fairly high price for my share, and I agreed.”

Bogolyubov is a constant figurant of the dozens of the richest Ukrainians. In March 2008, he was awarded the 260th place in the list of the richest people in the world, compiled by Forbes magazine. The co-owner of Privat, the publication counted $ 4 billion. In total, 1062 people from different countries of the world got into the rating, seven of them were Ukrainians. Among compatriots, Bogolyubov was in 4th place, leaving behind Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and his partner Kolomoisky, who was credited by Forbes with $200 million more.

In 2012, Correspondent magazine Gennady Bogolyubov ranked 4th in the Top 100 Richest Ukrainians rating (worth $3.25 billion). Focus magazine ranked him 28th in the “200 Most Influential Ukrainians” rating. Forbes-Ukraine magazine placed him on the 4th line of the “100 richest” rating with a fortune of $ 2.8 billion.

In 2014, in the Top 100 richest Ukrainians, according to Novoye Vremya, he took 2nd place with $2.6 billion.

In 2017, he took second place among the richest people in Ukraine and 1468th place in the world with an income of $1.4 billion according to Forbes magazine.

Views and assessments. One of the most non-public rich people in Ukraine. He says he is even glad when Kolomoisky is called the “face of the group”, but he himself is not mentioned at all.

In December 2007, Focus magazine ranked Bogolyubov 17th in the “200 Most Influential Ukrainians” rating. As the publication wrote, the influence of the co-owner of Privat is due to “the scale of the business, connections in the Jewish community, influential business partners Igor Kolomoisky and Alexei Martynov” (the latter is also a co-owner of the Privat group).

A few months earlier, Korrespondent magazine in its ranking of the “most influential” honored Bogolyubov 93rd – for having the “necessary” relatives, the talent to keep any situation under control and the same huge scale of business.

Among his friends, the billionaire names Kolomoisky, the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine and the TAS group, Sergei Tigipko.

Hobby. Master of sports in swimming. Likes to play tennis.

Family. Married. There is a son and a daughter.