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Biography of Cody Fern

Cody Fern is an aspiring actor from Australia who gained fame after the release of the eighth season of the famous horror project American Horror Story, in which he played the Antichrist, which the audience has never seen before.

Australian actor Cody Fern


Cody Fern was born July 6, 1988 in tiny Australian Southern Cross, a farming town with a population of 300 people. As Cody revealed in an interview with cultural platform SXSW, he first realized he wanted to be an actor at the age of five.

Cody Fern as a child

The actor’s father was one of two Southern Cross police officers, and his mother worked at the post office and was engaged in raising Cody and his older brother. There were only three television channels in the town, one of which showed films every day at noon. At the age of 13, Cody watched the tapes “Moon Powered”, in which Cher shone, and “Sophie’s Choice”, in which the main role was played by Meryl Streep, and was amazed by the world of cinema, which was so wonderfully opened before him.

According to the actor, he never believed in luck. The realization that he, who was born in a simple family in the Australian province, is doomed to a life that someone chose for him, but was created for a completely different life, became a powerful incentive to study better than other children.

Cody Fern in his youth

Despite the fact that Cody loved his parents very much, he realized early on that he wanted to escape from the musty provincial reality, and on the way to his dream he would have to go through many difficulties and defeats.

By the way, there will indeed be many defeats in Cody’s creative destiny, but the principle of working harder than others, and remaining honest both with yourself and with the world around you, will work flawlessly.

Despite the fact that many entertainment resources describe Cody Fern as “an angelic creature with icy eyes”, even in his childhood he was not an angel. Romanticism has always been a hallmark of Cody’s character, but in addition to it, irascibility and immoderation relied.

Cody Fern in his youth

At the age of 14, Cody swung a chair at the principal of the school and was expelled from the school with a scandal. He was able to get a certificate of secondary education in a boarding school, after which he entered the Faculty of Marketing at the world-famous Australian Curtin University. Cody also received a master’s degree in psychology in Perth and after graduation went to practice.

However, working as a tax analyst, although considered prestigious, seemed boring to Cody. After work, he went to the cinema or stayed at home and watched his favorite films.

I never forgot my childhood dream of becoming an actor, but the office routine kept me hooked. Gradually I began to hate my life, to hate the clothes I was supposed to wear to work and the people I had to associate with.

One day, a young tax analyst at Ernst & Young did not show up for work, handed in the keys to a rented apartment and went to learn the basics of performing arts by joining an experimental theater troupe.

Carier start

Cody tried to enter the theater school four times, and only the last attempt was successful. While studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, he was able to show himself in theatrical productions and act in several short films.

Cody Fern’s height is 180 cm

In 2014, Cody decided to move to Los Angeles and won a scholarship named after another famous Australian, Heath Ledger, which is given to actors coming from Australia by the Heath Ledger Scholarship.

One of the judges was Colin Farrell, and Cody speaks of his victory in the fight for a scholarship as a huge surprise, because he was much older than other applicants and, unlike them, did not have a professional resume.

Popularity. “American Horror Story”

At the Dream Factory, the appearance of an unusually handsome Australian actor was greeted with delight. Cody’s first Hollywood role was in the 2017 drama based on the novel The Tribes of Palos Verdes by Joy Nichols. Despite the fact that the age of Cody was already approaching thirty years, he flawlessly played the role of a teenager Jim, the twin brother of the heroine Mikey Monroe, Goran Visnjic, Justin Kirk and Jennifer Garner also starred in the film. The psychological drama could not win great popularity, but, designed for a thoughtful and serious viewer, it was warmly received by critics who noted the masterful play of Cody Fern.

Cody Fern in the movie Tribes of Palos Verdes

The following year, the Australian actor landed a role in the television series American Crime Story. In the episode “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” he played the role of architect David Madson, who became perhaps the most tragic victim of Andrew Cunanan.

Cody Fern in the series American Crime Story

The success that overtook him literally after the second role in Hollywood, Cody calls a pattern. Before the world talked about him, he worked 17-hour days, went around every audition and audition he knew about, and taught even those roles that he knew for sure would not take him.

Ryan Murphy invited Cody to audition for the eighth season of the horror anthology American Horror Story. According to the actor, going to a meeting, he experienced joyful excitement, and forebodings did not deceive him. In the project, Fern got a role, having played which, as it happens in Hollywood fairy tales, he woke up famous all over the world.

Cody Fern in the series American Horror Story

Cody’s character, Michael, was the Antichrist, and, as True Evil, fascinated the viewer at first sight, but cinema had never seen such an on-screen Antichrist before. Michael Langdon is at odds with his father, he is deprived of maternal love and is in permanent sadness, as if weighed down by his own dark nature, but obviously realizing that there is no place for him on the bright side either.

American Horror Story: Cody Fern and Billy Lourd

Some critics argue that Fern’s fine porcelain features, wry grin, and piercing gaze, combined with his finely tuned drawling movements, saved the episode from the inevitable failure that some errors in the script could have brought him. Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Billy Lourd played alongside Cody in this episode of AIU.

Cody Fern’s personal life

Cody’s homosexual orientation has long been known, but the situation is somewhat different. The actor considers himself to be pansexual, which means being attracted to people without dividing them into men and women. In 2017, he was in a romantic relationship with model Eric Smith.

Cody Fern now

In the television series House of Cards, Cody took the place of Kevin Spacey, who left the project, which greatly contributed to the growth of the popularity of the new Australian movie idol.

The actor states that he, like his character, had to endure bullying while studying at a boarding school and speaks out in support of victims of abuse. Cody’s company on the set of the sixth season of KK was Robin Wright and Lars Mikkelsen.

Cody Fern in the series House of Cards

In the ninth season of American Horror Story, the Australian actor plays in the company of Billie Lourdes and Emma Roberts, already familiar to him from the eighth film. Also involved in the project are Leslie Grossman, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. The style of the 80s, disco music and an unpredictable plot, the development of which even the most perspicacious viewer will not guess, made the film an event of the autumn film season 2019.

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