Stanislav Bondarenko


Name: Stanislav Bondarenko (Stas Bondarenko)

Surname: Gennadievich

Birthday: July 2, 1985 (aged 36)

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Place of Birth:
Dniprorudne, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine

190 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Zodiac sign: Crayfish (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Bull


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Biography of Stanislav Bondarenko

Stanislav Gennadievich Bondarenko is a popular serial actor, a handsome man and a favorite of women, the star of the TV series Talisman of Love, Sin, Provincial Girl, Kiss of Fate, Give Back My Love and many other wonderful projects.

Charming Stas Bondarenko

Childhood and family

One of the most charming and sunny actors of Russian cinema was born in Ukraine, in the small town of Dneprorudne, Zaporozhye region. His mother worked as a hairdresser-stylist, and his father worked in a car service. Parents divorced when Stas was still a child. Mom remarried, after which the family moved to Moscow. Stanislav has an older half-brother Sasha and two younger sisters by 9 years – twins Sveta and Snezhana.

Young Stas Bondarenko with sisters

In the family, a lot of time was devoted to sports, parents tried to teach kids to a healthy lifestyle from childhood. Every morning, little Stas, together with his grandfather, went in for physical education, ran in the morning, doused himself with cold water. The children spent their summer holidays on the Sea of ​​Azov: they swam, sunbathed, and fished. The actor still recalls this carefree time with warmth in his voice.

Stanislav Bondarenko in childhood

Stasik grew up as a handsome boy, he had long hair, which his peers really liked. In addition, from the age of six he was engaged in ballroom dancing, which aroused additional interest among girls.

Stas Bondarenko in his youth

At school, the boy became interested in karate, and in high school he began to attend computer courses. At that time, he did not even think about acting career. At one time, the young man wanted to devote his future life to medicine, like an older brother, but after graduating from school he changed his mind and was going to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute. However, fate decreed otherwise.

How Stanislav Bondarenko has changed

The dance studio “Vyzance”, in which Stas studied, was invited to perform at GITIS. During the concert, the artistic director of the institute, Vladimir Teplyakov, drew attention to him and invited him to an audition. So the young man suddenly became a theater student.

Films with Stanislav Bondarenko are popular

Despite mediocre grades at school, the creative young man opened up at the university and soon became one of the best on the course. After graduating from the institute, Stanislav was invited to the Moscow City Council Theater, where he successfully worked for several years, until he plunged headlong into the world of cinema.

Bondarenko is a favorite of TV viewers


The novice actor got into the cinema in his third year and was immediately approved for one of the key roles in the TV series “Talisman of Love”. Stas played the heartthrob and womanizer Pavel Uvarov, and since then the role of a romantic hero has firmly entrenched him for many years.

Stas Bondarenko on the set of “Talisman of Love”

Simultaneously with the “Talisman” he starred in the film “Loneliness of Love” by Viktor Merezhko, followed by roles in the series “Captain’s Children”, “Provincial”, “Golden Cage”, “Return My Love” and many other projects with Stanislav Bondarenko in the title role . By the age of thirty, the actor starred in more than forty films, rightfully deserving the love and recognition of a multi-million female audience.

Frame from the movie “Waiting for a Miracle”

Usually Stanislav embodies dramatic roles on the screen, but there are also villains in his filmography, whom he endows with his inherent charm, such as Kosu from the TV series “Wild”.

Stanislav often embodies dramatic roles on the screen

In 2016, Stas Bondarenko was busy filming the detective melodrama Three Queens. He got the role of a negative character – the greedy Sergei, the young lover of the wife of the mysteriously murdered owner of the plant. Together with Stanislav, Elena Ksenofontova, Nikolai Dobrynin, Denis Vasilyev and others participated in the work on the picture.

Frame from the series “Three Queens”

Personal life of Stanislav Bondarenko

Stanislav met his future wife Yulia Chiplieva in his student years. In 2008, the lovers got married, and soon they had a son, Mark.

The ex-wife of Stas Bondarenko Yulia Chiplieva

On the set of the Golden Cage series, Bondarenko met a charming beauty, the former Miss Russia 2010 Irina Antonenko. An affair broke out between them, which destroyed the actor’s family.

Stas Bondarenko is a caring father

Stas managed to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wife and is directly involved in raising his son.

Stas Bondarenko with his son

In 2016, joint photos with a spectacular blonde began to appear on Stanislav’s Instagram. The new passion of the actor was the model Aurika Alekhina, art director of one of the capital’s nightclubs. On November 10, 2017, the couple had a girl.

Girl Stanislav Bondarenko – Aurika Alekhina, model

By nature, the actor is a romantic: he can arrange a surprise for his beloved woman, for example, lie in wait for her with a bouquet of roses, fill her with compliments or invite her to an unusual place. “Passion is in my blood,” Stas admitted.

The actor is prone to romantic acts

Stas Bondarenko now

In 2019, the premiere of the melodramatic thriller “Hostages” with Evgenia Osipova and Antonina Paperna took place, in which Bondarenko also starred. In the same year, viewers could see him in the mini-series Velvet Season. At the same time, he was filming in other projects, “Snakes and Ladders” and “Classmates of Death” – their premiere took place in 2024.

“Snakes and Ladders” trailer 2024

Also, the actor continues to play in the performances of the Moscow City Council Theatre. Among them – “The Importance of Being Earnest”, where Bondarenko plays the role of Jack Worthing, as well as “Not all the cat Shrove Tuesday”, where he plays the role of Hippolyte.

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