Anton Petrov Net Worth

Biography of Anton Petrov

Petrov Anton Gennadievich is a Russian businessman, entrepreneur, head of the 585 / Zolotoy network and the Baltic Monolith company. Founder of Fit Fashion fitness center chain and Talant jewelry factory. Anton Petrov was born in St. Petersburg on 5/07/1981. He is fond of sports, loves traveling, prefers outdoor activities.

student body

Petrov Anton was educated in Spain. There he studied at one of the leading universities in Madrid – Schiller International University. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in International Business. And after graduation he returned to Russia.

In St. Petersburg he studied at the North-Western Academy of State Service. And in 2004 he successfully passed the final exams. Based on the results of his studies, he was awarded the degree of Master of Laws.

First steps in business

From his student years, Anton Petrov became interested in entrepreneurial activities. So, he became one of the founders of the St. Petersburg company “Baltic Monolith”. This company offered design and construction services in St. Petersburg. Petrov remains among the founders, combining work in several positions.

Then Anton Petrov became interested in the jewelry business. Since 2006, he has been a co-founder of the 585/Zolotoy network. And it was in the field of the head of this company that he earned a reputation as an effective top manager. The efforts of Anton Petrov turned the 585 chain into one of the largest retailers in the Russian jewelry market. The company has already received numerous awards and prizes. Anton Petrov himself became the laureate of prestigious competitions.

Anton Petrov – co-owner of the company “585”

Since 2007, Petrov has been actively working on a new fitness club project called Fit Fashion. Sports centers appear in both capitals. And the new brand is gaining popularity among supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Impressive success in the jewelry business

All the enterprises in which Anton Petrov managed to work turned into successful companies. The developments offered by the entrepreneur work effectively in all areas of business. But, of course, Petrov’s main brainchild is the 585/Zolotoy jewelry company. When the businessman first joined this company, it was a small network of several dozen stores in St. Petersburg. And today, “585” covers the entire territory of Russia, and Petrov Anton himself is going to enter the international market.

Petrov Anton Gennadievich became one of the founders of the company in 2006. Since then, the rapid growth of “585/Gold” has begun. And it was Petrov who played a big role in these successes. In 2010, the businessman presented his own network development plan to the management. He stated that the bet should be made on the rapid expansion of geography by entering new Russian markets. It was proposed to expand the business in the regions. And the board of directors agreed on this model, which became the key to success.

Having chosen the option of expanding to the regions, the 585 jewelry chain opened many new stores in just a year. Now there were almost 140 of them, and the company was working in most of the federal districts of the country. The geography was constantly expanding, and residents of more and more new subjects learned about the 585 brand.

It took the jewelry chain just five years to become one of the largest Russian retailers in its niche. Today, the 585/Zolotoy company unites about 500 stores under its brand, which are located in 205 cities of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the management of the enterprise does not stop there. New stores open every month. And Anton Petrov himself says that it is necessary to further expand the geography.

Petrov’s skillful interaction with investors also played an important role in the expansion of 585/Zolotoy. He managed to agree on attracting about 6 billion rubles as an investment. The funds received helped create outlets. And soon “585” also got its own jewelry factory – another initiative of Anton Petrov. In 2011, the opening ceremony of the Talant plant took place in St. Petersburg. The company’s products began to arrive in the stores “585”. In addition, it was decided to develop retail outlets under the Talant brand. At the moment there are about 10 such stores.

Recognition and numerous awards

In 2012, Anton Petrov was appointed top manager of 585. Having become the head of the company, he even more actively set to work. Petrov proposed to develop related areas in jewelry stores. So, on his initiative, microfinance and credit services appeared in retail outlets. And “585” became one of the first retailers who offered such loans to the population. Naturally, loans became very popular, and Anton Petrov again showed his best side.

Anton Petrov brought the 585 chain of stores to a new level.

In 2013, jewelry lovers got the opportunity to purchase goods through the online store. Today, almost the entire collection of the network is presented not only in land-based retail outlets, but also in the 585 online store. And this distribution channel brings the company a huge income.

All these initiatives and steps contributed to the strengthening of the market position. The successes of “585” were recognized at the highest level. The organization was awarded the “National Quality Mark” award. The company also received the “Elite of National Economy” award. The competent jury also noted Anton Petrov himself. In 2015, he became the winner of the “Best Leader” award.

Soon, 585/Zolotoy was included in the list of the 200 largest retailers in the Russian Federation. By the way, Petrov’s enterprise is the only jewelry business included in the Top 200 list. In this prestigious ranking, “585/Gold” is ranked 111th.

We can say that the company’s network has already covered almost the entire country. The company’s stores can be found everywhere from Novosibirsk to Makhachkala. And now Anton Petrov is considering the possibility of entering the international market. The top manager sees great potential in the CIS countries. The exit of the enterprise outside Russia will be a logical continuation of development. Geographic expansion has always been a priority for the network manager. And now “585” can get international recognition.