What to Hit On and What to Stand on in Blackjack?

Gambling has been a favorite recreational activity for many people for a long time. There are several reasons why people love to indulge in gambling. Some enjoy the thrill associated with winning in a game of probability. Some do it to escape the monotony of their daily life. However, a large majority of people gamble because they want to win large amounts of money.

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What Does It Take To Win A Game Of Blackjack?

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Blackjack has been a popular game among Casino goers for a long time. It is easy to understand and is one of those gambling games where a smart strategy matters more than sheer luck or chance factors that are beyond a person’s control.

Here a person competes with the dealer, who might also be known as the house or the bank. Each player and the bank has two cards to begin with and the bank’s first card is face up.The rules of winning are simple; that player’s cards should be of higher value than that of the dealer. Also, the value should not exceed twenty-one. A dealer opens his second card after all the players have opened their cards and placed their bets.

Most of the cards have their traditional value except for an ace. An ace can be valued at one or eleven, depending upon the situation. For instance, if there is a possibility of the total value going above twenty-one, the player can use the ace as one or else he can use it as eleven to increase the value of his cards.

A person calls a stand if there is a possibility that the total value of his cards is greater than that of the dealer. In this case, he does not draw any more cards. On the other hand, if a gambler presumes that the value of his cards is going to be less than that of the dealer, he calls a hit. In this case, they can draw another card..

There is a possibility of having a tie if a player and the dealer have the same value or both of them have a score of twenty-one.

When Should A Person Call A Stand Or A Hit

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When The Dealer Has A Moderately Low Valued Opening Card

If the dealer or the bank has a starting score of four, five or six, in such cases, a person should call for a stand if his total score is twelve. With a stand at twelve the cumulative value will not exceed twenty-one and the chances of losing are minimized.

When The Bank Has A Very Low Score In The Opening Card

If the opening score for the bank is very less like one, two or three, then the gambler should call a stand when his score becomes thirteen or more. A score of thirteen should be more than the dealer’s cumulative score if the dealer’s starting cards are poor. In such a case, a person has a high chance of winning if he calls a stand at thirteen.

When The Player Has An Ace

An ace is special as it can be used as a one or an eleven depending on the situation. A person should call a stand if his score reaches seventeen and he has an ace card. In case his score goes above twenty-one, he can use the ace as a one.

On the other hand, if a gambler has a card with a score of nine or ten and an ace, he should stand. In this case, he can use the ace as eleven, and his total score will be twenty or twenty-one. With twenty-one, a player can either win or get a tie. With a twenty, the chances of winning are also very high unless the house also has a score of twenty-one.

When The Bank Has A Good Opening Score

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When the bank has a good opening score like seven, eight, nine or ten or an ace which can be used as eleven, a player should call a hit until he reaches seventeen. If the bank has a high number on the opening card, then chances are that he will have a high cumulative score. So a gambler has to reach a good score himself that is seventeen or higher if he wants to win in such a situation.

When There A Possibility Of Doubling The Stake

If a person reaches a score of eleven, he can double his stake and call for a stand. With such a score, there is a possibility that he will win. However, he should be slightly more careful if the bank has an ace as the starting card.

When There Is A Possibility Of A Split

If a person has two cards of the same value, that is, two fours, two sixes, two eights etc., then he can split one card and play them as two cards. That is, an eight gets used as two fours. In this case, a person can play with both hands, and if he wins after a split, he still gets rewards. However, the reward value is slightly less than a natural Blackjack win.


Many seasoned players have made a lot of money by playing Blackjack. They practice a lot, watch other people play and learn from their mistakes. Apart from this, some gamblers also have Mnemonics about when they should call a hit or a stand. It is well known that winning is highly probable with a good strategy, and hence Blackjack has remained popular over the years.

Blackjack is one of the few Casino games where the odds are in favor of the gambler instead of the house. The game is simple to learn and easy to master. Hence newbies who want to enjoy a game with cards and win money at the same time should start by watching videos which give out strategies to learn and win Blackjack.