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Biography of Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is a famous Bollywood actress, journalist, TV presenter and public figure. One of the sex symbols of Indian cinema. Known for her roles in the films Love at First Sight and The Frivolous Girl.

Pictured: Preity Zinta

Childhood and family

Preity Zinta was born on January 31, 1975 in Pradesh Shimla, India, to Lieutenant Colonel Durganand and housewife Nilprabha Zinta. The parents already had the eldest son Dilankar, a year and a half after the birth of Preity, the younger brother Manish appeared. The family constantly traveled around the country from one military garrison to another: from Badh Gaya to Jabal Pur.

Preity Zinta as a child with her parents

Preity grew up a lively and sociable girl, a real tomboy in a skirt. Mother constantly had to look for her visiting neighbors. Preity admitted in an interview that she was more of a “boy than a girl”, and laughingly recalls the story of how one day she was presented with a set of dolls, and Preity immediately began to break their limbs and gouge out their eyes. The actress thanked her parents for never trying to remake her.

God gave me very smart parents. I learned a lot from them: my dad had a spiritual influence on me, shaped my character, but my strength of spirit comes from my mother.

Preity never dreamed of an acting career. At first, she wanted to be a truck driver, because her father had to give way to trucks all the time in a passenger car. Then she wanted to serve in the army, but the very first visit to a military hospital broke her illusions: at the sight of blood, the girl fainted.

She received her education at a Catholic boarding school at the monastery of Jesus and Mary in Shimla.

Preity Zinta as a child

When Preity was 13, her parents were in a car accident. His father died, and his mother was confined to a hospital bed for two years.

A year later, Preity accidentally got into the modeling business. A friend invited her to audition for a photo shoot for a Swedish fashion catalog. Preity took it as a joke, but the model, who was signed to shoot, fell ill, and the girl was offered a job.

Preity Zinta in her youth

Perhaps this is what helped her cope with a life tragedy. Shooting helped distract from thoughts about the death of his father and caring for his mother.

After high school, Preity entered the University of Mumbai to begin her studies in criminal psychology. Now she has another dream – to serve in the police. Fortunately or unfortunately, but this was not destined to come true. The girl was waiting for a completely different fate.

Actor career

In 1997, during her final exams, Preity took a taxi to the university. Together with her in the car was a friend, an aspiring actor. He was on his way to an audition, which was held in a building near Preity University. Together they got out of the car, and the spectacular girl was noticed by a man standing at the entrance to the building. This man turned out to be the venerable director Shekhar Kapur, who invited Preity to try his hand at cinema. He did not shoot her in his film, but recommended the girl to another director, Mani Ratnam. So Zinta ended up in the film Love at First Sight (1998).

Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan in Love at First Sight

Her partner on the set was Shah Rukh Khan himself, the main star of Bollywood. Despite this, the filming process turned out to be difficult for the debutante. Experienced actors constantly shouted at her, vented their anger – they were outraged that they had taken the “amateur from the street” for the main role. But the difficulties did not break the girl:

Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in spite of fear. People who do nothing with their lives are just as scared as those who take risks.

In 2000, she received the Filmfare Awards (Indian “Oscar”) for her role as a single mother in the drama “Girl Frivolous”. Indian critic Anupama Chopra noted that the young actress was not afraid to break the usual stereotype of an Indian woman.

Preity Zinta in the drama “Flip Girl” (excerpt)

The Canadian film Heaven on Earth (2008) was even more critically successful. Zinta played a woman who married a Canadian and became a victim of domestic violence. For this role, she had to learn to speak the Punjabi dialect and study tons of materials on the psychology of the victims. The film won an award at the Chicago Film Festival and a Canadian Film Critics Award in Toronto.

Preity Zinta in the movie Heaven on Earth

After Heaven on Earth, Preity took a temporary break from acting, focusing on her sports career on the cricket team. In 2013, she returned to the screens with the film “Love in Paris”, for which she herself wrote the script. But there was no triumphant return. The film was coldly received by both critics and the public. After her marriage in 2016, Preity finally left the cinema.

Activities outside the film industry

In addition to acting, Zinta also dabbled as a BBC News columnist. In 2004, she wrote a number of articles on the current state of Indian cinema.

Preity Zinta is a famous Bollywood actress.

In 2009, Zinta served as an ambassador for Umeed Khanna, an organization that campaigned for women’s rights, village development, hygiene and literacy.

Preity Zinta co-owner of the Indian Premier Cricket League

In 2011, Preity founded PZNZ, a film production company. In 2013, she became a co-owner of the Indian Premier Cricket League Kings XI Punjan, and in 2017 she acquired the South African team T20 Stellenbosch Kings.

Preity Zinta’s personal life

In the biography of the actress, there were many novels with famous men, among them the director Shekhar Kapur, businessman Ness Wadya and the captain of the cricket team Yuvraja Singh.

Preity Zinta with husband Jim Goodenough

In 2010, Preity met Jim Goodenough, a financial analyst and vice president of NLine Energy. The couple got married in 2015 in Los Angeles. Only relatives and close friends were invited to the wedding, photos from the wedding were sold at auction.

Preity Zinta Today

In October 2018, Zinta openly advocated the legalization of betting in the Premier Cricket League. In her opinion, this would help to defeat corruption in Indian sports.

Preity Zinta in 2024

In the same year, a 7-year-old Azerbaijani from Russia, Elina Mammadova, recorded a video in which she performed Zinta’s dance from the film Bailazhi Super Hit. The actress posted a video on Instagram, with an enthusiastic caption: “What a cute girl!”. In May 2019, when Preity’s cricket team failed to take first place in the Premier League, she wrote a joke letter to the captain of the winning team, in which she promised to kidnap his daughter.