How To Properly Use The Hit & Stand System In Online Blackjack

We have talked about this so many times and we will continue to talk about it because of one reason – blackjack is a gambling game that transcends every other. It is both slow and calm when you want it and it can be fast and dynamic.

My love for blackjack started with my discovery of western movies. Most of them portrayed poker as the primary game back then but few of them showed a game that I previously never saw. It was blackjack and it was really fun. Do not think that poker isn’t my cup of tea because it is. Every card game where you need to employ your hands and your brain to win is something I like.


Another thing I like here is the fact that you are not playing by yourself and you are not playing against yourself. In poker, you have other players that you are looking to beat and in poker, there is a saying that you never play your hand, you are playing the opposition’s hand. In blackjack, things are a bit different where you do not necessarily play the other players but you are playing against the dealer while trying to utilize other people’s hands to your benefit. How do you do that, well stick around till the end and you will learn about a really good hit and stand system you need to use right now.

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OK, for most of you the rules of blackjack are familiar by now, you get two cards and the goal is to hit 21 or blackjack or to beat the dealer with a higher hand. Anything over 21 for both you and the dealer results in a loss. It’s as simple as that.


Now what you have to think about is the way you play and the way you utilize the hit or stand mechanic of the game. The hit means you will ask and get another card while the stand will mean you will not draw a card and you will be left with what is already dealt. You can also get a hit or more and when the sum of the cards you have satisfies you, you can call for a stand and see what the dealer draws next.

Hit or stand is a decision which you will have to make based on the situation on the table and based on the cards you or the dealer have been dealt. There must be some thought there and there needs to be a certain strategy applied for a successful hit and stand play every time. There is a sum of cards you can ask for a hit and there is the same that tells you when you need to stop. When you add a dealer in the mix and when there are other players with you on the same table, things can get a bit complicated or simple, depending on your ability to utilize and adapt to the situation.

Now when you receive your cards, hit or stand should be the last thing to consider. First look around, what have others at the table been dealt and what the dealer holds in his hands? If there is a possibility to split your cards or double down you should always do it because those are more viable strategies than just hit or stand.

Another thing you need to consider before you opt for this type of play and before you start memorizing what you need to do and when is the type of blackjack and the number of decks that are in the game. There is a chart and a viable hit-or-stand strategy here but you need to know that it does drastically change when you consider the number of decks that are in play. If there is a soft 17 table with 6 decks the strategy will not be the same as in the hard 17 and 6 – deck table.


To paint you an even simpler picture and to educate you on things you might not recognize you will see tables that are S17 which is soft 17 and H17 which is hard seventeen. You may also see things like DAS or doubling after split and NDAS or no doubling after split. These are all things that change your strategy quite a bit and you need to be familiarized with the game and the rule set you are playing.

To elaborate a bit the soft or S17 means that the dealer has to take a hit on a soft hand value of 17 whereas the hard or H17 means that the dealer needs to take a stand on the same value of 17. The other two things, NDAS and DAS will affect the flow of the game and the decision-making process you need to take when your cards are dealt.

Now, since we explained all this, we also need to tell you that some tables might help you utilize the best strategy according to what is going on at the table. There are plenty of blackjack tables online that can easily be found and that are helpful. They will explain when you need to hit and when you need to stand concerning dealers’ hands. They will also show you when you can or need to split or double down to increase your odds, especially since those are better ways than simple split or stand, as we already stated.


There are a lot of strategies you can utilize and most of them work. What we like to do here is advise making an online account going to a casino, picking a blackjack table and trying it with a demo account to practice. See if any of these tables provide any help and if you find one that works, be our guest use it to its full potential.

The last and closing thing we have to tell you is to always be responsible and gamble responsibly. Never invest or gamble more than you can afford to lose. This is the best strategy out there and it is the only one that will not get you in trouble.