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Geo Leros (Photo: press service of the Servant of the People/Facebook)

SBI, National Police and media garbage cans against Leros.  Who may be behind the video leak: timeline

SBI, National Police and media garbage cans against Leros. Who may be behind the video leak: timeline

Geo Bagratovich Leros - director, art curator. People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation (Servant of the People), former freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Place of Birth. Education. Born April 24, 1989 in Kiev. Graduated from the Faculty of International Law at the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine.

Career. Founder of the art project Art United Us and public organization City-Art. As part of the City-Art and Art United Us project, he created about 70 murals in Ukraine. He was the curator of the "More than us" project of the Ministry of Information Policy, in which artists from different countries painted 8 murals in the lobby of the metro station "Osokorki" in Kiev.

He was a volunteer of the charitable foundation "Sisters of Victory".

He was an adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yuriy Stets. Advisor to the Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko on cultural issues (on a voluntary basis).

Author of the book about street art Kyiv Street Art.

How the director shot the short film "A lifetime older", which is based on real events (v the film is about the hero of the ATO), as well as a number of video clips for Ukrainian artists. In addition, Leros made a documentary on police reform in Ukraine.

Member of the Council for the Development of the National Cultural, Artistic and Museum Complex Mystetsky Arsenal.

Awards. Winner of the Best Short Film Award at the Kolkata International Film Festival for "A lifetime older".

Winner of the Excellent Short Documentary Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Political career. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, he was elected a people's deputy from the Servant of the People party, No. 23 on the list. Non-partisan.

From August 29, 2019 - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Cultural Policy.

From June 24, 2019 to March 20, 2024 - freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

September 1, 2024 faction servant of the people decided to expel from its ranks the deputy Geo Leros after his criticism of the current government, in particular, the President Vladimir Zelensky, Head of the Office of the President Andrey Yermak and head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov.