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Biography of Evan Peters

Evan Peters is an American actor best known for his role as Pietro Maximoff, nicknamed Quicksilver, in the cult superhero franchise X-Men. He appeared in the films Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix. He was also remembered for his roles in the anthology American Horror Story. For his role as Adam Shepard in Michael Picciottino’s drama Saving Adam, he was awarded the Phoenix Film Festival in the Best Actor Breakthrough category.

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Childhood and youth

Evan Thomas Peters was born in the winter of 1987 in the American family of Phil and Julie Peters, who lived in the town of St. Louis, Missouri. Father, vice president of the private Charles Stuart Mott Foundation, was married twice. On his line, Evan has a sister, Michelle. Mom, a housewife, took care of children – Evan and his brother Andrew. The family was devout, so the boys attended St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School.

Evan Peters as a child

When Evan turned 14, the family moved to the town of Grand Blanc, where the teenager began to take his first steps in creativity. His cheerful disposition and artistic inclinations were noticed by a teacher who led a theater group. Peters began to appear on stage, participate in various creative competitions, in which he invariably became a prize-winner, and even a winner.

Evan Peters with his parents

Parents supported their son in his endeavors and, on the advice of a teacher, sent Evan to a drama studio, and at the same time he studied at a modeling school and succeeded a lot in this field. So, having won the main prize at a competition in Florida, Peters got to a photo shoot with a well-known professional who recommended a talented guy to a familiar agent in Los Angeles.

To realize his creative potential, sixteen-year-old Evan moved with his mother to the famous forge of American talent. With the support of an agent, Peters appeared at shows, participated in castings. The path to fame began prosaically, with commercials for Papa John’s pizzeria, Albertson grocery company, and Sony’s game console.

Young Evan Peters in a pizzeria advertisement

After filming in commercials, Evan received an offer from the creators of the Disney series Phil of the Future (2004-2006) and appeared in 5 episodes. As the actor’s mother recalled, Evan had a very busy year after that. The roles were small, but there were many: he played Eric Tavela in Detective Detective, Craig Baskin in Without a Trace, John Daniels in One Tree Hill.

Evan Peters in the TV series Future Phil

After gaining experience, Evan played Russell Hayes in The Night Party, and then Adam Shepard in the drama Saving Adam. This role brought him his first recognition from fellow professionals at the Phoenix Film Festival.

Evan Peters in Saving Adam

“American Horror Story”

After a successful start, Peters began to appear a lot, but mostly in minor roles. He played Jesse Varone in Invasion, Ricky Hobbs in American Crime, Ross in Amazing Power. He starred in an episode of the famous House Doctor with equally popular actors Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein. Appeared in the roles of Max Cooperman in the sports action movie Never Back Down and Craig Hope in the dramatic comedy The Dirt. He also played Oliver McDaniel in the detective thriller The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker.

Evan Peters in House M.D.

Evans’ finest hour came when he was cast in the lead role of Tate Langdon in the horror anthology American Horror Story. The first season of the filming of the show took place in a strange killer house that looked quite decent and comfortable from the outside. The new family that moved into it could not even think that the “load” to the house was the ghosts of the former owners who lived in it. One of them, Peters’ character, is a psychopathic teenage school shooting.

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon

The actor recalled:

What happened in the past with my character is terrible and tragic. The problem is that this is not fiction. There have been so many school shootings and Columbine is just one of them. It’s horrible. On the other hand, it’s cool, just going crazy in front of the camera is the dream of any actor. It’s a tough and exhausting experience, but I enjoyed shooting that scene, it was very interesting.

The character of Peters attracted the attention of the audience, he appeared in the second season, playing Keith Walker, a patient in a psychiatric clinic. In a duet with Sarah Paulson, he became a regular participant in all subsequent seasons until 2019, when he announced his unwillingness to participate in the ninth season of filming. The motive was his own fatigue from the gloomy characters that he had to portray in the show.

Tate Langdon. Execution of schoolchildren

Horror fans most remember the serial killer James Patrick March, played by Evan, as well as his on-screen wife, played by Lady Gaga. Peters talked about working with the pop diva more than once in an interview, noting that in life he is a very calm person who knows how to work in a team. But he immediately recalled with a laugh that Lady Gaga’s immersion in her image was so complete that on the set she really scared him more than once.

Frame from the second season of “American Horror Story”

No less popular in the performance of the actor was the character from the X-Men franchise, Mercury Man, who appeared in three seasons, and also appeared before the audience in the superhero Deadpool 2.

Evan Peters in X-Men: Days of Future Past

For his role as Kai Anderson in the seventh season of the horror anthology American Horror Story, Peters was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for a Saturn Award and a Critics’ Choice Television Award. His anti-hero, a psychopath and leader of a mass murder cult, seeks sole power in Brookfield Heights.

Evan Peters in the seventh season of AIU

Following the actor starred in the crossover of the first and third seasons, after which he announced a break in his creative career. Fans attributed this decision to the fact that their favorite is painfully experiencing a breakup with his bride, but there was no confirmation of these assumptions.

Evan Peters personal life

From 2007 to 2010, Evan dated actress Alexandra Breckenridge, who was five years older than him. Then novels were attributed to him with British model Pixie Geldof and actress Lindsay Lohan. During the year, he was often seen in the company of his colleague Alexia Quinn.

Evan Peters and Alexandra Breckenridge

In 2012, Peters met actress Emma Roberts on the set of Scott Coffey’s comedy melodrama Adult World, where they starred. They later starred together in American Horror Story.

Frame from the film “Adult World”

The couple’s relationship has never been cloudless. So, in the summer of 2013, they settled together in a Montreal hotel and made a terrible scandal. The quarrel was so loud that the neighbors called the police, both were escorted to the station. Evan’s partner broke her nose and bit her. The couple later reconciled, with representatives of both releasing official reports of the “incident and misunderstanding”.

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

The incident was a kind of reset of relations. A few years later, Evan even proposed to his beloved, but for unknown reasons, the wedding was postponed, and in 2019 it became known about the final break of the couple. Peters deleted all of their joint photos from his social networks.

Later it became known that, being engaged to Evan, Roberts was carried away by actor Christopher Hines, but their relationship quickly ended. It seemed that Peters forgave the bride, and they again began to appear everywhere together. But in the fall of 2019, the paparazzi captured Evan in the company of the singer Halsey (real name – Ashley Nicollette Frangipane). Peters and Frangipane appeared together at Almost Famous Halloween, where they also left together. Rumors began to circulate that it was because of her that the actor finally broke up with Emma.

Evan Peters and Halsey at Halloween 2019

In 2024, during the period of self-isolation due to the coronovirus pandemic, reports began to appear in the Western media that Evan broke up with Ashley. Sources cited the couple spending the quarantine period apart. The lovers themselves did not comment on these messages in any way, but the ubiquitous haters noticed that all posts with her boyfriend disappeared on the Instagram page of the singer Halsey, only one remained, from Switzerland, where the couple celebrated Valentine’s Day. In addition, the girl posted a new photo on the page, where she is having dinner in the company of her boyfriend, whom she met before Peters.

Evan Peters and Halsey

Evan Peters now

Filming of the tenth season of American Horror Story was scheduled for October 2024, where Evan was supposed to appear again. The situation with the new wave of coronavirus in America has slightly changed the plans of the authors, however, the premiere is scheduled for 2024.

Evan Peters in 2024

In addition, the actor will appear in Craig Zobel’s drama The Mare of Easttown, where he will play a detective, and he also got the lead role in Darrin Prescott’s action comedy Snow Ponies.

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