Is Elixir Good For Beginner Programmers

If you opted for digging online before opening this post, you’ve presumably discovered that Elixir is a unique programming language that offers its users powerful features and tools. It’s established on EVM – or as it’s also known as “Erlang Virtual Machine” – and it’s perfect for people looking to program in the banking, E-commerce, as well as telecom industries.

Nevertheless, if you’re just starting out, you may be wondering whether or not you can utilize it, even as a beginner programmer. To answer this question right away, yes, you can and our article below will shed some light on the benefits of using it. So, without losing any more time, let’s take a look:

1. It’s Easier to Use Than Other Available Alternatives


The initial thing that you must know about using Elixir is that it’s more straightforward and easier to use than some other alternatives that you could opt from. Besides it being straightforward to utilize, it’s also fun to do so and although this may not be important to first consider, this is crucial, especially since it’ll make the entire process of coding a breeze. With it, you’ll be competent to write less code and you won’t have any issues with understanding and reading the lines already written.

One thing that all people hate is that they have to modify the code that they’ve already written without actually altering its exterior behavior, mostly because they must be extra careful not to make any errors that could cause them to start the coding all over again. But, with Elixir, this won’t be an issue, mostly due to the fact that the entire testing process will be simpler than other programs out there, so, you’ll be capable of changing what you want without any hindrances along the way.

2. It Can Keep Up With Increased Demands

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Elixir is a unique language, but, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t gaining popularity rapidly. Why is this the situation? Well, it’s easy to understand – we have new innovations and technological shifts each day, meaning that there is a lot of load on existing infrastructures that see a lot of users. But, since it operates on a different VM, the code is concurrent, meaning that it won’t have any issues with handling a growing number of users.

We must state that there are numerous advantages of it being simultaneous. For starters, if you choose to use it, you won’t have any issues with handling a few processing and operations at the same time, indicating that you could bypass delays that could hinder the entire process. Second, it’s quite simple and easy to learn how to work on this particular programming platform, which leads us to the next point of our article…

3. It’s Straightforward to Learn


As a beginner, you’ll wish to utilize a program that isn’t daunting and complex, instead, you’ll wish for something that’ll be uncomplicated to understand and that’ll allow you to advance in your profession – which is precisely what Elixir will allow you to do. Besides it being straightforward to learn, an expanding number of companies are implementing it, which suggests that you can have more employment opportunities in the future. For more info on Elixir check this link out

4. A Helpful And Always Available Community of Users

If there is one point that you should take away from our list, it’s the fact that Elixir has an online community that is always helpful and available. What does this mean for you? Well, it basically means that the people in the community are always ready to give advice to beginner programmers, so, if you ever hit a wall while utilizing the platform or if you simply don’t understand what to do next, you can reach out to the community and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

We also must mention that there is a wide array of events held all over the world, all of which are helping increase the popularity of the platform. Since the society of individuals is huge, users could and will share their experience, knowledge, and skills about the program, thus, you can ask whatever question you want and you’ll most likely receive an answer in a matter of minutes. There are also manuals, videos, and articles, all of which are suitable and beneficial for beginners.

5. It Contains Various Tools And Features


Since the platform contains various tools and features, different, if not all, tasks are made simpler and the entire language is more diverse. This means that you won’t be required to come up with a new code, instead, you could utilize the tools available for making your job easier. The codes are also readable, hence, you won’t have to spend hours focusing on them, instead, you can simply browse through the code with ease.

6. It’ll Help You Learn Other Languages Quickly

Last on our list of benefits, but definitely, something that we cannot neglect to mention is the fact that Elixir will help you learn other languages quickly. Since you’ll be improving your programming knowledge and skills, and since you’ll learn how to utilize new tools and features, you could use that knowledge for learning other languages, all of which will help you advance in your career later on in life.

By utilizing this platform, you’ll be competent to understand and boost your problem-solving skills, you will most definitely boost your thinking and retention abilities, and no matter what language you opt for learning, later on, you’ll be able to do it with a breeze. Also, since it’s a fairly new program, it features newer techniques and technologies, thus, it’ll be simpler for you to transfer to other, newer programs later on in your career.


Although Elixir is a relatively new program, it’s being increasingly used in the world of programmers. Not only is it easy and fun to learn how to use it, but it’ll also provide you with more employment opportunities than some other options, which is why you should seriously consider it as a beginner.

Since you’re now well aware of the benefits you can gain from using Elixir, you might not want to spend any more of your time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, if you’ve determined that you want to use this program, download it and start learning how simple and easy coding can be!