Eduard Khudainatov Net Worth

Biography of Eduard Khudainatov

Khudainatov began working at oil and gas enterprises in the mid-80s of the last century, in 2010 he headed the largest oil company in the world, and then founded his own holding for the production, processing and sale of hydrocarbons.

In the photo: Eduard Yuryevich Khudainatov


Eduard was born in the south of the Kazakh SSR in the city of Chimkent (today it is called Shymkent) in September 1960. There is very little information about his childhood.

He graduated from school at the age of 16. From that time on, he provides for himself: as soon as he left his desk, he went to work in Ukraine. The first record in the labor is a worker of the state farm named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, in the Odessa region.

At the age of 18, the young man was drafted into the army. Then he served for three years, he served in the naval unit of the border troops, which were part of the KGB of the USSR, ensured the inviolability of the Soviet borders. He was demobilized with the rank of foreman of the first article.

He returned to civilian life in 1981 and immediately went to the North, to the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. He got a job as a rig installer in the Yuganskneftegaz association, until 1985 he was engaged in the installation of drilling rigs. Then he quit and went to work at Minneftegazstroy: at first as a loader, then as a foreman of the Surgut department of the organization.

First steps in business

In 1989, Khudainatov organized a small agricultural enterprise “Bacon”. For several years, under his leadership, the farm produced meat and dairy products, which were in good demand.

By the age of 33, Eduard Khudainatov managed to gain enough managerial experience to be entrusted with the management of several companies at once. One of them, Evikhon, was developing the West Salym, Upper Salym and Vadelyp deposits. The second, Evikhon-2, supplied foreign goods to the domestic market and organized catering enterprises. The third, Yuganskpromfinko, specialized in trade. The most noticeable result of the work of this company was the opening of the Europe shopping center in Nefteyugansk.

Politics and civil service

In 1996, Eduard Khudainatov left private business. In the same year he entered the municipal service: he headed the administration of the village of Poikovsky.

The urban-type settlement with a population of 20 thousand people at that time existed for only 30 years. The young settlement of the workers of the Pravdinskoye field was still being formed, and the new head of the administration gave it a vector for development. In a short time, Khudainatov carried out thorough landscaping work: asphalt appeared on the roads, communications were installed in houses almost from scratch, sidewalks were laid, and trees were planted. New housing, a temple and a children’s yacht club “Ugra” were built in Poikovsky. Local residents admit that the city settlement owes its current appearance to Eduard Yuryevich. During his leadership, Poikovsky became one of the most comfortable settlements in the entire region.

The next step in his political career was the position of a deputy of the Tyumen Regional Duma. Then Khudainatov headed the regional campaign headquarters of the president, in 2000 he received a position in the Administration of the head of state and the plenipotentiary representation of the president in the Northwestern Federal District.

Oil and gas industry

Khudainatov continued his work in the oil and gas industry in 2003. Then he was invited to the post of General Director of Severneftegazprom. He was instructed to prepare for the launch of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field. This had to be done in a short time: for a design production capacity of 25 billion cubic meters. m. of gas, the site was to be released in 2010.

There was a lot of work: exploration, construction of pipelines, power lines and social facilities. The project was strategic: Yuzhno-Russkoye was supposed to become a resource base for Nord Stream. Former colleagues recall: Eduard Yuryevich worked with full dedication and was ready to work 24 hours a day. Thanks to this, the field began to be exploited in record time, and it was brought to its design capacity a year ahead of schedule.

In 2008, Khudainatov left for the post of vice president of Rosneft. In this position, he oversaw the issues of capital construction. One of the first tasks was to prepare the Vankor field for commercial operation.

In the harsh conditions of the Arctic, it was not easy to build the entire infrastructure from scratch, but we managed to successfully cope with this. As a result, already in 2010, Vankorneft became the second largest producing company of Rosneft, and then the main base for the supply of hydrocarbons to China.

In 2010, Khudainatov was appointed head of the largest oil company in the world. He held the post of president of Rosneft for two years, then ceded it to Igor Sechin. And in 2013, he completely left the state corporation and headed his own oil and gas company.

Own company

Eduard Khudainatov, registered in 2012, has been actively developing the Independent Oil and Gas Company since 2013.

The NOC includes about 20 oil and gas enterprises. They specialize in exploration and development of deposits, production and processing of oil and gas, as well as marketing of petroleum products. The company’s factories produce gasoline, motor oils and jet fuel.

NOC is considered a company with high social responsibility. The enterprises of the holding are undergoing modernization in order to bring all processes for the extraction and production of hydrocarbons in line with modern technological and environmental standards.

The holding supports sports competitions and events, participates in charity events. During the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, the company used its own funds to fill the cars of volunteers who delivered food, medicine and essentials to the elderly and those who observed the regime of self-isolation. For a disinterested contribution to the organization of the All-Russian Mutual Assistance Action #WeTogether, NOCs were awarded the medal of the President of the Russian Federation.