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Biography of Mylene Farmer

Mylène Farmer is the only contemporary French artist whose singles topped the national Top Singles & Tracks chart 15 times. Mylene is France’s highest paid singer and holds the record for the most diamond discs.

“French Madonna” Mylene Farmer


The true Frenchwoman Mylene Farmer was born in the provincial Canadian town of Pierrefonds, in the vicinity of Montreal. Here the family of her father, Max Gauthier, moved from France after he signed a contract for the construction of roads and a bridge on the Manicouagan dam. The mother of the singer Marguerite Gauthier worked as a secretary, but after the birth of older children, daughter Bridget and son Jean-Loup, she became a housewife. In Quebec, the third child was born in the Gauthier family – the daughter of Milene Jeanne. The girl received her second name in honor of her grandmother Jeannette, who also moved with her family to Canada.

Little Milene Jeanne Gaultier with her brothers and sisters

Mylene spent the first 8 years of her life in Quebec. Here she went to the school of St. Marceline, where nuns became her teachers. But the star considered the most vivid childhood memory “large snowdrifts, lawns in the garden of Pierrefonds and maple syrup, in which you could dip your fingers, which always caused displeasure of the mother.”

Mylene Farmer as a child

In 1969, Max’s contract with the Canadians ended. The numerous Gauthier family (which by that time had managed to replenish with another child – son Michel) returned to France, settling in the Parisian suburb of Ville-d’Avray. 8-year-old Mylene had a very hard time with the change of scenery: not only did she have to work with a speech therapist to get rid of her Quebec accent, but her peers at school were hostile to her. Therefore, a tomboy girl was more often seen in the company of boys who, like her, loved to climb trees and perform various tricks.

Mylene Farmer with classmates

The upbringing of the eccentric Mylene was taken up by grandmother Jeannette. At one time, she studied at the Marseille Conservatory, so she instilled in her granddaughter a love of music, literature and painting. With her filing, the girl took part in vocal competitions – and won more than once. Together they often visited grandmothers they knew, who were in the hospital. After the death of Jeannette, the granddaughter continued this tradition: every Sunday she visited disabled children in the Garcher hospital.

Mylene Farmer is grateful to her grandmother for everything

Young Milen often spent summers in Brittany, on the farm of her second grandmother. Here, the future star became addicted to horseback riding. After studying for 5 years, she dreamed of becoming an equestrian instructor at the National School “Cadre Noir de Saumur” and dedicating her life to horses.

Horses appear in many clips of Mylene Farmer

But at the age of 17, the priorities in the girl’s life changed diametrically – she decided to become an actress. Mylene went straight ahead to the goal: she left the Lyceum, already in her senior year, and went to Paris to begin her studies at the Florent Theater School.

She didn’t have to rely on the financial support of her parents, and in order to pay for her studies at a prestigious theater school, the girl tried a number of professions: she sold shoes, was a dentist’s assistant and even an assistant at a gynecologist, then got a job in a modeling agency and did not miss a single casting for shooting for catalogs or role in advertising: instant soups, lottery, washing powder. But the biggest achievement in this area, Mylene considered shooting in television commercials for Ikea and Fiskars.

Fiskars scissors advertisement with Mylene Farmer

Musical career

It was in the modeling agency that Mylene and the young ambitious composer and director Laurent Bouton met. In collaboration with Jerome Daan, he created a composition about teenagers rebelling against all prohibitions, especially sexual ones – “Maman a tort”. It was only necessary to find a new vocalist who would not only perform the song, but turn into this rebel. Mylene became an ideal candidate, especially since she already had victories in vocal competitions behind her.

Laurent Boutonnat and Mylène Farmer in the recording studio

Even before the release of the single “Maman a tort”, Mylene was forced to transform. She not only became a red-haired beast, but also changed her last name from Gauthier to Farmer – in honor of her beloved actress France Farmer. The rebellious Hollywood star in the 30s was known as a capricious rebel with a daring character and an addiction to alcohol. Butonna considered Mylene the same – “a girl from another planet.”

“Girl from another planet”, young Mylene Farmer

The debut song of Laurent’s newly minted ward became the bestseller in 1984. The singer regretted only one thing: her father, who died two years before, did not see her success. Then there was the release of the first album “Cendres de Lune” and the scandalous 11-minute video for the song “Libertine”, in which the young star appeared before the audience as a real whore.

In 1989, a video clip was filmed for the song “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces”, which continued the storyline of “Mylene the Whore”. The video produced the effect of an exploding bomb and the scandalous singer Mylene Farmer was talked about all over the world.

Mylene Farmer – “Pourvu Qu’Elles Soient Douces”

Triumph followed triumph: all the studio albums of the following years – “Ainsi Soit-Je …” (1988), “En Concert” (1989), “L’Autre” (1991), “Dance Remixes” (1992) – became platinum. Already at the end of 1989, Mylene Farmer was recognized as the singer of the year.

Photo from a concert by Mylene Farmer, 1989

In 1994, Farmer tried to fulfill her dream of acting in films. There was no need to turn to eminent directors: Laurent Boutonnat himself made a film in which his muse played the main role. The painting “Giorgino” was released on October 5 of the same year and became the biggest failure for both the novice director and the actress Milen.

Jeff Dahlgren and Mylene Farmer in Giorgino

A broken Farmer decided to move to the United States. In California, she released a new album “Anamorphosee”, in which she introduced a new style, completely uncharacteristic of the former melancholic and detached Mylene. Fans considered the new compositions of their favorite singer the brightest period of her work, but Farmer herself admitted that in America she lost her real self.

Mylène Farmer on the spread of a French glossy magazine

The sex diva returned to France and resumed cooperation with Butonna, although by that time he had already found a new “Galatea” – Natalie Cardon.

In 1996, a tragedy struck the Gauthier family – the elder brother of the star, Jean-Loup, died in a terrible car accident. The singer dedicated a video based on the materials of the 1996 tour and a poetic novel for adults “Lisa-Lou and the Storyteller”, published in 2003, to his blessed memory. In 1999, the new album “Innamoramento” was released and the singer’s world tour began. Mylen gave the final concert of the “Mylenium Tour” in Moscow in 2000.

Mylene Farmer in Russia, 2000

Then there were successful albums “Les mots” (2001), “Avant que l’ombre …” (2004), “Point de suture” (2007), “Bleu noir” (2010), “2001.2011” (2011), “Monkey Me” (2012). In September 2006, Mylene sang the legendary song “Slipping Away” in a duet with Moby.

Moby & Mylene Farmer – “Slipping Away”

In 2007, Farmer tried herself as a producer – her ward was the young Alize, the winner of the Novice Star music competition.

Singer Alize, young protege of Mylene Farmer

The red-haired princess of Selenia spoke in the voice of the “French Madonna” in Luc Besson’s animated trilogy “Arthur” – “Arthur and the Invisibles” (2006), “Arthur and the Revenge of Urdalak” (2009), “Arthur and the War of the Two Worlds” (2010)

Mylene Farmer at the premiere of the cartoon “Arthur and the Invisibles”

Personal life of Mylene Farmer

The singer, who was naked in front of the cameras so many times, hid details about her personal life behind seven locks. Until 1993, the press was sure that the Farmer-Button tandem was not only a creative union, but neither the singer nor her producer commented on these rumors.

Mylene Farmer and Laurent Buttona

On the set of the film Giorgino, the young American actor and musician Jeff Dahlgren became a partner of the aspiring actress. He immediately won the heart of Mylene, and after the failure of the picture at the box office, the singer drove off with her new lover to America. After a couple of years, she returned to Button, but the rumors of a love relationship between them ceased.

The appearance of the singer is called “unearthly” and “angelic”

The red-haired beast was also credited with an affair with the British soul singer Seal – the reason was the joint duet “Les mots”, which the stars recorded in 2001.

Mylene Farmer and Seal record a sensual duet

Since 2002, the singer lived with producer Benoit Di Sabatino, but the couple was not going to wear wedding rings, however, as well as have children: “I don’t need children. I am my own favorite daughter! In addition, my monkeys are quite enough for me, ”said Mylene.

Mylene Farmer and her boyfriend, Benoit Di Sabatino

Mylene Farmer now

November 6, 2015 the world saw the tenth studio album of the singer “Interstellaires”. Among the songs included in the album was a cover version of Sting’s “Stolen Car”, which the stars recorded in August 2015. Two months later, a rather frank video for a duet song was released.

Mylene Farmer and Sting – “Stolen Car”

More than successful as a singer, Mylene Farmer again decided to try her hand at acting. She is listed in the main cast of Pascal Laugier’s new horror film Incident in Ghost Land, which will premiere in 2018.

Mylene Farmer continues to delight fans with new works

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