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Biography of Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien got an army of fans after the TV series “Teen Wolf” (“Werewolf”) and the main role in the science fiction film “The Maze Runner”.

Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien

Childhood of Dylan O’Brien

Dylan was born in New York, but the childhood of the future actor passed in the city of Springfield, in the northeastern United States. Like many Americans, Irish, Italian, English and Spanish roots can be found in the family’s pedigree.

Dylan O’Brien in childhood and now

In 2003, together with his parents and older sister Julia, he moved to California, to the town of Hermosa Beach near Los Angeles. There Dylan went to school, where in 2009 he received a document on her graduation. The parents of the future actor were familiar with cinema quite closely: dad, Patrick O’Brien, worked as a videographer, and mom, Lisa Rhodes, graduated from acting school, so Dylan knew firsthand about the inner workings of cinema.

The evolution of Dylan O’Brien

Dylan was attracted to his father’s profession from childhood, and he began to learn the basics of camera work quite early. He started with short comedy videos, which he then uploaded to major video hosting sites like Youtube. In addition, the guy led the broadcast of sports competitions at the local stadium, thanks to which he learned to communicate with the public. This ability to stay in front of the camera, coupled with good humor, helped Dylan quickly collect a lot of subscribers. We can say that he became one of the pioneers of video blogging.

Dylan O’Brien’s first YouTube videos hit thousands of views

A local producer-director also drew attention to the videos, offering the guy to create a whole series of short funny films. While working on the project, Dylan met a local actor who gave him the contacts of his manager. In the future, this manager will also work with Dylan.

Pictured: Dylan O’Brien’s sister, Julia

At first, O’Brien intended to continue his work as a sportscaster, as he was a devoted fan of the New York Mets baseball club, and planned to attend Syracuse University. However, love for the world of cinema outweighed, and he went to study at one of the acting schools in Los Angeles.

Acting career: “The Werewolf” and “The Maze Runner”

But the young man did not have time to get a professional education. In 2011, he tried his luck at the casting of a new youth series produced by MTV and, unexpectedly for himself, was approved for the main role, but decided that it was better to cope with the image of the main character’s friend.

Dylan O’Brien 2011

As a result, Tyler Posey became the title character of the Teen Wolf series – athlete Scott, bitten by a werewolf, while Dylan O’Brien masterfully brought to life the “nerd” Stiles Stilinski. Nevertheless, his character fell in love with the viewers no less than Scott McCall himself. Moreover, it was Stiles who became the source of almost all the humor in the series.

In “Teen Wolf” Dylan O’Brien played a friend of the protagonist

Shortly after The Werewolf premiered, Dylan was offered the role of Jimmy in the comedy On the Road (Highway). During the filming, the novice actors needed the experience of working as a commentator, because all the dialogues in the film were a complete improvisation, with which the guy did an excellent job.

Dylan O’Brien on Teen Wolf and his character

In 2012, Dylan got the lead role in the comedy melodrama The First Time. On the set, the guy met Britt Robertson and Victoria Justice. After finishing work on the film, the young actor was invited to another comedy – “Personnel”, where he played along with the masters of this genre – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey – Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski

And in 2014, Dylan received a role that made him, without exaggeration, famous throughout America and beyond. In the film adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner, Dylan O’Brien played the role of Thomas, a guy who wakes up one day in an unfamiliar place. The people around him – the same teenagers – explain that you can get out of here only by finding a way out of a dangerous labyrinth teeming with deadly monsters. During filming, the actor became friends with his “script” best friend – Thomas Sangster.

Maze Runner with Dylan O’Brien. Trailer

The box office performance of the film was so impressive that the film company FOX decided to shoot the second part – Maze Runner: Trial by Fire, which was released in 2015. Together with Dylan, Thomas Sangster, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson and Aidan Gillen took part in the film. After filming, Dylan, according to him, began to have colorful dreams in which he finds himself in the Matrix.

Maze Runner: Dylan O’Brien as Thomas

As before, the actor does not take long breaks from work. In 2015, he starts filming in the thriller Deepwater Horizon. On the court, Dylan had to make every effort to match the high class of his colleagues – the stars of American cinema Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, John Malkovich and Kurt Russell.

Dylan O’Brien in the movie Deepwater Horizon

In an interview, Dylan admitted that he admired the work of director Martin Scorsese and the acting talent of Leonardo DiCaprio. Acquaintance with DiCaprio is his old dream.

Maze Runner cast: Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster

Dylan O’Brien’s personal life

Since working on The First Time, Dylan O’Brien has been dating actress Britt Robertson. However, rumors periodically appear in the media that the couple broke up and that now the actor is dating Ukrainian Elena Dashkova. Other tabloids claim that actress Shelley Henning has become his new love. Most likely, both of them are lies, Dylan just does not like to advertise juicy details from his personal life.

Photo: Dylan O’Brien and his girlfriend Brittany Robertson

When there are gaps in his busy work schedule, Dylan spends them meeting up with old friends from the band Slow Kids At Play, where he used to play drums. In addition, he loves to play X-box and watch his favorite TV series Friends.

Dylan O’Brien plays drums

Dylan disapproves of women’s jeans with a high waist and is very fond of fast food. In addition, he unsuccessfully struggles with the bad habit of biting his nails.

Dylan O’Brien now. Injury and other details

In 2016, the actor was busy filming the final part of the fantastic trilogy The Maze Runner (the triquel was called The Death Cure). During filming, Dylan got into a terrible accident. In one of the scenes, he had to climb onto the roof of one car while tied to another. During the performance of a difficult trick, he fell and was dragged along the asphalt. The actor seriously injured his face and received a concussion. The release date of the film had to be postponed by almost a year – the final part of the Maze Runner will be released in January 2018.

Dylan O’Brien with beard

At the same time, the actor was approved for the lead role in the anti-terrorist thriller American Assassin, but due to rehabilitation from an injury, filming had to be postponed.

Frame from the TV series “Teen Wolf”

At the end of July 2016, Dylan received an award as the actor “whose appearance was most anticipated” and was also recognized as the “Best Actor in the Adventure Genre”. And, of course, the audience saw him in the new season of Teen Wolf.

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