Alexey Repik Net Worth

Biography of Alexey Evgenievich Repik

Repik Alexey Evgenievich is a man who began his career at the age of 16 as an economist in a state medical institution and five years later opened his own company, R-Pharm, today known as one of the pharmaceutical leaders in Russia.

In addition to business, Repik is actively involved in social activities, for which he was awarded letters of thanks from the President of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of awards from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

From economist to businessman

It is said that gifted children rarely succeed in real life. In the case of Alexei Repik, everything is different. Born on August 27, 1979 in Moscow, he graduated from an external serious metropolitan gymnasium, then studied the specialty “Economics and Enterprise Management” in one of the best universities in Russia – the Higher School of Economics.

At the same time, Aleksey Repik worked as a simple economist in an ordinary city hospital, drawing up a plan for the procurement of medicines. The talented young man was noticed and invited to the distribution company “Rosmedkomplekt”, where he more than met their expectations, increasing the turnover in just a year and becoming a sales director.

R-Pharm – the history of a successful company

In 2001, the Troyan company made a tempting offer to Alexey Repik – to become a partner with a 30% share. But Repik, despite the obvious benefit of such an offer, refused and decided to take a different path. Taking all his savings, up to the money received from the sale of the car, he opened his own business – the R-Pharm company, of which Aleksey Repik remains the permanent director today.

At the end of the same year, the company won 7 lots at the RCCH competition for a total of 90 million rubles. Since 2002, R-Pharm has been supplying medicines to clinics and institutes. A year later, the company has acquired a network of regional branches.

In 2006, R-Pharm won 4 competitions in the program of additional drug provision for beneficiaries. The supply of expensive drugs within the framework of this tender did not bring significant benefits to the organization, but allowed it to receive discounts from manufacturers and significantly increase sales volumes.

When in 2008 the Ministry of Health launched the Seven Nosologies program, which allowed patients with rare diseases to receive medicines from the federal budget, and began a competition for the supply of medicines, R-Pharm won contracts worth more than 6 billion rubles. The company continued to participate in the competition and won orders for more than 38 billion rubles over the next five years.

Briefly about R-Pharm Group

In 2010, Aleksey Evgenievich Repik began to expand its activities, moving from sales to production. The result was a new pharmaceutical plant in Yaroslavl, which was engaged in the licensed production of drugs from foreign companies. At the same time, R-Pharm acquired the production of Ortat solid dosage forms in Kostroma. Two years later, the construction of the Farsmoslavl research complex began in the Yaroslavl Region with the aim of developing and synthesizing pharmaceutical substances that were not previously produced in Russia.

Entering the foreign market

In 2011 Alexey Repik created the research company R-Pharm Overseas, Inc, located in San Diego, USA.

By 2014, R-Pharm had firmly established itself abroad: it started operating in the United States, acquired a large production and technical center of Pfizer in Germany.

In 2015, the near abroad fell into the sphere of Repik’s activities. Branches of “R-Pharm” appeared on the territory of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan. In 2016, construction began on Hayat Pharm LLC, a joint Russian-Azerbaijani pharmaceutical enterprise.

In 2017, the Japanese holding company Mitsui Bussan (Mitsui & Co) acquired a 10% stake in R-Pharm. Alexey Repik was still the owner of the remaining 90% of the shares.

Interview with Alexey Repik

In 2018, R-Pharm entered into an important agreement with the Japanese corporation Fujifilm to strengthen cooperation in the commercialization and promotion of medical technology and innovative nutraceutical products.

R-Pharm today

  • Branches in most constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
  • Activities in 30 countries of the world;
  • More than 1200 international non-proprietary names;
  • Over 70 branches and representative offices;
  • About 3600 highly qualified specialists.

Repik’s social activities

Alexey Repik is known as the organizer and participant of investment forums, intergovernmental commissions of business missions and summits of international importance (BRICS summits, Gaidar Forum, etc.).

In 2012, the head of R-Pharm became the co-chairman of the public organization Delovaya Rossiya, which united Russian entrepreneurs from the non-resource industry. In 2014, Repik was elected to the post of President of DR.

Alexey Evgenievich is a member of the National Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Professional Qualifications, the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Economic Council and the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects under the President of the Russian Federation, the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, the ASI Supervisory Council for the promotion of new projects.

Member of the Board of Directors of the SME Corporation. Heads the Russian-Japanese Business Council, is one of the four co-chairs of the Russian-German Business Platform.

Contribution to the development of medicine

  • Chairman of the Expert Council for the Development of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry under the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship.
  • Since 2012, he has been a member of the Coordinating Council for the Circulation of Medicines and Medical Devices under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Co-chairman of the Commission and member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.
  • Since 2016 – co-leader of the working group of the National Technology Initiative in the direction of “Healthnet”.

Dealing with investment problems

  • Alexey Repik headed the working group on the development of the roadmap for the project “Creation of a national system of competencies and qualifications”.
  • He is the chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on investment climate issues.
  • Serves as a public ombudsman authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs on issues related to the protection of the rights of foreign investors
Alexey Repik on the creation of the NSKK “road map”


Participated in the Hockey Against Cancer charity project, created jointly with the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and Rusfond

Contribution to the creation of highly professional personnel

  • The project “Academy of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry”, developed on the basis of the Tomsk Polytechnic University for the training of specialists for pharmaceutical and biotechnological enterprises.
  • Scholarship project for gifted students (over 180 scholarship holders).


Alexey Repik is a happy father with many children; he is raising two daughters and a son.