Stella Maxwell


Biography of Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell broke into the world of fashion by accident and in just a few years has reached heights that many of her colleagues can only dream of. However, to the chagrin of the male half of the population of the Earth, the name of one of the most desirable models is mentioned not only in connection with her achievements in the fashion industry, but also in connection with her romantic relationships with famous actresses.

In the photo: Stella Maxwell (Stella Maxwell)

early years

Stella Maxwell is Irish, she was born on May 15, 1990 in Belfast. The father of the star, Irish diplomat Maurice Maxwell, worked for a long time in Brussels, where Stella and her two older brothers and sisters spent their childhood.

Stella Maxwell as a child (center) with her brothers and older sister

In 2003, when Stella was barely thirteen, the family moved to New Zealand. After graduating from college, she was supposed to go to university in Dunedin, the cultural capital of New Zealand, but admission to the famous University of Otago faded into the background after an episode that turned her life upside down.

Stella Maxwell in her youth

Carier start

In 2007, in a cafe located near the university, where Stella went to have a bite to eat, she was noticed by a modeling agency scout. The beauty given by nature and parents, coupled with youth and an adventurous temperament, became the key to the future success of Stella, who agreed to take several test shots.

With a height of 175 centimeters, the fair-skinned Irish woman weighed just over 50 kilograms, her face was gentle, but boyishly impudent, which the stylists decided to emphasize, persuading Stella to make a short haircut. Usually novice models wear long hair, so Maxwell looked favorably against other girls.

For several years she modeled for a New Zealand agency based in Dunedin, mastering the intricacies of the profession and developing her own style.

Stella Maxwell’s beauty secrets

In 2011, Stella moved to Paris, but did not stay in the world fashion capital for a long time and settled in New York the following year, where she was able to sign a contract with the world-famous The Lions agency, after which her career went uphill. It was with The Lions that the brilliant Verushka and Kristen McMena collaborated.

Stella Maxwell in 2011 on set in Paris

However, shooting for Marie Claire, Purple, Vogue, Elle and other glossy publications, participation in shows and advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Moncler and Vivienne Westwood were just another step on Stella’s path to fame, because the main success was waiting for her ahead.

Victoria’s Secret

At the end of 2014, Maxwell took part in the Victoria’s Secret show for the first time and, quite expectedly, in 2015 she became one of the angels of the iconic brand of underwear, accessories and cosmetics.

Stella Maxwell – Victoria`s Secret Angel

In 2016, according to the American popular publication Maxim, Maxwell topped the annual top hot beauties and became the most desirable woman of the year. Also in 2016, the model became the face of the Max Factor brand.

Stella Maxwell’s personal life

Stella’s private life is even more interesting than her modeling career. At the very beginning of her popularity, Stella was credited with an affair with Cheyne Thomas, but the relationship between the two celebrities turned out to be only friendly.

Popular model Stella Maxwell

The gentle Victoria`s Secret angel never hid her bisexual inclinations, and the rebel Miley Cyrus became her first star girl. The romantic relationship of the girls lasted only a few months, they were repeatedly seen together, and the photo, in which the paparazzi captured them kissing, became a real event.

Kiss of Stella Maxwell and Miley Cyrus

Shortly after breaking up with the singer, at the end of 2016, Maxwell began dating openly gay Kristen Stewart. Despite reports of a breakup periodically appearing in the media, the couple manages to overcome all crises. Since 2017, the girls have been living in the Los Angeles home of Stewart. According to some reports, they plan to legitimize the relationship and have adopted children.

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart

According to the model, one of her favorite books is the legendary novel The Master and Margarita. Stella can even quote her favorite work and claims that, like Margarita, she loves yellow flowers. It is not known what books she likes besides the novel by the Russian writer Bulgakov, but it is known that the model’s favorite fragrance is Ditpyque, and she loves to wear chokers and hooligan colored socks.

Stella Maxwell now

The model spent almost the entire 2018 in advertising shows of famous brands such as Chanel and Issey Miyake. In the same year, together with another VS angel, Russian Irina Shayk, Maxwell tried her hand at designing bags for The Kooples. In the summer of 2019, Stella received an invitation from Donatella Versace and took part in the show of her new men’s collection in Milan. Also, to the music of The Prodigy, Bella and Gigi Hadid and the favorite of Russian women, Irina Shayk, who broke up with Bradley Cooper, appeared on the podium.

Stella Maxwell in 2019