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Anar Khalilov

The young actor Anar Khalilov, although born in Azerbaijan, has always considered himself a cosmopolitan and a person with a Russian mentality. The audience remembered him for his role in the 2019 horror film The Guests. In 2024, he played a major role in the large-scale fantasy saga Eterna: Part One.


Anar Khalilov was born in Azerbaijan on March 28, 1994. The first years of his life were spent in noisy Baku. When Anar went to kindergarten, the family moved to the Yeysk resort.

The boy’s parents divorced early, so his mother and grandmother were mainly involved in his upbringing. Anar did not have a relationship with his stepfather. “I thought it was dad, but I never really loved him. Children feel everything … ”, Khalilov recalled in an interview.

Anar had almost no free time: since 1999, the boy began to go on tour with his mother. She worked in a circus where she performed exotic performances with fire and snakes. Khalilov grew up surrounded by artists and later entered a circus school himself to become a tightrope walker.

Young Anar Khalilov doing somersaults

He, a creative young man, combined classes with lessons at a regular school, as well as with ballroom dancing training and master classes in an art studio. He often recalled useful advice from his godmother about how important it is to absorb new knowledge, so he gladly took on everything unknown.

By 2009, Khalilov’s mother received an offer to stay at work in Moscow, while Anar himself was finishing 9th grade in Yeysk at that time. The teenager did not go to high school, but decided to move to his mother in the capital, believing that there he would have more opportunities for development. In 2009, he entered the Moscow College with a degree in landscape design and received a diploma 4 years later.


Anar later referred to his time in college as wasted years. At that moment, he clearly did not realize what he wanted to do in life. A couple of years before graduation, Khalilov remembered his creative childhood and began attending acting classes, preparing to enter the university.

In 2013 he became a student of the Theater Institute. Schukin. Actress Valentina Nikolaenko took him to her course, and she began to teach him acting skills. But she was not the only mentor of the young man.

Anar Khalilov’s acting card

Anar recalled valuable advice and support from the actress and teacher Olga Yakovleva, who staged the play “A Month in the Country” with the students. And Lyudmila Maksakova immediately predicted Khalilov a great future in the profession and invited him to the training production of Crime and Punishment for the role of Raskolnikov. “Since such an artist believed in me, I cannot fail to live up to expectations,” Anar later recalled.

On the stage of the theater, Khalilov made his debut as a student: in 2014, he played in Irina Pakhomova’s production of “These Free Butterflies”, which was staged at the Bulgakov House. And as a graduation performance, he took part in the play “Lev Gurych Sinichkin” by Anna Dubrovskaya.

In 2017, Anar returned to the theater to reprise his role in the play These Free Butterflies. He played the character of Donald Baker on the stage of the ARCADIA theater.


Even before graduating from the institute in 2017, Khalilov began to actively attend screen tests. He received his first film role in 2014 – it was an episodic character in the TV series The Fifth Guard. But even a few minutes on the screen was enough for the audience and producers to consider his somewhat exotic beauty and acting talent.

In 2015, he starred in small roles in the mini-series Yurochka and the youth film Dance with Me. And the next year, Anar got the lead role in the Azerbaijani psychological drama “Icheri Sheher” [что можно перевести как «крепость» или «замок» – прим.]. The actor recalled how difficult it was for him, a man with a Russian mentality, to play in the Azerbaijani language.

In 2017, Anar starred in the series “Favorites” with Roman Mayakin and Alexandra Bortich in the lead roles and in the melodrama “Silver Forest”. But he became truly recognizable after one of the main roles in the 2019 horror film The Guests. Director Yevgeny Abyzov brought together both young and already well-known artists, among whom were Yuri Chursin, Mikhail Meshcheryakov and Anastasia Ukolova.

In 2024, Khalilov also played small roles in the sitcom War of Families and the melodrama Love Heals.

Personal life of Anar Khalilov

High growth, athletic form and model appearance provided Anar with the attention of fans. But the actor has already dubbed the path to his heart an “obstacle course”, as he finds his character difficult for relationships. Khalilov considers himself a loner by nature and prefers work to personal life. According to him, novels require too much time and effort, and he is not ready for a serious relationship due to his age and unwillingness to compromise for the sake of another person. Nevertheless, rumors about Anar’s novels appeared regularly. For example, in 2019, he starred in a joint photo shoot with actress Aglaya Tarasova. The pictures turned out to be so sensual and frank that Internet users immediately decided that the actors were in a relationship. But Khalilov explained that the photoset was just a job.

Anar Khalilov now

2024 was an important milestone in the young artist’s career. Anar received one of the central roles in the film adaptation of the fantasy novel by the author Vera Kamshi “Eterna”. At the audition, he boldly stated that it was enough to see his Instagram to understand that there was no better candidate for the role of Prince Charming. His ambition convinced even the film crew.

The hero of Anar is Aldo Rakan, a young man of royal blood, whose ancestor was overthrown from the throne. He dreams of returning to the throne, but he has neither allies nor the means to carry out the plan. “Sugar beauty and a skillful manipulator,” Khalilov says about his hero.

The plot of the film was replete with battle scenes, which is why fans even began to compare it with the “Game of Thrones”. Together with Anar, Yuri Chursin and Yulia Khlynina starred in the project. The premiere took place in January 2024.

Khalilov also played in the romantic comedy “Only Serious Relationships.” According to the plot, the main character, played by actress Alina Yukhnevich, is in love with his character.

At the end of the year, Anar began acting in the fantasy series Heritage along with Alexei Serebryakov and Yegor Beroev. The work on the drama took place in difficult conditions: some scenes had to be filmed in a dungeon with sub-zero temperatures. In the story, scientists tried to save the world from extinction due to hemophilia by freezing young people. The film is due to be screened in 2024.

Khalilov also got a role in the film by Svetlana Druzhinina “Midshipmen 1787. The World”, the release of which was postponed for a long time and was postponed to 2024.

Interesting Facts

Anar Khalilov is somewhat reminiscent of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. At least that’s what many of his fans think.

Important dates in life

  1. 1999 – began to go on tour with the circus
  2. 2009 – moved to Moscow and entered college
  3. 2013 – entered the Theater Institute. Schukin
  4. 2014 – played a role in the series “The Fifth Watch”
  5. 2014 – played in the play “These Free Butterflies”
  6. 2016 – starred in the Azerbaijani psychological drama “Icheri Sheher”
  7. 2019 – played one of the main roles in the horror film “Guests”
  8. 2020 – took part in the filming of the series “War of the Families”
  9. 2024 – starred in the comedy Serious Relationships Only, starred in the fantasy Eterna: Part One