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Mustafa Nayem (photo – Andrey Gudzenko/LIGA.net)

Pain in the transportation market.  Rada ratifies protocol with Belarus on auto communication

Pain in the transportation market. Rada ratifies protocol with Belarus on auto communication

Place of Birth. Education. Born in Kabul (Afghanistan). In 1998 he graduated from the technical lyceum of the Shevchenko district of Kiev. In 2004 he graduated from the Department of Information and Measurement Technology of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems of the Kiev Polytechnic University, having received an engineering degree.

Career. He began his journalistic activity in the fall of 2004 as a correspondent for the Kiev news department at the IA Context-Media.

From July 2005 to June 2007, he was a correspondent for the newspaper Kommersant.

Since January 2006, he has been a special correspondent and author of investigative journalism for the online publication Ukrainska Pravda.

Since June 2007 - editor-special correspondent of Savik Shuster's Freedom program on the Inter TV channel. Subsequently, Savik Shuster founded the analytical talk show production company Savik Shuster's Studio, where Nayem worked as an editor.

In November 2009 - host of the Black and White program, which is a joint project of Savik Shuster's Studio and TVi.

In December 2010, Nayem announces the termination of all agreements with the production company Studio Savik Shuster, indicating that this happened by mutual agreement and without conflict. However, at the beginning of 2011, he resumed cooperation with Shuster's studio, for some time becoming the host and author of the new After live program at the First National. After two months, he leaves the project due to censorship.

One of the founders and editor-in-chief of the public organization Hromadske TV.

Since 2015 - together with Sergey Leshchenko teaches at the school of journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University in the courses of political reporting, political communications, in-depth interviews, investigative journalism. Continues to blog on Ukrayinska Pravda.

Political career. In the fall of 2014, he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada in the extraordinary elections on the lists of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party (under No. 20). The deputy head of the BPP parliamentary faction (Yury Lutsenko), was recalled from this position in September 2016. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European Integration. Non-partisan.

In July 2015, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, announced that Mustafa Nayem had been appointed curator of the launch of a patrol police project in the Transcarpathian region.

February 28, 2019 Mustafa Nayem filed an application for withdrawal from the faction Bloc Petro Poroshenko Solidarity.

November 11, 2019 Mustafa Nayem appointed to the position of Deputy General Director of the state concern Ukroboronprom.

In April 2024, Mustafa Nayyem was fired from the position of Deputy General Director for Asset Management of Ukroboronprom.

June 23, 2024 Mustafa Nayem Appointed Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure Alexandra Kubrakova on a public basis.

On August 4, 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Mustafa Nayema Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Alexandra Kubrakova.

Awards. Laureate of the Krivenko Prize "For Progress in Journalism" (2010).

Activist of the journalistic movement Stop censorship!

Family. Divorced. There is a son Mark-Micah.