Roman Avdeev Net Worth

Biography of Roman Avdeev

Roman Ivanovich Avdeev is a domestic entrepreneur, one of the largest beneficiaries of the MKB.

In the photo: Roman Ivanovich Avdeev

Childhood and student years

Roman Avdeev was born in 1967 in Odintsovo. His childhood was spent in a poor but close-knit family. The future banker studied at an ordinary city school, and he began to receive good grades only in the last grades. After school, he entered the Moscow Institute at the Faculty of Heat and Power. According to Roman Ivanovich, his choice was random. At the end of his second year, he was drafted into the army. In 1998, he returned home and began to combine his studies with work as a watchman and cleaner. Avdeev received a diploma of higher education only in 1994.

The hometown of the banker is Odintsovo near Moscow

The beginning of an entrepreneurial career

Roman Ivanovich first tried himself as an entrepreneur in 1989. He founded a cooperative that produced decoders for televisions. Avdeev’s entrepreneurial career was successful from the very beginning, and the goods supplied by his company were actively sold in Leningrad and Moscow. Avdeev also established contacts with the Electronmash plant, after which his business expanded even more.

ICD and other projects

In 1994, Roman Avdeev found an advertisement for the sale of the Moscow Credit Bank. In those years, he had a foreign exchange license, premises and about 14 employees. The bank officially existed in the documentation, but did not conduct active activities. The man considered that the bank could be turned into an independent business. Avdeev immediately purchased it with funds taken from an already existing enterprise.

For a long time, Roman Avdeev was the only beneficiary of the IBC

In 1996, Avdeev began to develop his entrepreneurial activities in the field of rural and food industries. The business was not successful, and Avdeev soon sold all his shares. The money was invested in the MKB.

A little later, the man bought controlling shares of a sugar factory, which was located in the Lipetsk region. He also purchased nearby land that was ideal for agricultural needs. In the 2000s, the Chernozemye production organization was established on them, which supplied about 3% of all Russian sugar. By the mid-2000s, Avdeev had sold his shares and reinvested them in MKB.

In 2005, Avdeev became the director of the Rossium concern. Three years later, he participated in the purchase of land in the Moscow region. Together with his partner, Avdeev purchased 6 hectares of land and created a construction market with over 500 points of sale.

In 2008, the entrepreneur set about developing the Sever-Les association, which was located in the Arkhangelsk region. It included 18 firms that were engaged in the timber industry. Subsequently, the association, which had an annual revenue of 65 million USD, was sold. The money was invested in another project.

In 2008, after the sale of all the shares of Chernozemye, Avdeev bailed out a considerable amount of funds, which he decided to capitalize in the Moscow Credit Bank. At the time, it was in about 70th place on the list of establishments with the largest assets. MKB was a universal bank and had a transparent management structure.

“Business in motion” with Roman Avdeev

In 2010, Avdeev founded a real estate agency called Domus Finance. The company, which still exists, specializes in concluding transactions on the sale of real estate both from the primary and secondary Moscow markets. The company has an extensive staff of highly qualified employees and provides high-level services. Today, the real estate agency is implementing over two dozen large projects.

Two years after the creation of Domus Finance, Avdeev founded the Ingrad company. Its main specialization is the construction of high-class residential complexes in Moscow and the surrounding areas.

In 2012, the IBC was a huge success. EBRD and IFC assets were invested in its capital. In the same year, he was on the list of the 20 largest domestic banks. In 2013, Avdeev became the owner of the Veropharm pharmaceutical company, but sold it a year later.

In 2015, the businessman began to develop the Rossium concern. As a result, it turned into a whole investment holding, which united not only banks, but also other institutions involved in financing, the sale of commercial real estate, and the production of pharmaceutical products.

In 2016, MKB was among the 10 largest banks in the Russian Federation. Roman Avdeev is still the main owner of MKB and is also a member of its supervisory members.


At the end of 2012, Roman Avdeev was awarded an honorary medal “Hurry to do good.” It testifies to the huge contribution to the protection of civil rights, prescribed in the Constitution.

Avdeev’s activity was marked by a number of authoritative awards

In 2014, Avdeev was recognized as the “Banker of the Year”. He was also honored with the “Industry Legend” award. A year later, the banker was named the “Best Investor” according to the results of the RBC award.

Personal life and children

Now Roman Avdeev lives in his hometown of Odintsovo with his 3rd wife.

Roman Avdeev with his wife at the RBC awards

At the moment, the banker is one of the two largest billionaires in the world. He has 23 children. 19 of them were adopted.

Roman Avdeev with his wife and children

Roman Avdeev believes that parents should not overly control the younger generation. Once he also admitted that he did not intend to leave wills to his offspring.

Charity, hobbies and personal views

Roman Avdeev is a philanthropist. In 2014, he founded the Arithmetic of Good Foundation. Funds go to the educational and other needs of children. Particular attention is paid to children from orphanages and boarding schools.

Avdeev adopted 19 orphans and helps children from orphanages

Roman Ivanovich loves philosophy. He believes that this science is useful in the field of entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneur maintains a blog on LiveJournal, where he shares his thoughts on social assistance and charity, notes on historical topics and other interesting publications.

The man has a passion for sports, but does not want it to become his second job. The billionaire skis and bikes, tries his hand at mountain climbing, goes to the gym, and walks a lot.

Roman Avdeev especially loves running. He took part in marathons more than once. Once a man combined this hobby with the activities of his own foundation, arranging a charity marathon. All funds raised during the event were spent on individual lessons for schoolchildren. The training was aimed at preparing them for entering universities.

The banker spends time traveling. He states that exposure to foreign cultures plays a huge role in personal development.