Albert Suniev

Biography of Albert Suniev

Albert Alfatovich Suniev – General Director of JSC “Administration of Experimental Development of Microdistricts”, First Deputy General Director for Development of Joint-Stock Company “Mosinzhproekt”.

Head of UEP and Deputy General Director of Mosinzhproekt Albert Suniev

early years

The small homeland of Albert Suniev is the Republic of Tatarstan. Here, in Kazan, he was born on March 17, 1980. After graduating from school, he began to study management at the Kazan State Financial and Economic Institute. The knowledge and experience gained during the years of study at KGFEI was enough to immediately after graduation in 2002 take the chair of a director in a large construction company VolgaKamaMekhanizatsiya, which was engaged in laying the housing and communal services infrastructure: gas, water and heat supply, sewerage.

From 2004 to 2007, Albert Suniev headed the Light wholesale company, then returned to the construction industry, where he felt like a fish in water, under the auspices of Altekhstroy LLC. The enterprise was engaged in the preparation of the land for the construction of new buildings: the demolition of old real estate, clearing, excavation, etc.

Department of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods (UEZ)

In 2011, Albert Suniev joined UEZ, a Moscow-based construction company that has been involved in municipal development since 1994. Starting its activity in the time of Yuri Luzhkov, UEP, which implemented mainly experimental projects that differed from typical development, built the Blue Bird residential complex, Peace Peak, the New Olympic Village, the Kurkino microdistrict and other ambitious projects, including in the regions ( Dushanbe, Murmansk, Elista, Volgodonsk).

In the photo: Blue Bird microdistrict

With the arrival of Suniev to the position of general director, the enterprise has turned from a typical municipal developer into a holding company that is changing the face of Moscow. It is not words but numbers that will speak the most eloquently about this: in the first year, under the new leadership, UEP won 81% of auctions for orders from the Moscow authorities, and the total cost of implementing new projects amounted to 6.7 billion rubles.

UEZ projects are not just high-quality new buildings. Albert Suniev’s company takes into account everything necessary for a comfortable life in a metropolis: infrastructure, landscaping, innovative landscape architecture, environmental and energy-efficient aspects. Thus, UEZ actively participates in the Moscow renovation program, which will provide residents of more than five thousand “Khrushchev” with modern housing.

UEZ: Kurkino microdistrict

In addition, the Department of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods has established itself as a reliable developer that never misses the deadlines for the completion of objects. A good example is the residential complex “Pozitiv”, located 3 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, being built by UEZ together with Capital Group. The buildings of the first stage were built within a year. Another example is Volynskaya Residential Complex (in partnership with Inteko Group, a developer with experience estimated at 4 million square meters).

In addition to real estate, Albert Suniev is responsible for the development of the capital’s transport system. UEZ is actively attracting investors to create new transfer hubs that will help unload the passenger flow.

Since 1994, UEZ has been constantly improving, realizing that a new stage in the development of Moscow requires high professionalism, the best world practices in order to turn our capital into a competitive metropolis convenient for life.

In 2016, Mosinzhproekt (Suniev is the chief deputy director of the organization) organized a tender for the selection of an investor by 8 transport hubs: Troparevo, Dmitrovskaya, Khovrino, Technopark, Pyatnitskoye Highway, Paveletskaya, Fonvizinskaya, Victory Park. The total investment was estimated at 54 billion rubles, which is several times more than the starting price. Even at the construction stage, the city budget will be enriched by 8-12 billion rubles, Suniev promised.

About the construction of TPK

In October 2017, Suniev announced the creation of the Ryazanskaya transport hub, which will become the largest transport hub in Moscow. According to the head of the UEZ, the junction will be connected by the Gorky railway line, the MCC, and subsequently also by the “ground” and cars. Estimated load – 100 thousand people daily.

Albert Suniev Awards

In 2005, the authorities of Kazan awarded Albert Suniev with a medal in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the city. This award was presented to veterans of the Second World War, home front workers and residents of Kazan, who made a huge contribution to the development of the city, including Albert Alfatovich.

Albert Suniev – Honorary Builder of Russia

For his contribution to the development of the construction industry in Moscow, Suniev was awarded Certificates of Honor from the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy (in 2013 and 2015). Also in the piggy bank of his achievements are letters of thanks from the Deputy Mayor for Urban Development (2015 and 2017), as well as personal gratitude from Sergei Sobyanin for many years of work for the benefit of the city.

In 2015, Suniev received an award confirming his highest professionalism in the construction industry – the badge “Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation”.