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Biography of Will Poulter

Will Poulter (full name William Jack Poulter) – winner of the British Academy BAFTA award in the Rising Star nomination, MTV Movie Awards prizes in the Breakthrough of the Year, Best Fight and Most Exciting Kiss categories, a film actor who played along with luminaries on the big screen by Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s western The Revenant, which won the Golden Globe in 2016, received a record 12 Oscar nominations, winning three of them, and turned out to be an absolute triumph in the Russian box office.

British actor Will Poulter

Not surprisingly, the young British talent, also known for his roles in the films “Detroit”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, “We are the Millers”, experts called the new Benedict Cumberbatch.


The future promising actor was born on January 28, 1993 in the Hammersmith district of the British capital, in a family of doctors. His mother, Caroline, was a nurse; his father, Neil, was a physician and professor of cardiovascular medicine at Imperial College London. Will has an older brother and sister, Ed and Jo, and a younger sister, Charlotte. His maternal grandfather was a prominent wildlife conservationist who worked in the Masai Mara in Kenya, where Will’s mother spent her childhood.

Will Poulter as a child

Will, the youngest son, attended the private Harrodian School, where, along with general education subjects, such subjects as acting, graphic design, music were studied, and even their own film festivals were held. By the way, actors Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge graduated from the same educational institution. The drama teacher encouraged Will’s interest in the arts and encouraged him to go to various auditions.

Career Development

In 2007, the young Londoner made his debut in one of the central roles in the family film Son of Rambo, which was first presented at the Sundance Film Festival and received warm reviews from the audience. He reincarnated as Lee Carter, a schoolboy who did not differ in exemplary behavior, who decided, together with his friend Will Proudfoot (played by Bill Milner), to make a film. A year later, a talented teenager appeared on television in the pilot of the Channel 4 Comedy Lab project called “Comedy School”.

Will Poulter in Son of Rambo

In 2009, the aspiring artist was approved for the role in the third film of the franchise about the magical kingdom ruled by the wise lion Aslan, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Filming took place in Australia and New Zealand. The tape, released a year later, differed from the original source – the third book of the fantasy cycle by the Irish writer and theologian Clive S. Lewis, but retained its main idea – overcoming temptation.

Each of the key characters in the picture fought the temptation to commit one of the deadly sins: Will’s hero, the mischievous boy Eustace, fought his own greed, his cousin Lucy (actress Georgina Henley) overcame envy, Edmund (Alexander Keynes) – pride. For this role, Poulter was nominated for a Saturn Award in the Best Young Actor category.

Will Poulter in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyages of the Dawn Treaders

In 2011, Will starred in the drama Wild Bill, playing the eldest son, forced to feed his family because of a negligent father who had just been released from prison. In the same period, the mystical series Ghosts was released on the BBC, where the young actor’s colleagues on the set were Natalie Dormer, Ian de Caestecker, Joseph Dempsey.

“Wild Bill”: Will Poluther as Dean

The role of Kenny in the 2013 comedy film “We are the Millers” became a big success that provided the British with a BAFTA award and awards from the MTV channel. It starred Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts (Eric’s daughter and Julia Roberts’ niece) with him. Despite the mixed reviews from critics, the audience positively appreciated the professionalism of the actors, witty dialogues, the incredible genitals of a teenage loser, the character of Will (created by prop artists) and Aniston’s breathtaking striptease. The collection of the picture reached almost $270 million (with a budget of 37 million).

Will Poulter in We’re the Millers

After a box office hit in 2014, the actor appeared in a key role in the crime comedy Plastic, then in the drama Glasland. But he made himself talk about himself again with the release of the fantastic bestseller The Maze Runner, based on the work of the same name by James Dashner, which marked the beginning of the franchise and grossed $ 350 million at the box office. His partners on the set were Thomas Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Patricia Clarkson, and the fight with the hero of Dylan O’Brien was recognized as the best – they were awarded the MTV award in the corresponding category.

Will Poulter in The Maze Runner

On the wave of success, the name of the rising star got into the casting list of one of the most anticipated projects of 2015 – the Oscar-winning big-budget epic western The Revenant, based on the novel The Returner by American writer and US Ambassador to the WTO Michael Panke. In the film, which told about the misadventures of a real-life explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), Poulter embodied the image of the famous pioneer and fur hunter in the Wild West, Jim Bridger. His young hero succumbed to the persuasion of his senior colleague Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) to leave the wounded Hugh to certain death.

Will Poulter in The Revenant

Then the actor was supposed to play a creepy clown in a remake of the series “It”, based on the cult work of the same name by Stephen King. However, with the change of director, this role went to Bill Skarsgard (he was given preference allegedly because of his higher growth – 192 cm compared to Poulter’s 188).

The actor was considered for the role of Pennywise

The next film work of the actor, Children in Love, was released in 2016. He played the key character, a guy named Jack, who met a group of wealthy peers during the holidays and fell in love with Evelyn (actress Alma Jodorowsky, granddaughter of director Alejandro Jodorowsky).

Will Poulter in the movie Newborn

A year later, Will appeared in War Machine with Brad Pitt and in the movie Detroit with John Boyega. In 2018, he appeared in the continuation of the science fiction action movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure, in the detective drama The Newborn (or Little Stranger) with Domhnall Gleason, and also in the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where the plot develops depends on the decisions of the audience. In the last picture, he was entrusted with one of the leading roles of the mysterious computer game developer Ritman, who is able to travel between parallel universes.

Will Poulter in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Personal life of Will Poulter

Little is known about the private life of the famous Briton with characteristic flying eyebrows. By the way, according to rumors, he was even advised to correct his eyebrows, but he refused.

Will Poulter and his characteristic eyebrows

The young man is not married and has not yet acquired an official girlfriend. Previously, he allegedly had a relationship with a girl named Zoe. A 2014 photo of him with Prince Harry’s ex-lover Cressida Bonas led some journalists to speculate about their romance. However, this information has not been confirmed.

Will Poulter’s height is 188 cm

According to the artist, he accepts all critical remarks in his address, published on the social network. But in 2019, he announced his intention to leave Twitter in the interest of his “mental health.” Presumably, he made this decision due to unpleasant comments related to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Will Poulter now

In January 2019, the British artist, along with Hayley Squires, was honored to announce the list of contenders for the prestigious BAFTA film award. In the summer, fans of the talented Londoner should see him in the planned premiere of a horror film called “Midsommar” (translated as “Midsummer Solstice”). It follows a young couple (Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor) who are on holiday in Sweden and are confronted by a sinister pagan ritual.

Will Poulter in “Summer Solstice”

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