Jessica Alba’s business: how the Hollywood actress earned millions

In 2016, Forbes named Jessica Albe the youngest millionaire. But the actress made her fortune not on the set of blockbusters, but on the release of environmental hygiene products for children. Today, she continues to do business, advertising products through her blogs on social networks. The mother of many children did not refuse from her acting career, which brings a good income.

Hollywood star (“Sin City”, “Fantastic Four”), businesswoman, mother of many children and just a beautiful woman. At 39, he looks at most 30, which creates special interest from the female audience. By her example, she shows how to be creative and be useful to society at the same time. Jessica Alba’s main business is an organic cosmetics company. In addition, she continues to act in films.

In recent years, he has been actively developing social networks, where he promotes face and body skin care products of his own brand and partners. In 2015, the actress appeared on the cover of Forbes, but she failed to get into the list of the 50 richest women in the United States, as $ 50 million was not enough. In 2016, the magazine estimated her personal net worth was $340 million. The girl got to the 42nd line of the rating of young millionaires and became one of its youngest participants.

The Honest Company

The company for the production of household chemicals, cosmetics and hygiene products with an organic composition was created by Jessica in 2011. At this time, she was preparing for the arrival of her second daughter. Studying the composition of baby care products led her to the idea that the ingredients are not always safe for the baby’s skin, cause allergies and other unpleasant consequences.

The actress decided to invest in the creation of safe cleaning products, diapers, wipes and other items needed by new parents. The personal brand played into the hands, and Alba’s business went uphill. In 2015, its turnover was estimated at $1.7 billion. However, in the same year, buyers raised a wave of hate on the network. The first complaints were directed towards sunscreens for children, which did not cope with the task. Diapers, creams and other products were further criticized. As a result, The Honest Company (translation of the name “Honest Company”) was sued, and consumer confidence fell, sales decreased. By 2016, Jessica sold part of the shares, leaving herself about 25%.

The range now includes:

  • children’s postpartum kits and hygiene products;
  • household chemicals for the home;
  • face care products;
  • decorative cosmetics;
  • products for use in the bathroom (gels, salts, foams, etc. for the whole family).
Photo: Facebook ad for new diapers @JessicaAlba

Photo: Facebook ad for new diapers @JessicaAlba

Learn how to open a cosmetics store: step by step instructions.

The last 3 directions appeared after the reorganization of the company in order to resume demand. In 2024, Jessica is actively promoting cosmetics for face and body care, demonstrates the methods of application and effectiveness, and is the official brand ambassador. At the same time, it receives income from turnover as one of the key shareholders.

“I’m best at marketing and design solutions. I also enjoy doing strategic planning. No need to pretend that you know how to do everything in the world and take on a lot of responsibilities. ”

Filming in films

With the expansion of the family and the emergence of The Honest Company, the actress had practically no free time left. Alba often complained to reporters that she didn’t have time for anything and was going to end her career in Hollywood. But, as the years show, she decided to leave this idea:

  1. In 2018, the TV series Nothing Happens with Jessica was released about police officers watching potential criminals from a car.
  2. In 2019 – action comedy “The Best in Los Angeles”. The actress got the role of a female officer who went through the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  3. In the same year, the shooting of the thriller Killers Anonymous about an organization similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, where killers talk about their crimes and exchange experiences, ended.
Screenshot from

Screenshot from “Best in L.A.”

Preparing for the rental of the movie “Wizards” about friends of actress friends, whose relationship collapses after receiving one role for two.

There is no information on how much Jessica Alba specifically earns on the set. She is not considered one of the leading actors of the Dream Factory, given the failure of some films and the receipt of the Golden Raspberry Award. Revenue for 2019, according to the average salary rates for actors in the US film industry, was approximately $ 500-700 thousand per film.

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Social networks

At the turn of 2017–2018 the third child was born in the family of the actress. Jessica began to actively explore the possibilities of YouTube and Instagram. Thanks to her worldwide popularity, the audience gathered quickly. The number of subscribers has grown to 18 million.

Photo: Instagram @jessicaalba

Photo: Instagram @jessicaalba

Alba reviews The Honest Company cosmetics and collaborates with other brands. Videos for the Vogue channel have collected more than 14 million views. On her Instagram page, the star demonstrates the use of skin care products in conjunction with major American beauty bloggers. There is also a small amount of advertising that also generates income.

The main task of the rest of the chains is to attract interest in herbal cosmetic novelties, to develop sales through an audience of millions. The number of views reaches 1 million, which is quite a lot on the scale of Instagram, given the specifics. The income from such a brand ambassador page is several hundred thousand dollars a year. Plus, through the reach and dedication of subscribers, the actress attracts financial assistance for charitable foundations, of which she has been an active member for a long time.

“There is a lot of social injustice around. Before, my actions were traditional, but now I see other ways that can be used. A commercial company has more than just financial goals.”

Jessica is also actively involved in helping the disadvantaged (mainly children), as befits a dollar millionaire. She attracts investments and invests her own funds in a fund to help little Americans who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Alba actively supports a program that creates educational opportunities for African children. She donates to medical organizations and attracts investors for projects in this area.

Photo: Baby2Baby charity event, November 2019. Source: Instagram @honest

Photo: Baby2Baby charity event, November 2019. Source: Instagram @honest

The star supports AIDS campaigns and volunteer groups to find missing children. Her entire extended family lives modestly, by Hollywood standards. The actress uses public transport and chain stores.