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Biography of Viti Isaev

Vitya Isaev is the husband and creative partner of the singer Monetochka (Liza Gyrdymova). Also known under the pseudonym BCH. He writes and performs music, produces, sings and raps. In addition to Monetochka, he collaborated with such stars as Decl, Noize MC and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

In the photo: Vitya Isaev


Viktor was born in Ulyanovsk on November 30, 1987. The whole life of the city, whose population at that time was about 600 thousand people, revolved around the famous automobile plant that produced UAZs.

Vitya Isaev in childhood

From the age of four, the future sound producer was fond of music. At first he played the piano, then moved to the drums. The main idol of Isaev’s childhood was the leader of the Kino group, Viktor Tsoi, but over time, the guy discovered Western music for himself. He began to get involved in the compositions of Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley and Queen. This music most seriously influenced the fact that Vitya himself began to record later.

He began with the fact that, at the request of a friend, he recorded a backing track for one of the songs of The Fugees. Even in his school years, Vitya began to arrange arrangements. After graduating from school, the young man decided not to get a higher education. For a while, Vitya did nothing, and then went to learn to play jazz percussion instruments. Along with this, the guy began to produce and promote young musicians. However, it was very difficult to make money in Ulyanovsk with musical creativity, and at the age of 24 Isaev decided to move to Moscow.


It was relatively easy for Vita to get used to Moscow, since the young man had many friends in the capital. At first, he lived with three other guys in a two-room apartment at VDNH, and then he was able to rent a separate room in Mitino.

Vitya Isaev (center) in his youth

At that moment, a tragedy occurred in the life of a novice musician – his parents passed away. They gave birth to a son rather late and by that time were elderly people. Of course, this was a severe blow, but Vitya was able to survive it and continue to develop professionally.

Vitya Isaev

In Moscow, Vitya met Tema Akhtanesyan, who, in turn, introduced him to the local hip-hop party. Having mastered, Isaev launched his own project called BCH, which stands for “God Save the Tsar!”. At that time, Isaev was lucky to collaborate with Decl. The famous rapper came to his studio, and together they created the track “Traffic, Construction, Dirt.”

About Chernobyl, Decl and Timati’s conflict with L’One

Vitya took the poems of poets as the basis of his work, but presented them in his own processing. In 2014, the musician released his first album “Mignon”. The basis for the songs were the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Grigory Ivanov and Sergei Yesenin. Critics described the style in which Isaev performed as “R&B in Russian”.

In 2015, Isaev’s second album, Star Station, was released. Vitya again used poetry, but now it was the work of contemporary poets: Inna Isaeva, Ilya Voznyakov and Andrei Lysikov (Delfin). However, Yesenin, who fell in love with Victor, also found a place among these tracks.

Vitya Isaev is known under the pseudonym BCH

In 2017, Isaev released the Hellenic Secret album, which, like the previous one, included five songs. At the same time, the musician played drums in one of the Moscow groups, and also wrote arrangements for compositions by Decl, Noize MC, the Naadya group and Monetochka. The artist also played on stage at the Oleg Menshikov Theater.

Vitya Isaev is producing Monetochka

Collaboration with Monetochka turned out to be the most productive. In 2018, her album Coloring Pages for Adults was released, for which Isaev wrote music and worked on arrangements. As a result, the album “shot”, and Elizabeth instantly turned into a star of the first magnitude. Lisa did not hide the fact that half of her success is the merit of Vitya.

Vitya Isaev and singer Monetochka

Later, together they recorded the albums “Decorative and Applied Art”, presenting it at the Ivan Urgant show. Around the same time, it became known that they were a couple. Presenting her new album in the fall of 2024, Monetochka simultaneously invited her chosen one to the stage, and he performed a couple of his own songs.

Singer Monetochka and Vitya Isaev in the show “Evening Urgant”

Isaev says this about his work: usually someone dumps a song for him, and if he likes the composition, Vitya immediately understands what he wants to do with it. After that, he just thinks about the song for about a week, until he collects a certain pool of ideas, which he then begins to try to implement. According to the musician, sometimes he has up to 16 versions of the track he is working on in his head, although this usually happens with songs that he writes for himself.

Profession – producer: Vitya Isaev (BTSH). Interview

Vitya admits that he writes music “for sad people.” At the same time, the musician notes that as a producer he likes to work with women more, since there is often a “moment of rivalry” with men. They like to find fault and change everything for themselves, but Isaev does not understand why, in this case, they came to him. “I’m not a competitive person, I’m not interested in convincing anyone,” Viktor explains. Vitya admits that he does not listen to modern pop music, mainly because of its commercialization. The musician is also very critical of such a trend as the emergence of “tiktoker houses”. Vitya notes that cynical “uncles” earn money from the fruits of the work of young bloggers.

Personal life of Viti Isaev

Vitya never advertised his personal life. But in the fall of 2024, he admitted that between him and the singer Monetochka is not just a friendly relationship. The fact that they are dating, Lisa said in an interview with Yuri Dudyu.

Vitya Isaev, Monetochka and Yuri Dud

At that moment, they were already living together in the house that Elizabeth acquired in Krasnaya Polyana. In December, the couple got married in Sochi. Due to the “covid” restrictions, the ceremony was quite modest – Vitya and Lisa simply came to the registry office and signed, and later they played a wedding in Moscow on a grand scale. The 11-year age difference does not bother this couple of soul mates.

How Monetochka and Vitya Isaev got married

Vitya Isaev now

In mid-2020, Vitya Isaev released his first album under his real name. Disk Hello! How are you?” the musician recorded for three years when he had free time. As a result, the album turned out to be stylistically versatile: here you can hear psychedelic funk, and soul, and echoes of the Soviet stage. The album includes nine tracks.

Vitya Isaev – “Pink Glasses”

One of them, Pink Glasses, was presented by the musician at the Evening Urgant show in June 2024. Isaev does not plan to stop there and is going to continue experimenting with music.