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Biography of Flyura Gallyamov

Flyur Gallyamov is a Bashkir and Russian economist, manager, financier, public figure and politician. A well-known Russian banking figure, in this capacity he took the post of chairman of the board of Roskomsnabbank (former Bashkkomsnabbank). Being an active politician, he became a deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkiria – Kurultai (4th and 5th convocations). He is also a public figure. For his achievements, he received the title of Honored Economist of the Republic of Belarus (which was awarded to him in 2011).

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Early years and education

He is a native of Bashkiria, born in the village of Bakaly (Bakalinsky district) on December 1, 1968. Her father is a financier by profession, her mother devoted herself to accounting. Thus, Flyur Galliamov, becoming an economist, followed in the footsteps of his parents.

He studied at the Ufa Oil Institute, graduating in 1982, having received his first higher education. In 1995, he received his second diploma of higher education, having completed a full course of study in the specialty “Finance and Credit” at the VZFEI in Moscow (now this university has become part of the Financial Academy).

In the 1990s, he gained managerial experience, holding leadership positions in commercial organizations. In 1992, he worked as a deputy director at Estekh LLP, and at the PTF Bashneft he took the post of director.

In 1997, he started working in the banking sector, moving to Bashkomsnabbank (later on it received a different name – Roskomsnabbank). He works at various senior levels, starting as a specialist, then appointed to the position of a leading specialist, after which he moves to the department of foreign exchange operations and securities, becoming its head. In 2001, he got on the board of Bashkomsnabbank, and to the post of chairman, and in 2002 he was introduced to the board of directors of Bashkomsnabbank.

His social activities deserve attention, in particular, in the Association of Credit and Financial Organizations of Bashkortostan as chairman of its council. In addition, Flyur Gallyamov participates in the work of a number of other non-profit and public organizations and foundations.


Published in financial periodicals. In my publications:

  • It reveals the tasks facing the bank he manages, as well as credit organizations in Russia, highlights the problems of regulating Russian credit organizations.
  • He reveals the features of the development of Russian small and medium-sized businesses, making a number of proposals to increase its role in the economy and increase its lending.
  • He analyzes the impact of the “fintech revolution” on banking organizations, highlighted the features and prospects for the introduction of modern APIs, blockchain and other innovative products in the credit sector.


At the age of 32, he headed the board of Bashkomsnabbank, having previously passed lower positions in this bank.

While managing assets, he showed good results: the profitability of the portfolio of securities formed by him exceeded 50% per annum.

Highly appreciates the social responsibility of business. During his leadership of the bank, up to 25% of net profit was deducted for charity, the social sphere of the Republic of Bashkortostan was supported, including assistance to veterans and the allocation of nominal scholarships for students.

Flyur Gallyamov is married, he has children, whom he brings up, considering this also an important aspect of his activity.

Among his hobbies: playing chess, traveling in the mountains, music, and even playing sports such as modern heptathlon.

He has numerous awards, among which are the victory in the competition “Manager of the Year in the Banking Sector” (nomination “Trust and Reliability”), received in 2005, “Banker of the Year” (2012), and in 2006 Flyur Gallyamov was awarded an honorary the title of “Top Manager of the Russian Federation”. Has an honorary diploma from the Ufa administration.

In the 2000s, he received a number of awards related to his contribution to the development of the Russian banking system.