Beasts Group Net Worth

Biography of the group “Beasts”

“Zveri”, the object of adoration of Russian schoolgirls in the mid-2000s, took the “Best Rock Band” award at the Muz-TV awards nine times, were winners of the “Debut” and MTV Russia awards, and in 2005 Forbes magazine included the group in the list of the most rich Russian performers. Creativity of the group can be attributed to the genre of pop-rock.

Group “Beasts”

History of creation

Roman Bilyk, known to fans as Roma Zver, founded the Zveri group in 2001. A simple guy, a vocational school graduate from Taganrog, came to Moscow in 2000 in search of a better life. The capital met him unfriendly: he spent the night at abandoned construction sites, worked as a security guard in a nightclub, but did not lose hope of finding contact with a producer who would help him fulfill his old dream – to create his own rock band.

The founder of the group is Roma “The Beast” Bilyk

Thanks to his work at the club, he met producer Alexander Voitinsky, who a couple of years earlier helped Ivan Shapovalov open the Tatu group to the world. The rest of the musicians – drummer Mikhail Kraev, guitarist Vladimir Horuzhy, bassist Konstantin Labetsky and keyboardist Kirill Antonenko – were found via the Internet.

The main stages of creativity

In 2001, the group’s debut video for the song “For You” was released, in which Roma Zver in a formal suit and a girl in a wedding dress acted out a plot reminiscent of the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. The captivating video sequence and the vocalist’s languid voice ensured video rotation on MTV air.

Beasts – For you (2001)

In 2003, the musicians released their debut album “Hunger”, which included 12 songs. The absolute hits of the disc were the lyrical “Rain Pistols” and the perky “Just such a strong love”, which did not leave the charts of the Chart Dozen. A year later, a reissue of the album was released, which included the new song “Heroes”, as well as several live recordings and a duet with Tatyana Bulanova.

Beasts – Just such a strong love

In February 2004, the second album “Districts-Quarters” was released. Listener opinions were mixed. On the one hand, the track list contained very driving compositions: “Southern Night”, “For Love from the Neck”, “It’s Not About That”, reminiscent of yard ditties “Lyuba” and, of course, the song “Everything that concerns you” , which for a long time became the hallmark of the “Beasts”.

The second album of “Beasts” was waiting for commercial success

On the other hand, it was no longer the “school rock” of the times of “Hunger” – the sound changed, the disc included a lot of melancholy songs with sometimes even suicidal motives: “About Love”, “Oceans”, “Playing Yourself”, “Remember Me “, “Stronger beverages”. Nevertheless, it is this album “Beasts” that is considered a breakthrough – in 2005 it brought Bilyk the Muz-TV award in the “Best Album” nomination.

In 2005, the team set about creating the third album “When we are together, no one is cooler”, which was released in March 2006. The musicians again experimented with sound, as a result of which critics found references to the indie rock style of Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys.

“When we are together, no one is cooler” – the third album of “Beasts”

Listeners noted the level of increased sound quality, but complained about the loss of individuality. If the first album of the “Beasts” was compared with a nugget that did not receive a decent cut due to the little experience of Roma and the company, then in the third, few managed to find something new. The group was accused of an initially commercial approach, focusing on a teenage audience and infantilism.

“Beasts” is characterized by energy built on rebellion, but “When we are together no one is cooler” is more like a storm in a teacup.

However, there was no need to talk about a drop in popularity – at live performances, the “Beasts” still gave out a spectacular show and charged visitors with the energy of youth. However, there were rumors that the third album would be the last, that the Beast decided to disband the group to pursue solo work.

Animals – See you soon

However, in 2008, the fourth album “Next” went on sale, which also received mixed reviews. The track list included only 12 songs, and the singles “To You”, “I’m With You” and “Brunettes, Blondes” were already well “heard”. However, thanks to the songs “My Love”, “Eyes”, “Speak” and “Bye”, fans have hope for the coming revival of the old spirit of “Beasts”. The album also included the old song “Tram”, a recognized stadium hit.

In the fall of 2009, the “Beasts” got a new sound engineer Dmitry Dobry, and the previous one, Alexei Martynov, left the team. The group started working on the next numbered album.

“Beasts” did not stop looking for a new concept of creativity

In 2011, the band released a jubilee album, which contains the best hits for the entire existence of the group (25 songs in a new arrangement), as well as the studio rock and roll disc “Muses”, which included the tracks already well known to fans “Mickey”, ” Nobody” and a cover of Viktor Tsoi “We are waiting for changes”, which turned out to be much tougher than the original. Roma Zver claimed that the “Muses” completed the previous era of the team and opened a new page.

Concert “Beasts” in the Yubileiny

The 2014 One on One album turned out to be small (only 9 songs and 1 remix) and very sad, with deep lyrics and ballad style. The former “Beasts” awakened only in the aggressive “Juliet”. Videos for the songs “Youth” and “Vows” were released, but, like the whole record, they went almost unnoticed.

“The fuse is gone,” some fans complained, others argued that it was ridiculous to demand songs about youthful sex from a 37-year-old married man, that the Beasts were looking for a new concept and they were doing well.

The correctness of the second category was proved by the seventh album “There is No Fear” released in 2016, where both a weighted “rock” sound and romantic lyrics were observed, deeply revealing the poetic side of Roma the Beast. Trying to keep up with the times, the “Beasts” paid a lot of attention to the creation of music videos: for half of the songs included in the album, 10 clips went to five: for the title “There is no fear”, “Fly”, “You are so beautiful”, “Serenade” and “Ships”.

The Beasts continue to perform around the world


In 2006, at the Golden Gramophone in the Kremlin, Zveri were supposed to play the song “Roma, I’m sorry.” The phonogram began to play, but Roman remained behind the scenes, went on stage only to the second verse and was defiantly silent.

However, conflicts due to the lack of the opportunity to sing not to the phonogram were not uncommon for the group. In November 2008, at the closing of the RMA award, the “Beasts” were not given the conditions for performing “live”, which is why the musicians left the stage with a scandal: the Beast showed the audience the middle finger, and guitarist Maxim Leonov broke the guitar.

“Beasts” at the Russian Music Awards 2008

In 2014, the leader of the group sued Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin for copyright infringement. The comedians wanted to include the song “Southern Night” in the soundtrack of the comedy “Graduation”, to which Bilyk refused. The song still sounded in the film, followed by litigation, which the “Beasts” won. The creators of Graduation were ordered to pay the group a million rubles.


  • Hunger (2003)
  • Districts-blocks (2004)
  • When we are together, no one is cooler (2006)
  • Next (2008)
  • Muses (2011)
  • One on One (2014)
  • There is no fear (2016)
  • Friends in the ward (2017)
  • Wine and Space (2018)

Group “Beasts” now

Recently, the “Beasts” have switched to a new mini-album format for them. So, in September 2017, the EP “Friends in the Ward” was released with five new songs. A clip was filmed for the track “Veselo”, more precisely, a monoclip – it was created by the efforts of one Roma the Beast in the walls of his apartment. He was a director, and an operator, and an editor, and an actor.

Roma Zver – Fun

In March 2018, “Beasts” delighted fans with another novelty – the mini-album “Wine and Space”.

Zveri – listen online