Fedor Smolov Net Worth

Biography of Fedor Smolov

The star of Russian football, forward of Lokomotiv (from 2015 to August 2018 – Krasnodar) and the Russian national team Fedor Smolov became the “Football Player of the Year” and the best domestic scorer in the 2015-2016 season. Such an achievement became possible only thanks to the hard work of Fedor and his determination.

One of the best players of the Russian national football team – Fedor Smolov

Fedor Smolov’s childhood

Fedor was born on February 9, 1990 in the city of Saratov. The guy went in for sports, as they say, from the cradle – already in his school years, Smolov’s talent was obvious and the question arose in Fedor’s family about starting a sports career in one of the local clubs.

When Fedor was 14 years old, he moved to Moscow to get into the Lokomotiv school. The guy from the province had nowhere to live, but he counted on studying together with living in a sports boarding school. There is nothing surprising in the fact that there were no empty places in the Moscow boarding school. The Lokomotiv coach told Smolov that he would take him if the issue of housing was resolved. Alas, the problem did not disappear and Fedor had to return to Saratov with nothing.

Fedor Smolov in childhood (2006)

Smolov’s parents did not really like the guy’s idea to devote his life to football. Seeing how many promising young people cannot get into the big leagues and waste time, the parents asked Fedor to devote more time to study, prepare for admission to Moscow State University and forget about a sports career.

“Evening Urgant”: Fedor Smolov

The last chance for the young football player was the Sokol club near Moscow. Smolov persuaded his parents to let him go, but on the condition that in case of refusal, Fedor would abandon football. However, fate finally smiled at the young man, and he ended up in the Falcon school.

The beginning of Fedor Smolov’s career: Dynamo, Anji, Krasnodar

When Smolov was 16 years old, he signed the first serious football contract in his life – in 2006, a rising football star was noticed in Dynamo Moscow. Smolov’s first goal for this team was scored in a match on September 27, 2008 against the Samara FC Krylya Sovetov. Soon, foreign football agents noticed the promising player, and Smolov moved to the Dutch club Feyenoord under the terms of the transfer. The lease lasted a year, during which time Fedor played in 11 matches of his team and scored one goal against the opponents.

Fedor Smolov’s professional career began with Dynamo

In 2011, Smolov returned to his native Dynamo, but Fedor did not have to play for this club for a long time. In the summer of 2012, Smolov moved to Anji Makhachkala under a loan contract. After a year of successful play for this team, Smolov signed another one-year contract with Anzhi.

As part of Anji, Fedor Smolov scored 3 goals in 2 seasons…

At the end of his term, after a long cooperation with a prestigious club and the corresponding fees, it was hard for Fedor Smolov to agree to move to Ural, where wages were 2.5 times lower. However, Smolov was popular among the fans of the Urals and was even recognized as the best player on the team 2 times in a row.

… And in the “Ural” – 8 goals per season (2014/15)

In 2015, after the completion of the Yekaterinburg contract, Smolov signed a new one – this time with Krasnodar, for a period of 4 years. It was in Krasnodar that Fedor was able to open up to the fullest, as evidenced by the recognition of Fedor Smolov as the Footballer of the Year and Russia’s top scorer in 2015.

Fedor Smolov – Russia’s top scorer ’15/16 (20 goals in 29 matches)

In total, he played 101 matches for Krasnodar and scored 64 goals.

Fedor Smolov in the Russian national team

In 2008, 18-year-old Fedor Smolov began playing in the Russian youth team. Smolov’s game in the “youth team” was remembered by the fans, first of all, by the selection for the European Championship among juniors. In qualifying matches against the Czech Republic, Fedor scored three goals in two matches. According to the results of the selection, our team got to the European Championship – partly thanks to Smolov. In the main part of the Russian national team, Smolov made his debut in 2012.

2012: Fyodor Smolov’s brilliant debut in the Russian national team

The first match at the “new place” became a landmark for Fedor. The match against the US national team glorified Smolov throughout the country, because the guy became the first rookie to score in the first half of his first match. Such an indicative result once again confirmed the fact that Smolov was not mistaken with his choice of profession.

Fedor Smolov’s personal life

In the period from 2012 to 2015, the attention of journalists, photographers and fans was riveted to the personal life of Fedor Smolov. The reason for this was not only the rapidly growing popularity of the athlete in football circles, but also an affair with the famous Russian model and television personality Victoria Lopyreva.

In the photo: Victoria Lopyreva and Fedor Smolov

The couple met at the birthday party of a mutual friend, Yuri Zhirkov. Relations developed rapidly, and already in the winter of 2013, young people got married. The wedding took place in a paradise on the planet – in the Maldives.

Photos from the wedding of Smolov and Lopyreva in the Maldives

Victoria said that Fedor took over the entire organization of the ceremony, moreover, this came as a surprise to the girl. Smolov planned everything to the smallest detail, even organized the flight of the parents of the newlyweds. Such a beautiful couple, like Smolov and Lopyreva, seemed to be made for each other.

Fedor Smolov on Periscope

But fate decided otherwise. In the spring of 2015, Victoria officially announced her break with Smolov. According to the girl, the footballer was simply not ready for such a serious relationship. Since the couple did not have a marriage according to the laws of the Russian Federation, they did not have to file a divorce.

It is possible that the break with socialite Victoria Lopyreva benefited Smolov’s football career. In 2015, after accusations of star disease and disregard for Russian football, Fedor Smolov was able to score 20 goals in a season and be awarded the title of top scorer of the year. The fans rejoiced, and the journalists said that “Smolov is risen.”

Miranda Shelia – ex-girlfriend of Fedor Smolov

Six months after parting with one model, Smolov began a relationship with another – Miranda Shelia. The young beauty is friends with Keti Topuria, the soloist of A-Studio, and is widely known in secular circles. The profile of the model on the social network Instagram has become very popular, thanks to the incredible resemblance of Miranda to Cristiano Ronaldo’s beloved, Irina Shayk.

Yulia Levchenko, Fedor Smolov’s new girlfriend

In July 2017, the football player published a photo with a new lover – model Yulia Levchenko. In February 2018, the footballer celebrated 28 years, and the new year of life began for him again in the status of a bachelor. Shortly before this, Fedor and Yulia deleted joint photos from Instagram. The football player did not comment on the breakup, the girl burst into a philosophical tirade on the topic of the relativity of happiness.

Fedor Smolov now

At the beginning of 2018, the coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov hinted that English football clubs were interested in Smolov, but the footballer decided to stay in Russia. At the same time, according to the results of the fan vote, Smolov entered the symbolic team of FC Krasnodar along with other best team players over the past decade.

There is no doubt – Fedor Smolov will pleasantly surprise us more than once

Fedor Smolov did not just get into the list of players of the national team at the 2018 World Cup – he received the title of vice-captain (Igor Akinfeev became the captain). The championship turned out to be successful for Russia – the team was not even expected to leave the group, however, it advanced to the 1/8, where it defeated Spain. In 1/4 the team met on the field with Croatia. After extra time, the score was 2:2, so the teams were assigned a penalty shootout. Smolov made an unsuccessful shot, and the goalkeeper of the opponents easily caught his ball flying to the very center of the goal.

Fedor Smolov. First interview after that penalty

After that, reproaches flew towards the football player, to which Smolov replied with the phrase of Michael Jordan: “I undertook to make a decisive throw many thousands of times. And often did not implement. After the fiasco in the match against Croatia, Smolov’s value fell from 16 million euros to 14 million euros.

In August of the same year, it became known that the football player moved to Lokomotiv.