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Biography of Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a model, one of the daughters of actor Stephen Baldwin, who gained fame after an affair with pop icon Justin Bieber.

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Childhood and family

Haley is a representative of the famous acting dynasty, the youngest daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Kenya Deodato (Baldwin). The father, the youngest of the four brothers-actors Baldwin, is not as famous and popular as the elder Alec, but, nevertheless, is quite an influential person in Hollywood. Mother, Brazilian by nationality, former actress and graphic designer. Hailey has a sister, Elia, who is three years older than her.

Hailey Baldwin as a child

Unlike many other celebrities, Hayley’s parents paid a lot of attention to raising their daughters and their education. Religious traditions were strictly observed in the family, therefore, from an early age, the girls attended Sunday church school, knew and honored the law of God, and even now they can recite passages from the Bible by heart.

Hailey Baldwin with her father

Haley has been professionally engaged in ballet at the choreographic school since the age of five and showed great promise in this field. However, after the injury, the career of a ballerina had to be put an end to, and the girl began to prepare for the acting profession. Haley was sent to the studio at the musical theater, where the baby learned the basics of performing arts. She especially liked Broadway musicals, the girl often went to performances with her parents and dreamed of soon being on the famous stage. The father and his older brothers encouraged Hailey’s desire to become an actress in every possible way, took the girl to shoot and closed shows, and even allowed her to walk along the red carpet of prestigious festivals.

Hailey Baldwin has been a professional ballet dancer since childhood.

It is not surprising that the heiress of the Baldwin dynasty, like the rest of her stellar relatives, attracted the increased attention of others. It was not easy for her to attend an ordinary educational school, in which she was teased by Carrot, watched every step and bothered with endless questions about the famous family. Because of this, Hayley was forced to leave school after the eighth grade and continue her studies at home.

Modeling career

By the age of fifteen, Hayley had turned into a real beauty. The girl began to appear frequently at social events, posed for photographers and willingly posted pictures on social networks. Very soon, agents of fashion publications became interested in her and began to offer cooperation. Hailey’s first shoot took place in London for LOVE magazine. The girl was lucky to work with Katie Grand herself, a very authoritative person in the fashion industry. With her light hand, Hailey Baldwin’s modeling career began in 2014.

Hailey Baldwin became the face of the limited collection of Karl Lagerfeld

No sooner had the newly minted model stepped on the catwalk for the first time during the show of the Topshop collection, as she immediately began to receive offers from leading world brands such as H&M, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Moschino, Guess and many others. In 2016, the girl became the face of the limited collection of her idol in the fashion world – Karl Lagerfeld.

What’s in Hailey Baldwin’s bag?

Her photos are regularly published on the pages of the popular fashion gloss, she is not shy about the model and candid photo shoots for men’s magazines. Hailey has appeared on the covers of MAXIM several times, and in 2017 she topped the ranking of the 100 most beautiful women in the world according to this influential entertainment publication.

Design career

Collaboration with leading fashion houses soon led to the fact that Hayley wanted to try herself as a designer. The first pancake was not a lump, and at the moment, in addition to the streetwear line released in conjunction with JD Sports, Haley boasts a capsule collection of handbags, a line of shoes for Public Desire, and her own brand of color cosmetics and care products.

In 2018, Hailey Baldwin became the creative director of Adidas.

In 2018, the model was appointed creative director of the Adidas company, with which she has been cooperating for many years.

Treasures from Hailey Baldwin’s dressing room

In just four years, Haley has achieved incredible heights in the fashion industry, leaving far behind her older sister Elia and cousin Island, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. And although the cousin declares on social networks that she is not going to compete with Hayley, sometimes notes of envy slip through her posts. However, in public, the girls do not get tired of demonstrating tender family feelings and even made identical tattoos on the middle fingers of their right hand.

Hailey Baldwin’s personal life. Romance with Bieber

Hailey has never lacked fans and has been surrounded by crowds of admirers since her teenage years. She herself, in her girlish dreams, dreamed of Leonardo DiCaprio, who was the ideal of a real man for a young beauty.

Hailey Baldwin was introduced to Justin Bieber by his father

In 2009, her father introduced her to Justin Bieber, with whom the girl developed strong friendships. Justin at the time met with Selena Gomez, but their relationship was not going smoothly. In moments of a quarrel with Selena, Justin was always faithful to Hayley, in whose company Bieber found solace.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber on vacation

In the spring of 2018, Justin and Selena once again broke up, and already in June, the paparazzi “caught” Bieber in the arms of Hailey in a private villa in Miami. To all the questions of fans, Justin kept a mysterious silence until the eighth of June he made a formal proposal to the girl. Soon, the bride’s father hurried to make a statement that the wedding was just around the corner and he was not against the choice of his daughter.

Hailey Baldwin now

Literally a month after the engagement, the couple unexpectedly announced that the celebration was being postponed until next year, as they needed to thoroughly test their feelings. However, many believe that the main reason lies in the singer’s mother, who does not have a soul in Selena Gomez and dreams of seeing her as her daughter-in-law. One way or another, in September 2018, the lovers finally got married. The following March, Justin took a sabbatical, citing the need to spend more time with Hailey, hinting that they were already planning on having their first child.

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