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Biography of Artem Dzyuba

Artyom Dzyuba is a famous football player, forward of FC Zenit and the Russian national team. The current hope of Russian football began his football career with the Spartak club.

Forward “Zenith” Artem Dzyuba

Family and childhood

In 1988, in one of the maternity hospitals in Moscow, the future forward of the Russian football team was born. The football player calls his parents the main people in his life: his mother is associated with home comfort and delicious food, and his father is “a person who scolded when everyone praised and supported when everyone criticized.”

Sergei Dziuba with his parents and future wife

Artyom’s parents, by the nature of their activities, had nothing to do with football. Father, Sergey Vladimirovich, a Ukrainian by nationality, served in law enforcement agencies, played football himself, but as an amateur. Artem’s mother at the time of meeting her husband worked as a salesman in a grocery store.

They lived, like many families of those years, not richly. At first they huddled in a communal apartment, then they acquired their own housing. In 1992, a replenishment appeared in the family – daughter Olga was born.

Childhood photo of Artem Dziuba

Artyom has been fond of football since early childhood. At the age of 8, the child was already enrolled in the Spartak Academy. The coaches saw great potential in the boy, Alexander Yartsev paid special attention to the young talent. It was with the patronage of Alexander that the sports career of Artem Dzyuba began.

Becoming a football player FC Spartak

In 2005, Dzyuba moved to the backup team of the “adult” team. Soon after a confident demonstration of talent, Artyom was allowed to train with the main team.

Dzyuba’s professional career began at Spartak

A year later, the athlete made his debut in the main team of Spartak, when the football club met with the Yekaterinburg team Ural in the match for the Russian Cup.

The young footballer officially got into the main team of FC Spartak in 2007, and in the very first season he managed to score 5 goals in 27 matches, for which Dziuba was awarded the status of “top scorer of the season”. Spartak took second place in the domestic championship, respectively, Artem Dziuba became the silver medalist of the competition.

2007: Dzyuba is the top scorer of the season

In 2009, during the team’s stay in Austria, Vladimir Bystrov, a club player, lost a large amount (23 thousand rubles), which was later found at Dziuba’s. Artyom reacted categorically: he did not take the money, he was set up.

In connection with the incident, Artyom was transferred to the Tom team, where he quickly gained the authority of teammates and club fans. The young guy became a main striker, scoring 10 goals in a season. After the end of the season and the demonstration of excellent results, Dziuba returned to Spartak.

In connection with the scandal, Artem Dziuba went to Tom for a year

The 2011/2012 season was very successful for Dzyuba’s career. He scored 1 of 3 goals in the match with the Swiss “Basel” (score 3:2 in favor of “Spartak”). In 2012, the forward was honored to wear the captain’s armband. The first match (away match with Zenit on May 6, 2012) in the new powers ended with the victory of Spartak with a score of 3:2.

However, soon the football player’s career began to decline. The football player had to give way to a new player, Emmanuel Emenike, and when the head coach changed to Valery Karpin in November 2012, Dzyuba became a regular on the bench.

Dziuba explained how he left Spartak

In July 2013, on loan, Dzyuba moved to FC Rostov, where in the very first “battle” against Terek he scored two goals and led the team to victory. In the next match with the well-known Tomyu, Artyom scored a hat-trick. As part of the Rostov team, the young football player was awarded a silver place in the Russian Championship with 17 goals, losing to Seydou Doumbia from CSKA. As part of Rostov, Dzyuba also won his first prize – the Cup of Russia.

FC Zenit

After a successful season, Artyom returned to Spartak. In the fall of 2014, the contract with the Moscow club ended, and Artyom refused to renew it, as he received a better offer from FC Zenit. The amount of the proposed contract reached €3.3 million, and in the summer of 2015 Artyom joined the legendary St. Petersburg team.

Since 2015, Artem Dzyuba has been playing for Zenit

In the very first game against Dynamo (July 19, 2015), Dzyuba earned a penalty, which was converted by Hulk. Artem Dzyuba scored the first goal for Zenit during the match against Ural.

Artem Dziuba about the reasons for the transition to Zenit

On September 26, 2015, Spartak and Zenit entered into a confrontation at the Moscow Otkritie Arena. At the 87th minute of the match, Zenit striker Artem Dzyuba, with the help of Oleg Shatov, equalized the score – 2: 2, but out of respect for his former teammates, he did not celebrate the achievement.

In the first match against Spartak, Dzyuba saved the team from defeat

As part of the first season as part of FC Zenit, Dziuba broke the Champions League record for the number of goals scored by Russians in one season: 6 goals, the last of which was a goal against FC Gent (the previous record belonged to Roman Shirokov).

Artem Dzyuba in training

Russian team

Since 2009, Dzyuba has played for the youth team of the country, scoring 4 goals in 9 matches. In 2011, the player was included in the second squad of the Russian national team, but in the fall they were taken to the main team.

“Evening Urgant”: Dzyuba, Cheryshev and Slutsky demonstrate a new form of the national team

This was followed by a break, and only in September 2014, the young athlete took part in the national team as part of the qualifying match for the Euro 2016 Cup. His first goal was scored in the Liechtenstein team’s net.

In September 2015, Dziuba scored brilliantly against the Swedes, bringing the victory to the Russian team. And a couple of days later, in a game with Liechtenstein, Dzyuba scored the so-called “poker” – 4 goals per match. This brought him the title of the second player in the history of domestic football (USSR and Russia) who scored more than 3 goals per game (the first was Oleg Salenko with 5 goals in the match against Cameroon).

Artyom was considered a promising young player who performs well both for Zenit and in the Russian national team. In autumn 2015, against Moldova, he scored the eighth goal of the tournament, setting the record for the most goals scored in a single cycle.

Artem Dzyuba is one of the most promising players of Zenit

April 9, 2016 is a memorable date in the professional career of Artem Dzyuba. In a match with Perm “Amkar” he scored his hundredth goal.

At the beginning of 2018, Dziuba moved on loan to FC Arsenal for one season, and in the summer he joined the Russian national football team before the World Cup.

Artem Dziuba at Arsenal

In the very first match of the championship (Russia – Saudi Arabia), Dziuba came on as a substitute for Fedor Smolov in the 70th minute and almost immediately scored a goal against the opponent from Golovin’s assist, increasing the score to 3:0.

Artem Dzyuba brought a point to the team in the match against Spain

In the second game against Egypt, Dziuba scored a goal in the 59th minute. The Russian team won with a score of 3:1. Also, the football player scored a goal from the penalty spot during the match between Russia and Spain in the 1/8 finals.

During the qualifying competitions for Euro 2024, Dzyuba scored 4 times hitting the gates of the San Marino team

Personal life of Artem Dzyuba

Artyom is married, the name of his wife is Christina. With his future wife, a 4th year student, the football player met in Nizhny Novgorod in 2012. After a month of dating, the couple signed. In 2013, Artyom and Christina had a son, whom their parents named Nikita.

Artem Dziuba with his wife

Not without scandals on the love front. Before flying to the qualifying match, Dzyuba was captured in the company of the famous TV presenter Maria Orzul. Wife Christina forgave this incident, but Maria divorced her husband.

Artem Dzyuba – conductor in the tram

Many call the behavior of a football player on the field conflict, but Artyom himself declares that he simply shows a masculine character.

Artem Dzyuba now. Video scandal

Artem Dziuba continues to play for Zenit and is at the peak of his form. “Dzyuba is dangerous. He is tall, strong and agile near the goal,” his opponents say. In November 2024, the footballer was at the epicenter of a scandal: a video appeared on the Internet in which a man very similar to Artem Dziuba masturbates on camera. According to the athlete, his phone had been hacked shortly before, so the question of the appearance of compromising evidence on the network was a matter of time.

Screenshot from the scandalous video with Dziuba

After the publication of the video, Dzyuba was stripped of the title of captain at Zenit, and Stanislav Cherchesov said that he would not call him to the next training camp, since it is obvious that the football player will not be able to fully devote himself to training and playing because of the negativity concentrated around him.

Artem Dzyuba. Evening Urgant. 05/21/2021

Many celebrities came to the defense of Artyom: some wrote words of support, others posted “bed” photos, but the message was similar: “All people do it.”