20 Solid Reasons Reading is Essential

Reading Is Very Important, Especially for Children

You have probably heard before that reading is important. You may have even heard that it can benefit you. It is not a new idea. I am going to share with you 20 solid reasons why reading is essential. What makes reading good for you. It’s good and well to say it just is, but I am going to show you reasons that prove reading is essential for everyone. The benefits are just too good to miss out on.

1. Reading builds vocabulary

It is true. Reading can greatly expand your vocabulary, because you are constantly exposed to new words and their meanings.

2. Reading increases comprehension

This one sort of builds off the first point. The more you read, the more you understand. It`s like when you learn a new language. The best way to get better at understanding a language and speaking it, is by simply speaking and listening until you get better at it.

3.Reading improves conversation skills

Most books include oodles of dialogue. That`s what makes them great. By reading this dialogue, you are sub-consciously  getting better at your own conversation skills, because you are exposed to a diverse selection of different personalities conversing with one another. 

4. Reading is Relaxing

There is nothing like reading a book after a very stressful day with cup of tea or coffee. The bonus to reading a book, rather than watching television, is that if you fall asleep, you won`t miss the ending!

5. Reading strengthens relationships

There is nothing better for building a bond, than sitting together on the couch with your kids, and reading with them.

6. Reading nurtures empathy

When reading books, you witness a variety of different sorrows, troubles, situations, and more, that you just can’t help but feel empathetic towards the characters in the book.

7. Reading improves spelling

Your spelling can’t help but improve after you have seen the same words over and over again, while reading.

8. Reading improves grammar

Reading improves your grammar, just by being exposed to it.

9. Reading improves writing

Your writing is improved when your vocabulary is built, your spelling is improved, and you  grammar is up to snuff. The more you read, the more quality material you will be able to write.

10. Reading takes you to far away places

With every book you read, you get to visit a different place in the world, a different time in the world. It is truly magical.

11. Reading introduces you to new cultures

When we read, we can be introduced to new cultures, and new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things. We can witness a different way of living, without having to change our own lifestyle.

12. Reading gives you information

There is so much to learned through reading book. You don’t even have to be reading a textbook or biography to learn something, though those certainly help!

13. Reading kills boredom

Where you ever told as a child “if you’re bored, go read a book.” Well, if so, you’re parents were onto something. Reading kills boredom.

14. Reading sparks inspiration

Whether reading Anne of Green Gables inspires you to be a freer spirit, or reading Farmer Boy inspires you to get a snack. Either way, inspiration is present!

15. Reading induces thinking

It doesn’t matter what you are reading, you have to admit that occasionally you get lost in thought about how the story is going to come together. How it will all end, what the characters will do? Sometimes, you even get lost in deeper thought, perhaps even contemplating philosophically.

16. Reading fuels your imagination

Every time I think of this point, I can’t help but think about Anne Shirley. She had a very active imagination, and guess what? She loved reading! Coincidence? I think not.

17. Reading makes you curious

This one is so true. There have been several instances when I reading a book, and I would come across a really weird word. One that I have never even heard of before. I then look it up, because I am curious as to what it means. Books can make you curious in other ways as well, beyond word definitions. Curiosity might be sparked by something a character does, somewhere a character lives, a time period, a weird word, a strange object. There are so many opportunities for curiosity to arise, especially when you are reading a mystery!  

18. Reading keeps you busy

When you are waiting for a bus, or a train. Or waiting to see a doctor. Waiting for someone to come home, waiting for anything. You can read to keep busy.

19. Reading challenges you to persevere

You might find reading difficult, or maybe you just picked a really big book. Either way, reading can challenge you to persevere through all of those pages, until you read the entire book, and then it rewards you with both the feeling of achievement and a good ending.

20. Reading is enjoyable

Reading a good book, anywhere, at anytime, can help you slow down, unwind, and have a few minutes to yourself. You can escape reality for a little while, and refuel. Reading is enjoyable, and that is one of the best reasons to read, of all.

Reading is Essential

I have written about the importance of reading before, because the issue is close to heart. I want to encourage all people to read. It has so many benefits, as I outlines in this post. If thought of a reason why reading is important, that I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to write it in the comment section below.