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Biography of Ben Barnes

Childhood of Ben Barnes

Ben was born in London. His mother is Trisha Barnes, a therapist specializing in family and marriage. They call her a marriage therapist. Trisha is a member of the British Association of Therapists, which deals with sexual and marital issues. Thomas S. Barnes is the father of the future actor. He is professor of psychiatry at Imperial College. The family has two children – Ben and his younger brother Jack.

The boy graduated from high school and then college, where he studied with the famous comedian Tom Basden and actor Khalid Abdullah. At the age of seventeen, Barnes told his parents that he wanted to become an actor, but they insisted that he first graduate from the University.

Actor Ben Barnes is the favorite of girls all over the Earth

Ben became a student at Kingston University and was able to graduate with honors. There he studied English literature and dramatic arts and received a bachelor’s degree. It was 2004. Ben has always been passionate about music, he sings beautifully, plays the piano and drums.

The beginning of the career of actor Ben Barnes, filmography

In 2004, Ben became a member of the musical group Hyrise. Creativity of the guys, according to them, was influenced by artists such as Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Queen and OutKast. The group rehearsed hard all year to “try their luck” in the qualifying round, where they were supposed to choose those who would represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song they took to the stage with is Leading me on. The guys did not pass the tour, and the next day the Hyrise group ceased to exist. Thus ended the musical career of Ben Barnes. Later, in an interview, he jokingly said that his musical career lasted for those four and a half minutes while they were performing. As he himself said, he has no thoughts of returning to the stage and becoming a musician.

Ben Barnes “More Ben”, NTV

Soon Barnes began to appear in small roles. In 2006, it was a minor episode in the soap opera “Doctors”, and then an episode in the drama “Unanimous Decision”. The actor himself does not consider participation in these episodes the beginning of a career, but it was impossible not to say about them. Also in 2006, Barnes signed with The History Boys and landed the role of Dakin in a production of The History Boys.

A year later, the actor was offered to play two more prominent roles in the movie. He played Dunstan Thorn in Stardust and Pavel Tetersky in More Ben. Ben’s debut was the film Stardust. There he acted as the father of the protagonist in his youth. The film did not go unnoticed by the audience, as both the plot and the cast were simply wonderful. Largely because of this, Ben was noticed and remembered. He starred in his debut film alongside Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, Rupert Everetti and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The year 2008 brought the aspiring actor a rather unusual role in the film More Ben, where Barnes played a Russian illegal immigrant along with Russian actor Andrei Chadov. This is a film about Russian gouging who came to London to get rich. Ben in this picture looked like a bum, which was very unusual for a classic handsome man, but many women’s hearts were conquered by him.

In the same year, the comedy “Easy Virtue” was released with the participation of Barnes. He appeared in the image of the heir to an impoverished family, who, instead of successfully marrying to save the family’s shaky financial situation, married a dazzling American woman. On set, he played alongside Jessica Biel, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Colin Firth.

Ben Barnes (Bittersweet)

Soon Ben received a very interesting offer – to play a major role in the film “Prince Caspian”. For the sake of this opportunity, the actor broke the contract with The History Boys and entered into a new one, for shooting in three films of Prince Caspian. Andrew Adams (director) could not find a suitable actor for more than a year, and three weeks before filming began, he chose Ben.

Ben Barnes at present

Barnes already in 2009 received a new lead role in the film The Picture of Dorian Gray, where he again played with Colin Firth. This gloomy, beautiful story was a success, but the last two roles were so different that the audience involuntarily compared the two heroes played by the same actor.

In January 2014, the release of the film “The Seventh Son” with the participation of Barnes is expected, where he played his next major role. This is the first film by Sergei Bodrov, filmed in English. Juliana Moore starred in the main female role, and Alicia Vikander played the beloved of the protagonist.

Personal life of Ben Barnes

Handsome Ben Barnes has not arranged his personal life yet

There is a Make-A-Wish Foundation in the UK. Barnes is his trustee. This charitable foundation fulfills the wishes of seriously ill children.

The heart of a handsome actor is currently free. He jokes that the only letters he receives from the opposite sex are letters from girls of twelve who admire Prince Caspian. Ben dreams of being not an idol and an idol of women, but a good actor. There is no goal of becoming a superstar. It is enough, according to the actor, if in a few years films with his participation will become favorite for someone.

At 32, he continues to play very young guys, he has not yet been taken to the role of thirty-year-old men.

In his free time, the actor tries to go to the gym more often. Previously, he did this only when the next role required it, but now he liked these classes.

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