Behruz Zevarov Net Worth 2024 – Biography of a Spanish Pop Artist

Biography of Behruz Zevarov

Behruz Zevarov is a producer, singer and businessman, founder of the Tamoshow music label, a prominent figure in the relatively young show business of Tajikistan.

early years

The homeland of Behruz Zevarov is Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Here he lives now, here in May 1989 he was born. The times were not easy: the country was on the verge of change, and the boy’s family did not live well – his parents worked as teachers. But, despite the modest income, they brought up in their children a craving for knowledge, gave them a high-quality education, although it was very difficult for them.

In his family, Behruz has always been distinguished by independence and enterprise. As a schoolboy, he did his best to help his parents with earnings. As a child, he solved crosswords and puzzles and sent answers to the editorial offices – a cash prize was awarded for the victory. By the age of 14, he had already compiled crosswords himself and got a job in entertainment magazines in Tajikistan. The first fee in the status of a full-time crossword puzzler brought Behruz $ 150.

The young man grew up not only proactive, but also smart, so he graduated from the lyceum as an external student, two years earlier, and at the age of 15 he began to study programming at the main technical university of the country.

Creative way

His student years taught Behruz a lot, but by the time he graduated he realized that he did not want to associate life with IT. He decided to go headlong into show business and headed an advertising agency with the widest range of services “Eurasian Media Company”. Four years later, the young man completed training in the specialty “new media” at the Moscow Higher School of Economics and, actively using the baggage of the acquired knowledge, he founded the Top Media media company, which was engaged in organizing various events, producing, and managing in the field of show business.

In parallel, he wrote the book “Secrets of Tajik show business”, in which he revealed the secrets of the stars of Tajikistan: Jonibek Murodov, Shabnam Surayo, Firuza Hafizova, Noziya Karomatullo and many other celebrities with whom Behruz is personally acquainted; starred in the romantic film of domestic production “Ba’d az gurub” (which means “After Sunset” in Russian).

Behruz Zevarov – It’s great

Behruz Zevarov founded the Tamoshow music label, under the auspices of which artists work not only from Tajikistan, but from Central Asia as a whole: Mehrnigor Rustam, Zulaykho Makhmadshoeva, Madina Aknazarova, Valijon Azizov, Farangis Dunyo, Damirbek Olimov and many others. At the initiative of the producer, since 2014, the Tamoshow Music Awards has been held in the capital of Tajikistan every year, which is awarded to the brightest and most talented artists of the country.

And soon Behruz Zevarov himself decided to sing. A striking example of his work is the song about parting “Aisha”, released in 2016. A touching video for her was filmed in Dushanbe. The song was so fond of his compatriots that at the beginning of 2017 he was recognized as the best discovery of 2016 on the Tajik version of Song of the Year (Surudisol).

Behruz Zevarov – Aisha

Subsequently, the artist released the singles “Bishnav”, “It’s great”, “Drops” (together with M.One). The lyrical compositions of Behruz Zevarov are largely autobiographical and immediately sink into the soul of the audience.

Behruz Zevarov – Bishnav

Zevarov’s style should be noted separately. At the age of 22, he took part in the TOP 50 competition and was recognized as one of the most stylish men in Dushanbe.

Other achievements

  • 2011: Surudisol Prize – Victory in the Best Producer category
  • 2012: Media Alliance of Tajikistan – the title of “Phenomenon of the Year”
  • 2013: Ambassador of Peace by the decision of the Federation Commission for World Peace at the UN
  • 2016: Asia Star Awards for a special contribution to the culture of Central Asia
  • 2018: Behruz Zevarov becomes the ambassador of Coca-cola in Tajikistan
  • 2019: becomes the ambassador of two brands Samsung in Tajikistan and Turkish Airlines at once