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Biography of Carla Bruni

Childhood and family of Carla Bruni

Full maiden name before marriage – Carla Gilbert Bruni Tedeschi.

The future first lady of France, model, singer and actress Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was born on December 23, 1968 in Turin (Italy). Carla’s family was musical. Mother Marisa Borini was an accompanist, father Alberto Bruni Tedeschi, an Italian by birth, was an opera composer and part-time industrialist. The girl had a fairly warm relationship with her mother, and that her father was not her own, she found out only after his death. Carla’s blood father is businessman Maurizio Remert, with whom her mother once had a rather long affair.

Carla also has a sister, who has become a popular actress, and a brother, who is now engaged in artistic activities.

The whole artistic family of Bruni lived in Turin, in the castle of Piedmont, as long as it was safe there. Beginning in 1974, a terrorist group appeared in Italy, which was engaged in the abduction of children. Fearing for the lives of their children, the Bruni family moved from Italy to France. There, Carla went to study at a Swiss school, and also mastered playing the guitar and piano. After school, Carla Bruni entered the Faculty of Art History at the Institute at the Sorbonne, where she studied quite a bit, as the girl was captured by the modeling business.

Carla Bruni in the fashion world

In order to earn some money, the girl, not really counting on luck, turned to an advertising agency. The unexpected success was not long in coming. Thanks to a contract with City Models, Carla Bruni is at the pinnacle of fame and is recognized as the highest paid model in the world. Carla’s first ad campaign was for a Guess Fashion House photoshoot in 1988. And here it is, a dizzying success. From customers there was no release. Everyone wanted to see Carla on their magazine covers, photo platforms, commercials. There were proposals from the world’s leading companies in Italy and France, working in the field of haute couture.

Experience came to Karla, she improved, and kept up with the times. No one could take away the palm from her. Her photo first appeared on the cover of Voque magazine. There were also multi-year contracts with companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Givenchy, Cesare Paciotti, Christian Dior, Chanel, MaxMara. For 1994-1995 Carla Bruni received fees totaling $ 7.5 million, which rightfully gave her the status of the highest paid model in the world.

Carla Bruni started her career in the fashion industry and is now back to it again

Carla Bruni really appreciated her capabilities and knew her price. She also understood that the fashion world is very cruel and adamant, she will not miss the slack. To meet the high demands of the couturier, she always kept herself in shape, led a healthy lifestyle, went in for swimming, invariably ran 3 km every day, and strictly followed her diet. Discipline was Carla’s number one priority.

Carla Bruni – actress and singer

At the age of 29, having tried all the delights of fame and success in the modeling business, Carla Bruni decides to leave it. And she did it in favor of a solo career. In 2003, Carla released her first debut album, in which most of the songs were written by Carla herself. The record was called “Someone told me”, and brought great success and popularity. The record was produced by Louis Bertignac. The popularity was overwhelming. In France alone, the record sold 800,000 copies, and world figures call the figure 1 million copies! In this regard, in 2004, the singer Carla Bruni was awarded the title of “Best Singer of the Year”, the highest award in the recording field in France. A few years later, the second and third discs of Carla Bruni were released, in which the authorship of most of the compositions also belonged to the ex-model. Music critics noted the lyrical mood in Carla’s music.

Carla Bruni also tried herself as an actress, starring in 17 films. Among them are the comedy “Paparazzi” (Director Alain Berberyan, Paparazzi, 1998), fantasy “Midnight in Paris” (directed by Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris, 2011).

Personal life of Carla Bruni

The personal life of Carla Bruni, like any famous person, also did not go unnoticed by the press and the public. Moreover, it contains such names as Mick Jagger, Kevin Costner, Eric Clapton, and even Donald Trump, a construction magnate. And this is not a complete list of Carla’s connections; the names of famous French politicians, businessmen, and professors were also present in it. In 2003, Carla Bruni’s son Orellan was born. His father, the aspiring philosopher Raphael Enthoven, is 10 years younger than Carla. She began an affair with him after she broke off relations with his father, the writer Jean-Paul Enthovin.

Carla Bruni gave birth to her husband Nicolas Sarkozy’s daughter Julia

It so happened that despite the birth of a son, in 2007 the Bruni-Entoven couple broke up. And by the end of the same year, information began to appear in the press about the novel by Carla Bruni and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. By that time, he had already divorced his second wife. In February 2008, a marriage was officially registered between them, which was the first in Carla’s life and the third for Nicolas Sarkozy.

The presence of a stamp in the passport and the status of the first lady of France did not change the lifestyle of Carla Bruni. She continues to pursue a solo and modeling career. Participates in advertising campaigns, shoots for the covers of fashion publications, releases albums. The only restriction in connection with the new status was for Carla the refusal of concert activities.

At the end of 2010, the father of the President of France officially confirmed the information about the pregnancy of the first lady, and in November 2011, Carla Bruni gave birth to a daughter, Julia. This event is also significant in that for the first time in the history of France, a child was born to the current president of the country.

Little French song by Carla Bruni – lemag

Carla Bruni now

In 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy ceased to be President of France, losing in the elections to Fran├žois Hollande of the Socialist Party. At the same time, Carla Bruni stepped down from her duties as first lady. She is again active in the world of show business and fashion, headed the Fund for Assistance to Students and Socially Vulnerable Segments of the Population. At the end of last year, she again posed for the cover of Voque, and in March 2013 she signed a contract with Bulgary fashion and jewelry house, becoming the face of the brand.

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