Yuri Ivanov Net Worth

Biography of Yuri Ivanov

Well-known throughout Russia, an entrepreneur, philanthropist Yuri Ivanovich Ivanov heads the group of large companies USI – YugStroyInvest. It was this company that was nominated for the “100 Best Goods of the Country” award and was awarded the distinction in the “Reliable Developer” nomination.

In the photo: the head of the YUSI Yuri Ivanovich Ivanov

early years

Yuri Ivanovich studied at the Technical University of the North Caucasus, after which he received the qualification not only of a lawyer, but also of a civil engineer.

At the very beginning of his entrepreneurial activity, he erected low-rise buildings, gradually expanding the scale of construction.

Participation in society

But the thoughts and deeds of Yuri Ivanovich are not occupied with a single construction site. As Yuri Ivanovich himself likes to say, our world is not without a kind person and the construction company YUSI headed by him, like him, take the most active, most direct part in many social programs not only at the regional level, but also within the framework of all-Russian significance.

UCI project: a unique school in Stavropol

For example, it is worth noting the fact that, thanks to financial assistance, a children’s polyclinic with a capacity of 440 beds and an obstetric building of the city gynecology in Stavropol were restored. One can also add to his asset that he does not leave without attention both veterans of the Second World War and the disabled, orphans – by erecting residential facilities, he allocates apartments from the housing stock to socially unprotected citizens. And in 2009, the company solemnly handed over to the possession and balance of the city 2 small-family kindergartens built in a new residential area.

What else can be said about this amazing person, sponsor and philanthropist? Thanks to the financial support of the general director of YugStroyInvest, a complete reconstruction of the temple located in the village of Novomikhailovsky was carried out, in addition, a temple is being built with his money in a residential microdistrict of his native city of Stavropol, named after Prince Vladimir.

Festive surprises for Stavropol residents from YUSI

Financial support was also provided to the St. George’s Convent of the same name, as well as the Cathedral of Sergei Radonezh, for which he was awarded considerable honors, letters and orders from the Orthodox Church. Thanks to Yuri Ivanovich, full financial support is provided to the Society of the Disabled of Stavropol, and the material base of the regional Wrestling Federation is provided. The orphanage called Rosinka does not go unnoticed either – for every holiday, children receive gifts, and in everyday life it helps to provide the orphanage with necessary household items and stationery.

Merits and achievements of the patron

Yury Ivanovich can boast of many achievements, but he is not proud of them in the principles of a philanthropist – his deeds speak for him. At the very beginning, in his native village, he restored the temple, and the construction of new churches is his merit. If we talk point by point, then the list of charity can be put:

  1. It was he who at one time was awarded the medal of honor of the Orthodox Church of Russia and the certificate of honor, which he received personally from Patriarch Kirill.
  2. From the regional Ministry of Construction, Yuri Ivanovich was awarded the title – Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation, and personally the head of Stavropol awarded him the award “For diligence and usefulness.”
  3. Among his awards, special attention can be paid to the badge of honor of the 3rd degree “Stavropol Cross”, the medal of the same name for services to his hometown.
  4. In the circles of the Orthodox Church, Yuri is also held in high esteem, and the patriarch personally awarded him the Order of Danila of Moscow. All this is for his help to the church, when Yuri, with his own strength and help, restored and built more than one church.

This is not a complete list of awards and honorary orders awarded to Yuri Ivanovich.