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Biography of Andrei Borodin

Andrey Fridrikhovich Borodin is a multimillionaire, ex-head of the Bank of Moscow, who has been wanted by Interpol for a long time in connection with the initiation of a criminal case on fraud with budget funds. In 2013, he received political refugee status in the United Kingdom, which ruled out the possibility of his extradition to Russia.

The total amount of damage caused to them was initially estimated by the investigation at 13 billion rubles, but was subsequently increased to 62 billion rubles.

Banker Andrei Borodin

In 2012, it became known that the ex-banker acquired the Park Place estate in the United Kingdom for a record amount of 140 million pounds, among the owners of which over the 300-year history of its existence there were many famous and titled persons, including the son of King George II and Prince Welsh Frederick. Experts noted that this acquisition could only be made with legally earned money, otherwise the financial authorities of Foggy Albion would not have allowed the transaction.

In 2016, Forbes estimated the fortune of the oligarch accused of embezzlement at $0.8 billion.

Childhood and family

The future creator of the main bank of the capital was born on May 24, 1967 in a professorial family. His father, Friedrich Fedorovich, was a native of Tashkent, a laureate of the State Prize, a doctor of technical sciences, the head of a division in the Almaz design organization, which specializes in the design of ships for the navy – landing and anti-mine ships, destroyers and floating structures of other categories. Paternal grandfather worked in Vneshtorg, in the trade mission of the USSR in China. Andrei’s father had a brother – also the holder of a higher degree, who worked at the Radio Engineering Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Andrei Borodin was born into a wealthy family

Mom, Svetlana Nikolaevna, was a Muscovite from a very wealthy family of workers in the trade industry, a translator by education. Before the war, her father was the director of a large metropolitan grocery store, after which he dealt with the repatriation of Soviet prisoners of war from Germany. As a result, they had a very sophisticated furnishings in their apartment, there was even a bedroom set that once belonged to Hitler’s adviser Ribbentrop.

When Andrei was in first grade, Svetlana Nikolaevna left her husband for the head physician of a sanatorium located in Abkhazia, as if for purely mercantile reasons.

Mother’s older brother ran a restaurant at the Cinema House, had many influential acquaintances. He constantly helped his sister and nephew both financially and using his connections.

The beginning of the career of Andrei Borodin

In 1984, the young man became a student at the financial institute of the capital (faculty = international economic relations). From the second year he was taken into the army. He served at the border checkpoint in Vyborg. I had to delay my studies.

Andrei Fridrichovich graduated from his studies in 1991, after which he was sent to a one and a half year internship at the German banking concern Dresdner Bank. Barely having time to return from abroad, a recent graduate of the university became an adviser to the Moscow mayor and the government on economic issues.

Andrei Borodin and Yuri Luzhkov

Various sources explained this career take-off in different ways – by experience in the international banking system, the acquaintance of his father and Yuri Luzhkov, the patronage of one of his uncle’s friends, who was friends with the head of the Visa and Registration Department Andrei Verein, as well as with the mayor’s colleague for joint work in the Ministry of Chemical Industry by Lev Alaluev.

Whatever it was, but the head of the administration was quickly convinced of the professionalism of the young financier and the correctness of the choice made. In particular, it is known that the young adviser managed to organize the sale of a stake in the mayor’s office in the Moscow-MsDonald’s joint venture at a cost an order of magnitude higher than previously proposed – for $ 29 million against the original three.

When in 1994 the mayor’s office needed a loan of funds, authorized banks agreed to provide it, but at a market interest rate. Therefore, the mayor agreed with his promising employee, who argued that in order to service all the accounts of the capital, one should establish its own financial and credit organization.

Andrey Borodin – President and one of the founders of the Bank of Moscow

By order of Luzhkov, in 1995, Andrei began to develop a strategy for creating such a municipal institution and at the age of 27 headed the new Bank of Moscow. For 15 years under his leadership, the financial institution has become the largest backbone banking institution, and its head has become one of the billionaire businessmen. The bank was the owner of a number of companies providing services to the city, had branches in many regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.

The successful banker became not only a co-owner of a banking institution, he was the head of the Moscow Insurance Company, a member of the council of the Moscow Banking Union, the owner of factories for the production of alcoholic beverages in his homeland, in France, Moldova, Bulgaria and other business structures.

Andrey Borodin on video

The financier served as the head of the department of the Moscow International University, was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Financial Academy, the Capital Support Fund of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, the Order of Friendship and two orders of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Exclusive interview with Andrey Borodin

After leaving the post of Luzhkov, VTB showed interest in the Bank of Moscow. In 2011, he bought back government shares and became the majority owner. Some time later, the media informed that Andrei, having left for London for his daughter’s birthday, remained abroad for fear of arrest. Earlier, a search was conducted in his Moscow apartment as part of criminal proceedings against his subordinates. Andrey’s powers as president of a banking institution were terminated.

In 2010, Andrey and his deputy Dmitry Akulinin were accused of embezzlement of budget funds on an especially large scale. Initially, it was reported that the amount of damage amounted to approximately 12 billion rubles. In March of the same year, by a court decision, the ex-head of a banking institution was put on the international wanted list. His accounts in various countries were frozen. He sold the shares of the bank he owned to Vitaly Yusufov, son of Igor Yusufov, Russian Ambassador-at-Large, for $1.1 billion, half their real price.

Since 2013, the financier, who has a reputation as a recognized expert in international banking, has received political asylum in Foggy Albion, where he still lives with his wife and daughter.

Personal life of Andrei Borodin

The ex-president and co-owner of the Bank of Moscow is currently married for the second time. His first life partner was Tatyana Repina, now she is the owner of the design house for the production of fur products Selvaggio. In marriage, two sons, Andrei and Nikolai, were born.

Tatyana Repina – the first wife of Andrei Borodin

After the divorce, which occurred, according to some sources, in 2010, according to others – in 2003, she collected through the court from the head of the Bank of Moscow more than 95 million rubles as alimony.

Andrey Borodin and Tatyana Korsakova

The next chosen one of the oligarch was Tatyana Korsakova, a model who began her career at the age of 15 through an Italian agency. 7 months after a chance meeting in the British capital, they decided to get married. The couple got married in the Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo.

After marriage, Tatyana studied at the Faculty of Journalism at MGIMO, was engaged in providing gratuitous assistance to those in need, in particular, she founded the Kindness Foundation for helping children with cerebral palsy. The couple have a daughter, Barbara.

Visiting banker Andrey Borodin and his wife Tatyana Korsakova in London

The ex-banker demonstrated his desire to change the world around him for the better and his love for his wife in 2014 at a charity dinner of the annual Cash & Rocket rally in the British capital – he bought a red dress from the Valentino collection for 120 thousand pounds.

Daughter and wife of Andrei Borodin

By nature, Andrei is very reserved, closed and taciturn. He loves tennis, polo, skiing, art, especially the Art Nouveau art direction.

Andrey Borodin today. Embezzlement allegations

In 2016, Interpol removed Andrei Borodin from the list of wanted persons, as the former head of the Bank of Moscow received political asylum in the UK.