Alexander Chukhlebov

Biography of Alexander Chukhlebov

Alexander Yuryevich Chukhlebov is an authoritative timber merchant, entrepreneur and social activist, leader of the Renaissance movement, in which he, together with like-minded people, revives the idea of ​​​​people’s government of the country and offers bold ideas for improving Russia.

Chukhlebov Alexander Yurievich

early years

Alexander Chukhlebov is a native of the Leningrad region. Here, in the town of Svetogorsk, Vyborg District, he was born in 1978. The boy’s parents, like many residents of Svetogorsk, worked at a local paper mill, one of the oldest in Russia.

In 1985, Alexander went to the first class of the Svetogorsk school No. 1. He studied well, gave preference to his native language and the exact sciences. In 1995, he entered the Faculty of Automation of St. Petersburg State Technical University (University of Plant Polymers, now the Higher School of Technology and Energy).

Labor activity

Having received a higher education and got a job as an engineer at the Svetogorsk paper mill, Alexander has established himself as an excellent specialist in the pulp industry. His career path from an engineer to the general director of the Andtritz engineering concern is impressive. The professionalism of the Russian timber merchant was also appreciated by foreign colleagues: the Swedish pulp and paper company Elof Hansson, founded at the end of the 19th century, entrusted Alexander Chukhlebov to represent their interests on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Chukhlebov connected his life with the timber industry

In 2016, Chukhlebov founded Tyumen Timber Industry Complex LLC, which brought together several specialized enterprises, including Elof Hansson. The modern timber processing complex is designed for one and a half thousand jobs.

In 2013 (although the idea originated a few years earlier), Chukhlebov, being a staunch patriot, founded the Association of Paper Industry Specialists (ASBO), which, as he noted in an interview, is engaged in “promoting people and ideas.” The organization brought together young specialists in the pulp and paper industry, who put professionalism, careful use of forest resources and their expanded reproduction at the forefront. However, Alexander does not refuse to cooperate with the already existing Association of Organizations and Enterprises of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

The industry is rapidly declining, becoming unattractive for young professionals… In turn, investors are experiencing a shortage of professional staff.

Hoping to revive the public discussion, Chukhlebov became one of the initiators of the organization of the conference “Pulp and paper industry of Russia – new realities, new opportunities.” The event has been held annually since 2015 in the capital of Austria. Chukhlebov’s authority was also recognized in the Kremlin by inviting him to a meeting of the Government Council for the Development of the Forestry Complex.

Alexander Chukhlebov at the presentation of the award “Business Petersburg”

Social activity

Alexander Chukhlebov is known far beyond the timber industry. He is also known as the leader of the social-scientific movement “Renaissance”. This rapidly developing discussion forum discusses and analyzes programs for creating a prosperous country that would involve innovative social and industrial technologies.

Alexander Chukhlebov – leader of the public movement “Renaissance”

So, he has his own view on the development and implementation of technologies, the rehabilitation of the Russian economy, the modernization of the political system. Chukhlebov’s proposal to move the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg and the idea of ​​transferring metropolitan powers to million-plus cities in order to equalize their financial status provoked a heated discussion.

Transfer of the capital to St. Petersburg. Discussion

Alexander also opposes renovation in Moscow. You can’t spend huge amounts of money on the demolition of quite solid housing, as long as there are enough really dilapidated and dilapidated residential buildings in Russia, he believes.

Meeting with the head of Buryatia

Personal life of Alexander Chukhlebov

Rare free minutes Alexander Chukhlebov devotes to his favorite hobbies: sports and fishing.

At the stadium “St. Petersburg”

Chukhlebov does not like to talk about himself, preferring to talk about ideas and plans, but relatives of the entrepreneur describe him as a purposeful, persistent person with high intelligence. It subtly combines conservative views (when it comes to “eternal values”) and openness to innovation.

At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum 2017

Alexander Chukhlebov still lives in St. Petersburg. Although he has traveled half the world in his life, he considers the Northern capital the best city in the world and loves his small homeland with all his heart – no less than the big one, which, Chukhlebov hopes, will soon take its rightful place on the world stage.

Alexander Chukhlebov now

Alexander Chukhlebov intended to participate in the 2018 presidential elections, but the CEC found that he had a residence permit in Finland. In this regard, in January 2018, the Supreme Court annulled the registration of the initiative group. The candidate’s lawyer said that his client canceled the residence permit back in November 2017.